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Packers vs. Lions: What to Watch For

The Green Bay Packers (6-3) are back after a bye week to face a mediocre Detroit Lions (4-5) team at Ford Field.

The Packers are starting to get healthy (although not that healthy), while Detroit is starting to get desperate.

Who’s not going to play?
The Packers will be without Clay Matthews, Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson. Sam Shields is questionable, but the Packers should have Jordy Nelson, Mike Neal, Jerel Worthy and John Kuhn back. The Lions will be without starting safeties Louis Delmas and Amari Spievey, which is good news for the Packers passing game. Defensive tackle Corey Williams has also been ruled out. Cornerback Chris Houston and receiver Calvin Johnson are questionable.

Who should I bet on?
The Packers are favored by three. The way the Lions lost 34-24 to the Vikings last week, they look like they’re ready to get a fork stuck in them. Take the Packers.

What to Watch For

Dezman Moses recovers a punt block for a touchdown

The Packers pass rush
This will be the first game Clay Matthews misses this season (and hopefully the last). Dezman Moses is expected to start in his place. Will Moses and Erik Walden be able to pick up the slack? They’ll have help from Jerel Worthy, Mike Neal and C.J. Wilson. Hopefully, that will be enough. If it isn’t, the Packers could be in trouble.

James Starks

James Starks returning to form
The Packers have moved back to Starks as their No. 1 running back. He responded with 61 yards on 17 carries (3.6 average) against Arizona. If Starks can return to the form he displayed during the Packers playoff run in 2010, this offense could be really dangerous. It will be interesting to see what the Packers do with Starks against the Lions and how he responds.

Matt Flynn

A shootout
Remember the last time these two teams met? It was a 45-41 Packers victory where Matt Flynn set the team record for passing yards (480) and touchdowns (6). Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was just as good, throwing for 520 and five touchdowns. In other words, not a lot of defense. With the injuries for both teams on the defensive side of the ball, it could happen again.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. fake penis November 18, 2012

    hopefully they can still generate some PENETRATION up front.

  2. PackAttack November 18, 2012

    Keep running Mike…..worst play calling in the NFL finally caught up to GB today and today was a perfect example why GB is severly flawed.

    This shit has been going on all day and it finally caught up to McCarthy today!

    You CANNOT RUN THE BALL with this offense 20+ times and still maintain a good rhythm for Rodgers. This has been going on all damn year.

    Good work today McCarthy!

    Now release Mason Crosby on Monday, fucking loser.

    1. DevilDon November 19, 2012

      You know, maybe you should coach the Packers. Seems you have a good pulse on what wins and losses mean in the NFL.
      Really, a win isn’t good enough right PackAttack? You know there isn’t an unbeaten team in the league right? You know there are 4 teams with better records? You remember having a “W” stolen in Seattle? There would only be 2 teams with better records.
      Fans like you are ridiculous honestly. Division game, on the road, a good opponent who is desperate and we get a win when your team isn’t in sync. Fans like you are a joke, you feel like the Packers owe you something? Anything over .500 is better than the norm so stfu and enjoy the season.

  3. JC in DC November 18, 2012

    Mason needs to go the way of his Grandfather Bing. WTF how tough is it to “keek” the field goal. Get him outta der & bring in an illegal alien soccer player.

  4. JC in DC November 18, 2012

    Thank God for Randall “Corn” Cobb. He is Mr. Ethanol who fuels the Pack…..Awesome!!!!!!

    1. Adam November 18, 2012

      LOL, that’s a terrible nickname. I really hope that doesn’t catch on, for his sake.

  5. PackAttack November 18, 2012

    Rodgers bails McCarthy out again. How do you play neck in neck with Detroit like that? Why are we running like that??

  6. Adam November 18, 2012

    I’ve stuck by Mason’s side through some of the other low points he’s had over the years, but holy fuck.

  7. Iltarion November 18, 2012

    Take the win all day. HUGE win.

    I would actually agree that the Packers ran the ball too damn much, but when a teams plays 2 guys deep the entire game, you SHOULD be able to run some. Plus, I think we knew we didn’t have the best match ups up front with TJ Lang against Avril and EDS against SUH or Fairley. So, we needed to run to keep A-Rodge healthy.