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Giants Clearly Have Packers Number

Aaron Rodgers sacked by Osi Umenyiora

The Green Bay Packers have no answer for the New York Giants, as evidenced by their 38-10 loss on Sunday night.

Much like the Giants dismantled the Packers in the playoffs last season, they did the same in the rematch in much the same fashion. The game was essentially over by halftime, as the Giants built a 31-10 lead behind a dominant defensive line, two turnovers and an offense that looked like a well-oiled machine for the first time in weeks.

One play was symbolic of the debacle. Looking to close the gap before the half, Aaron Rodgers (14-of-25, 219 yards, one touchdown, one pick) was sacked by Osi Umenyiora, who blew by Marshall Newhouse like he wasn’t even there. Rodgers fumbled and Jason Pierre-Paul recovered. The Giants would score on a 13-yard Ahmad Bradshaw run two plays later.

Instead of potentially cutting in to a 14-point deficit, the Packers were suddenly down three touchdowns. Game over. The Packers wouldn’t mount a challenge (or show any pride for that matter) the rest of the game.

The Packers problems started with the offensive line, which was abused by the Giants’ front four. Neither Newhouse or T.J. Lang could block anyone effectively one-on-one in the first half. When the Packers helped one guy with an additional blocker the other guy got beat and they refused to help both.

Rodgers was sacked five times, although at least one was a coverage sack.

While the line was getting pushed around, the Giants corners were jamming the Packers receivers and their safeties were playing two deep — something the Packers haven’t been able to or have refused to adapt to all season.

That made James Jones (zero catches) and Jordy Nelson (two catches), outside of his first quarter touchdown, total non-factors. The Packers answer to New York’s two-deep look was to run the football… ineffectively.

Although James Starks had the hot hand coming in, Mike McCarthy relied on Alex Green in the effort to get the Giants to bring their safeties up and open up the passing game. Green managed only 30 yards on 10 carries.

Defensively, the Packers couldn’t stop anything the Giants did.

They generated next to no pressure on Eli Manning (16-of-30, 249 yards, three touchdowns), who was sacked only once, and were gouged by the Giants rushing attack.

Bradshaw averaged 5.8 yards per carry and his backup Andre Brown averaged 4.9, as the Giants piled up 148 yards rushing. Both backs had touchdown runs.

Compounding it all, the Packers were penalized seven times for 49 yards.

In other words, the Packers totally and completely shit the bed and had their asses handed to them just like they deserved.

The only thing that makes this game better than the last time the Giants kicked the Packers all over the field is it didn’t happen in the playoffs. The beating was surely more thorough this time, though.

The class of the NFC? It may not be the Giants, but it sure as hell isn’t the Packers.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. One Reality November 25, 2012

    The offensive line couldn’t have looked more flawed tonight. Newhouse and Saturday especially looked terrible. This is a major problem going forward. Rodgers was on the run all night. The play calling was also horrible yet again.

    1. Savage57 November 26, 2012

      Seconding the points you made Packers OL looks slow, weak, ill-coached and unable to adjust in-game. Watching guys consistently getting blown back into AR’s lap and collapsing the pocket on him takes away all the throwing and escape lanes he — — USED TO have at his disposal when things went to shit. This OL has gotten significantly worse over the course of the season and I submit that much of the reason goes to Campen as the position coach because the flaws and problems point to strength, technique and coordination. All things that are correctable.

      As to coaching, as some comedian used to say “don’t get me started”. I know MM is commited to a balanced attack, but why doesn’t he just hang a big banner on the sidelines that says WE ARE GOING TO RUN INSIDE ON EVERY FIRST DOWN TONIGHT GUYS.
      He clearly has to accept that his OL is his team’s achilles heel and start incorporating that in his game plans. Move the pocket around, you have a QB who is GREAT at throwing on the run. Use a lot of mis-direction plays to take advantage of their aggressive DL. Where was the frickin no huddle offense. I think the most distessing thing about watching these games where they are getting their asses kicked is the inability of the coaches to make adjustments and adapt to the situation at hand and not stick to a game plan that ic clearly not working.

      Worst part of this loss? AR looked like he tossed in the towel about midway through the @nd quarter and that ain’t a good thing at all.

  2. Chad Lundberg November 25, 2012

    When the Packers are emotional, they play like they did against the Texans. When they are over-confident, they play like they did against the Giants.

    People, this is why i don’t care whether they win or lose in these games. Because the very fact that they are susceptible to this kind of garbage should be enough to concern everyone. I can’t be the only one who sees that!

    This. is. a. COACHING. issue!

    Under the McCarthy Rodgers era, they either win the Super bowl, or lose in some kind of a bang. And what we just witnessed is consistent proof that this will continue happen. When the Packers go to the playoffs, which they will, it will all depend on whether or not they feel as though their backs are against the wall. What I’m afraid of, is that they won’t care enough until it is too late, just like they always have.

    Case in point – if they’re riding high, they’re completely susceptible. If they’re at the point of no return, then they play like hell. My frustration as a fan – why haven’t they realized this yet??? Why haven’t they figured “hey, it seems as though we’re overconfident sometimes. Maybe we ought to play like everything’s on the line a little more often”.

    That is my frustration, as a fan. Emphasizes on the word “FAN”.

    1. PackAttack November 25, 2012

      Pack Fans,

      I’ve been saying this shit for the past month and NOBODY wanted to listen….everyone blew me off and wanted to go with the “shut up man….a win’s a win”…..well tonight it caught up to you in a BIG way! This was the worst GB loss in 5 years and it was 5 weeks in the making.

      Problem #1: Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mike McCarthy. Finally his predictable play calling and absurd notion to split the run and pass game 50/50 finally caught up to him. There’s no question you need to establish the run to open up the pass (I fucking get it!) but when your play calling is so predictable and you’re leading the league in most 3rd and long situations — you’re going to get your ass kicked!

      There’s no deception any longer with this offense, there’s no rhythm, no pace, no confidence and no structure (is this a run oriented offense now?). For weeks the running game has been forced and McCarthy has gone away from the passing attack — well today is a perfect example of why you run up scores and continue to throw the football late in games regardless of the score. The Packers DON’T do that….they give up and waltz into cruise control….then when they reach back for the pass-attack it’s not there and everyone wonders why.

      McCarthy threw his confidence in Mason Crosby (dumb move) then shows it by letting him kick a 55 yarder instead of pinning the Giants in their own 20? (even dumber). The fat retard has zero creativity on offense, who’s calling the routes these receivers are running? (Jones, Nelson, Cobb, Driver and Finley in 5 WR sets and you can’t find one miss-match?

      YES, the O-line is putrid and the defense is bad (when hasn’t it been?) — but in order for GB to wins games against good teams like NYG, THEY NEEED TO KEEP PACE offensively. You aren’t going to keep up with Eli Manning when you’re running busted dives and blasts on 1st and 2nd down so consistently everyone including Al Michael and Chris Collinsworth know what’s coming. THEY RUN GAME DOESN’T WORK, there is no reason to be running as much as this team is right now and finally it led to a loss.

      This was an absolute embarrassment all around tonight. Crosby should be released, McCarthy needs to get his ass chewed out by Thompson on Monday and someone needs to figure out what this offense needs to do to get back on track throwing thefootball. Look at the fucking numbers people, Rodgers hasn’t thrown for over 300 yards in 6 weeks – THAT IS PATHETIC! The best god damn QB in the NFL and your running the football 30 times a week with trash play calling and shitty results.

      If you didn’t see this coming you were clearly asleep at the wheel as McCarthy was. Grow another mustache you fucking fat loser.

      1. Iltarion November 25, 2012

        Didn’t read it. Too damn long and I’m sure its all the same shit anyway.

        1. PackAttack November 25, 2012

          I didn’t ask you to. I don’t want to hear about how establishing the run and bla bla bla….you were wrong, you’ve been wrong for the past 5 weeks now and your eating your words when it comes to the run game.

          Pist the pack got embarrassed tonight but I’m glad you embarrassed yourself and finally got put in your place. There’s nothing to say, except you were wrong….now go home.

          1. PackerBoB November 26, 2012

            Quit your bitching. This team is 7-4 (and should be 8-3). I bet your one of those people that was calling for MM’s head the year they won the Superbowl. Just like all the band wagon haterse out there. We are you even a Packer fan?

      2. jaykat November 26, 2012

        I say Fuck that “You gotta run to open up the pass game” BULLSHIT. If you’re team with no passing problems, why the fuck you gotta act like running made it so. I think our pass game might “MIGHT” actually open up our run game. What a fucking waste!

        Agree w/ those checking McCarthy, he’s too fricking “la di da” while the games’ sputtering away. And it wears off on Rodgers. Showing urgency and intensity is a motivator and when the Pack has its 3 main leaders on the bench, then McCarthy and Rodgers better step up. They can put on your little glamour smirks after the season.

      3. Vijay November 26, 2012

        I totally disagree with your sentiments. I feel McCarthy and company are trying to establish the run with the talent they have. They are finding out due to Ted Thompson’s inability to draft as well as some of his counterparts, especially the 49ers and Giants, that the lack of talent is showing up on the field on gameday. We have OK reserve players–I’m sorry but I’ve thoroughly been evaluating this guy’s draft for years and it’s obvious that he hits on less than 50% of his picks since becoming GM. Garbage, absolute garbage. How come we don’t have a D Line or O Line that is that dominant? Or how about a run game that is actually a real threat? Hmm…..tick tock tick tock.

      4. kirs November 26, 2012


        You only seem happy when the Packers do bad and enjoy criticizing them way too much to be a real Packers fan. Real fans stand by their team through the ups and downs, not constantly bash them. Go be a Jets fan, it would suit you.

  3. opivymang November 25, 2012

    Our oline is a bunch of tomato cans. It’s incredible how bad it is. Rodgers can’t be subjected to this. He’s all we’ve got…

  4. TyKoSteamboat November 25, 2012

    Quickly…i am actually good with this.
    Tough to beat a team on the road in desperate need of a win, coming off a bye.
    I just hope we get the OFFENSIVE LINE ironed out…also, i hope M.D. Jennings is okay.

  5. Travis Jervey November 25, 2012

    It’s not often that I wish the game was over before the 4th quarter began.

  6. DD November 25, 2012

    Whenever the coach and gm’s jobs are on the line this team comes up with a big win. When their jobs are secure and they don’t need a big win they go out and take a dump on the 50 yard line like they couldn’t care less. At the end of the half Rodgers would rather throw the ball away towards the sideline in a hail mary situation than risk throwing an interception and damage his precious QB Rating. I hate this team.

    1. PackAttack November 25, 2012

      Perfectly said.

      Rodgers was a joke tonight.

      Gave up after half-time…didn’t even attempt a comeback, he knew it was over and with how ridiculous the play calling was — I can’t say I blame him but not going in for that last series, then punting it away on 4th and short in the last quarter — WOW…..unreal embarrassing tonight all around.

      Rodgers is not an MVP, he saved himself with that Houston game — but he hasn’t done shit since and I blame McCarthy and his play calling. They’ve tried forcing the run for weeks and went in tonight with that same shitty game plan and it backfired in their face big time tonight.

      You can’t run the football with how bad this O-line is, you just can’t….the only way this team keeps up with better teams is by throwing the football…..go back to 2008/2009, the Pack had a HORRIBLE O-line and HORRIBLE defense — all they did was throw, throw, throw — they kept games close and played competitively — now it’s all about running the football or setting up 3nd and long situations to dump off 5 yard broken screen plays.

      They had this coming.

  7. Iltarion November 25, 2012

    I would remind everyone that the Giants lost to the Cincy Bengals 31-13 just two weeks ago.

    Does that mean the Bengals are WAY better than the Giants? No.

    It is more likely that the Giants were looking forward to the bye and phoned it in, as they have a tendency to do.

    The Packers did likewise tonight. Especially after the fumble ended their chances of actually making a game of it, the Packers just seemed to say screw it. Lets run the clock and get this game over with. They showed zero urgency on offense.

    Coming between two big divisional games, this was clearly a trap game for the Packers and meant far more to the Giants.

    Greg Jennings practiced all week, and yet we still sat him out. That tells you about all you need to know as far how concerned the Packers were with winning this game.

    It is still simple for the Packers. Win your division games and you win the division. Hell, with the Giants’ remaining schedule, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants still end up being the lower seed.

    1. PackAttack November 25, 2012

      Packers said “screw it”….WHAT!? Have you been boozing all day long or what?

      Do you realize that if they loose to MN next week there is a real possibility that this team could actually miss the playoffs? They aren’t leading the division and are hardly a shoe-in for a playoff spot right now and your telling me they’re “throwing away games”……I think that comment speaks to your intelligence level as an evaluator of what is really going on.

      You make a Cincinnati Bengals comparison to the Giants — well I’ll throw a few back at you, GB played neck and neck with St. Louis (the following week NE blew them up for 50), GB played neck and neck with Arizona (they might be the worst team in the NFL), GB played neck and neck with Detroit (MN handed it to them)…..who cares about comparing what one team did to another, GB clearly isn’t a very good football team and it starts with the coaching and play calling.

      Not having Philbin this year is clearly hurting this offense, McCarthy has ZERO clue what’s going on.

      If he cashed it in tonight then he’s been cashing it in for the last 5 weeks cause I saw the same offense out there tonight as I did last week and the week before — only this time their opponent was that much better….same team all year long, trying to establish the run that doesn’t work and predictable and non-creative play calling.

    2. Vijay November 26, 2012


  8. Casino Blitz November 25, 2012

    I can’t wait to hear that homer Illitarion or whatever the fuck his name is, try and justify this ass beating.

    Packattack saw it coming, I saw it coming, yet illtarion claimed “We are just fine” as we scratched out last minute wins against below avg teams.

    I think tonight’s game speaks loud and clear for itself. We arn’t fine. Cut crosby monday morning, cut out Alex Green and use the phone-a-friend to call up the ex O-coordinator and figure it out. Mccarthy is as bad as they come, and so are you illitarion.

    Throw the fucking ball 50 times a game, that’s the only shot we got to compete against top tier. (Houston is not top tier, the AFC is a complete joke outsdie of NE,DEN)

    1. PackAttack November 25, 2012

      god damn right….

      everyone else can see this shit, except for McDonalds McCarthy and TT.

      You were also right illitarion on not needing Steven Jackson or for TT to trade up for a RB…..Al Green and that run game was so explosive tonight I couldn’t even see them once they got off the line — as they were already buried under 12 fucking guys.

      YOU CAN’T RUN WITH THIS OFFENSE — how many fucking times have I said this shit!? How many fucking times…..you can’t split the run and the pass 50/50…..you’d be better off throwing 50 times — you’d have a better chance of being in this game than running 30 times!

      If nothing changes — expect similar results next week against a very bad MN team a VERY fucking bad MN team

  9. Iltarion November 25, 2012

    Haha… Whatever. I have dealt with so many dripshits through the years. I couldn’t even remember them all. Typically they eventually go away, and I’m still here.

    It is always the same game plan. After EVERY game, they come on here and tell us all how flawed the Packers are, because, of course, they can see the flaws better than the coaches who watch the game film every single week.

    Packers win? Yeah, but the Packers suck, and they are going to lose and this is why. Packers win 13 games to start the season. Doesn’t matter. Packers win 5 in a row. Doesn’t matter. They’ll just keep repeating it over and over again.

    Then, when the Packers DO finally lose, they jump in here and go SEE, I TOLD YOU SO! I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS FOR BLAH< BLAH< BLAH!

    Hey, I know, we all know, what the deal is. The ONLY time these guys shut up is AFTER THE SUPER BOWL. PERIOD.

    So, as long as the Packers don't win the Super Bowl, they guys will always be geniuses. SEE! I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    1. PackAttack November 25, 2012

      HAHAHA your funny illitarion…..just why everyone rips your ass to shreds on here. Some 40 year old old mick loser sitting in his basement eating hoho’s and left over pumpkin pie playing for smiles. — What’s a dripshits? You making up words now.

      You were wrong dude, admit it, you’ve been wrong for weeks. It’s clear, read everyone’s post on here — we’re all saying the same shit, but you continue to try and be the voice of reason citing Bengals vs Giants games and making remarks about Super Bowl runs going on 3 years ago — give it up man. Super Bowl? Dog — stop it.

      Admit it……You were wrong, the run game doesn’t work — McCarthy has been a fool ALL SEASON….he was a fucking moron last season too and got away with it…..this team has drastically changed since getting hot near the end of 2010 — McCarthy has re-evolved this team into a run first team. There is no aggressiveness, no structure and it’s been building for over a year now. It’s the same shit tonight as it was a year ago — bad play calling — bad coaching — sorry man — your wrong.

      From a draft perspective TT has been a joke. The O-line hasn’t been taken care of, the run game hasn’t been taken care of, the defense is still shit. I guess a 10 win season is respectable for you tho.

      You get away with a few weak wins vs. St. Louis and AZ and you think this team is 13-win potential? Do I need to remind you that McCarthy has won his own NFC division title ONCE, one fucking time!!! ONCE! They got hot throwing the ball 40 times a game 2 years ago and won a super bowl with the best QB in the game and now you switch to a run first offense and your all smiles…

      go back into your basement and tell me something else guy — your a joke.

  10. RodgerDat November 25, 2012

    Im with most of you, offensive line is fucking shit. But mccarthy has been horrid the last few weeks and tonight was ttheworst one of all. In the 1st quarter looking to go up 14-7 and some momentum on our side, 1st down run to green gets 5, on 2nd down he runs with fuckin kuhn and gets nothing. Am I the only one who just about breaks his tv every time kuhn gets a carry? On 3rd down they don’t do shit and the drive dies. That in my mind was the turning point, giants got the ball and went up 14-7 and we all know what happened after that. Mccarthy is a fuckin moron.

    1. PackAttack November 25, 2012

      I broke mine a few weeks ago on a Kuhn carry — so I’m with you…especially right there….I think I snapped the remote over my knee tonight — so I switched on Will Colson from THIS MEANS WAR…

      but yeah man, Ive been saying it for weeks, horrendous play calling from fat Mike….horrible, he’s been doing it for weeks — RUN, RUN, RUN

      this is a run first offense now….didn’t illitarion tell you?

  11. Andy November 26, 2012

    I actually liked the offensive play calling strategy –

    Run on 1st and 2nd downs for 1 yard and then get in a garunteed passing situation, which the giants eat up and press the qb into a bad throw. The thing is it fell short because part of the logic should be that the defense should think that no one is stupid enough to call the same garbage each time let alone all season, and they didnt bite on it.

    It was also good how mcarthy picked few passing plays to protect this new rookie quarterback, wouldnt want this guy throwing more than 7 passes in a half.

    Pack have it backwards, they rn to set up the pass whe really they should pass to set up the run, get them on their heels and dropping deep then try and get favourable matchups in the box. Favourable on this o-line is quite hard to get though

    1. PackAttack November 26, 2012

      Here is an illustrated version of what this teams problem is — the problems that have been going on ALL SEASON — finally caught up to GB in a big way tonight…..read on

      Attempts – 379 (ranked 12th in the NFL)
      Attempts/Game – 34.5 (ranked 16th in the NFL)
      Yards Passing (ranked 12th in the NFL)
      Yards Passing Per/Game (ranked 12th in the NFL)

      For some odd reason that I haven’t figured out yet, McCarthy NEVER runs in the Red Zone — but will always throw…Rodgers is 2nd in the NFL in TD’s (where he should be) but he’s leading the league in most sacks with 37.

      Compare those numbers with last year — he was top 5 in total yards last year (won’t come close to that this year), won’t come close to 45 TD’s this year either…he’s averaging almost 65 yards less per/game right now than he did last year and at his peak in 2011 Rodgers was averaging 350 yards per/game, he’s at 250 right now. Rodgers led the NFL in yards per/attempt last year with 9.25 — this year — he’s down to 7.4

      BUT — hey, the Packers rushing attempts are nearly up 40%!!!!! AND as a result — 4 more losses and instead of averaging 35 points per/game they’re down to 23 points per/game…

      anyone else see a problem with this besides Illitarion?

  12. New york giant November 26, 2012

    Hey packers fan.

    PACKERS SUCK!. This is coming from a giants fan.
    Packers cant seem to beat the world champs, not even in green bay. Enjoy this defeat cheeseheads. You deserved it. Hahhahahahahhahahaha. Please feel free to leave your comments.

  13. Pat November 26, 2012

    The magic words were spoken:

    “Not having Philbin this year is clearly hurting this offense, McCarthy has ZERO clue what’s going on.”

    I think the best play call McCarthy did last night was actually the pass to Kuhn over the middle, after having him just blocking from the right side of Rodgers. I give McCarthy that, that was smooth. Everything else however was pathetic.

    But I can’t completely blame McCarthy either. Our O-Line equals to maybe a mid to lower top college team. We’re simply getting beat on every single play on the Offensive line. I can see why McCarthy is going for more runs. Whats the point of consistently throwing if our QB is knocked down just about every attempt?

    The major problem is our O-Line, thats top priority. And it hasn’t been adressed like it should have been last year.

  14. ay hombre November 26, 2012

    We are so banged up.

    PackAttack…could you rehash your same rhetoric over and over again because I didn’t understand your points after the first 11 identical posts. Jesus…you bitch about McCarthy and are even more predictable than he is. You bitch like a whiny bitch, bitch like a whiny bitch, then bitch like a whiny bitch some more. Go hump your St. Bernard, scumnuts. This game was ten times bigger for the Giants than us. Relax…whiny bitch.

  15. Lynn fuckin' Dickey November 26, 2012

    The ONLY bit of optimism I can muster is that the other teams in the wild card race also lost today. SEA, TB, DAL, NO, MIN all lost. We’re still very much in the hunt for a 5 or 6 seed. But win the division? Unlikely. 10-6 here we come.

  16. Ryan November 26, 2012

    Look, the game was awful all around. And I was there and had to endure the cold and awful Giants fans.

    I can’t remember the Pack looking this bad. By far, their worst performance since Rodgers really became an elite QB.

    But, calm down people. I have been on “the side” that has been saying the past few weeks have been concerning and that we should have seen this coming once we finally played a good team.

    BUT, calling MM a “fat retard” is not only offensive, it’s just silly. His play calling was not ideal, again, but Rodgers was running for his life on over 50% of his passes. (According to ESPN Stats.) McCarthy couldn’t call the passes he wanted to because Aaron had no time. And when he did have time, our receivers just couldn’t get open. I had an 2nd level endzone seat; it was amazing watching absolutely no one get open.

    Also, calm down on the TT stuff. Look, the offensive line stinks. But, we lost Bulaga which is a huge loss. Newhouse stinks. Yes – that’s TT’s fault. But, what GM has a perfect draft record? Look at this group of young defensive players… they’ve been playing pretty well, especially in the secondary. Our d-line just gets no pass rush. We obviously miss Matthews a ton.

    This reaction was predictable. Is this team elite? Not even close. But they probably aren’t as bad as they looked last night.

    And also, Rodgers deserves significant blame for his performance last night. He was awful. And he hasn’t been great since Houston. And before that he hadn’t been great since last season. I’m not sure what has happened to him. It does appear that we miss Philbin though. =/

  17. Dave November 26, 2012

    well said ryan

  18. Tom November 26, 2012

    Ditto on the well said Ryan. I think sobriety helps in rational thought on these posts. But man was I pissed last nite.. This team has got to get it together!!

  19. packer5 November 26, 2012

    Packerattack you are right on. MM is not a playcaller.4th down an inches and he trys a long field go with a kicker who is bad. But you know TT and MM LIKE TO KEEP AND PAY AVERAGE PLAYERS. Get a new offence play caller and how about Capers.No one talks about him Hes bad too.Need a new one . No offence line No defence rush no run game no kicker bad play calling equals no Super Bowl

  20. Matt November 26, 2012

    The turning point to this game was MM call for that FG rather than punt…But on 4th and inches he kicks the FG rather than go for it…also the D is trash and love how on 3rd and long they cant stop no one…

    1. Matt November 26, 2012

      im sorry i meant he allows MC to kick the FG rather than let AR try and go for it for the 1st down…

  21. Voice of Reason November 26, 2012

    I go with the 49ers to win it all, unless they decide to hand the Giants some turnovers in the NFC Championship Game. If we can manufacture an OL for next year, we’ll be right back in the mix. We ain’t got it this year.

  22. icebowl November 26, 2012

    History : GB kicks NYG ass in regular season – only to lose in playoffs….

    It’s strategy my friends….

    If you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you….

    Back to obscurity..

  23. Greg November 26, 2012

    Packers of yester-year are showing up..run/run/pass/punt.

  24. Apeshit November 26, 2012

    It’s a regular season game fuckfaces!! I’m sure you all recall the Giants getting fuckin ass whipped in NO last year in week 15 48-17. Watched the whole thing, ass whoopin. Packers will still win the division. Some of you really need a fucking life or a new hobby… IT’S A FUCKING FOOTBALL GAME!!!!

  25. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    As usual..Iltarian has his head up his ass. Everything is roses right Iltarian? I’d comment on the negatives of the game, but where do i start? Pack attack makes good points on the vanilla play calling. The defense still sucks. The 0 line is what i was saying it is all of last year. A disaster..Bulaga goes out. So they slide TJ Lang to right tackle…..Now you have Lang and Newhouse at the tackles…neither of which, has any business playing tackle in the NFL, much less starting. The line is a mess…Its the Joke of NFL locker rooms. I squarely blame TT for this. This is the line Ted Thompson gives the Packers to protect the Leagues best QB?…..Really?…..Last nights game was lost at the line of scrimmage. The line is a joke, and thats on TED Thompson, and him alone. They cant run or pass block. Ted Thompson can pack his bags and he can take defensive “GURU” Dom Capers with him. Because they dont seem to have a clue.

    1. Mike R November 26, 2012

      Holy balls! Calm down! Let’s clean house because we got our asses kicked in one game??? This is the same front office that built the team that won the superbowl 2 years ago. Do we need to be reminded where we were at when Sherman was running the show? I wanted to puke watching the game last night too, but if you take a deep breath, and look at things logically, you would realize that if you’re calling for TT to be fired, you are a fucking idiot. The Packers have some issues on both sides of the ball. All teams do, and always will with the current salary cap structure. We have the talent to make a run, and need to get healthy. Let’s not forget the amount of starters that we have not had the last few weeks, and have managed to still win 5 of the last 6 games. You take Clay and Woodson off the D, and they are completely different. I would say not have Matthews in the the lineup is pretty damn close to the equivalent of the not having Rodgers in the line up. So, once again to everybody freaking out, calm the fuck down!

  26. rebelgb November 26, 2012

    Thank you Ryan for adding some intelligent conversation to a board full of 12 year olds (PackAttack).

    MM was out coached today, and he would be the first to admit it wasnt the first time this year. Its also very apparent teams find no mystery in MM’s schemes anymore. He won a Super Bowl for us so im still going to support him, at least till we fail to make the 2nd round of the playoffs a couple of years in a row. After that my loyalty stops. I will say this: there is no doubt that MM’s biggest weakness seems to be his arrogance.

    Im glad someone called out Rodgers (in a constructive, intelligent way). I think most of us love Aaron, I mean come on how can you not. We went from an incredible QB like Favre, who despite his greatness suffered from being a dumb hick; to another incredible QB like Rodgers who is actually intelligent, good looking and carries the west coast swagger. Just watching 3/4’s of the other QB’s in football on any given Sunday automatically garners boat loads of love for Aaron. My God how could it not!
    Ok after saying all that, look, Aaron has shown some cracks in the super man armor this year. He still holds on to the ball too long. He has a tendency to scramble when all he needs to do is step up. He doesnt seem to believe in the dump off, AND he refused to audible out of MM’s crappy play calling from time to time. Finally I hate to say it but last night was the first time ive ever seen Arodge actually give up in a game and say “fuck It”. I was extremely disappointed.

    Anyone who flat out hates Ted Thompson is an idiot. This team has once again been decimated by injuries yet we once again see the emergence of amazing talent from the opportunities that the injuries have created. Our young secondary looks very impressive and it looks like TT has once again from some real diamonds in the rough. If TT has failed in one major area it would be the Left Tackle situation. Its almost impossible to defend him there.

    Its a shame that in todays NFL teams seem to take a week or even weeks off of playing at 100% effort, but you do see that more and more and we arent even close to the only team that suffers from this syndrome. Its league wide. Just a testament to todays players I guess.

    The Pack will be back. Hopefully sooner than later.

    1. PackerBoB November 26, 2012

      Very nice post. In Thompson’s defense he did take a offensive live in the 1st round in back to back drafts. You can hold him responsible for Bulaga and Sherrod being injured. But the Pack can’t use injuries as an excuse for their poor offensive line either.

  27. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    Can anyone….anyone….teach Tramon Williams how to fucking tackle somebody. His coverage skills are pathetic. Tramon should watch game tape of Davon House, so he can learn how to cover and tackle. Tramon should be arrested for stealing, every week he cashes his game check.

    1. Mike R November 26, 2012

      MXZ600, I think you are over reacting for the most part, but do agree with the Tramon take. It looks like 2010 may have been a fluke for Tramon. Don’t think he has played a good game since the Superbowl.

  28. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    rebelgb…You are funny. You think TT only dropped the ball at left tackle?…..How about drafting the bust we know as Sherrod…Who couldnt even beat out P O S Marshall Newhouse. How about the fact….TT has provided the 0 line absolutely NO DEPTH…Don Barclay and Greg Van Roten?…<—Really?…And you want to cry Rodgers holds on to the ball too long?……People like you…. think if Rodgers holds the ball for 3 seconds, and gets sacked, its his fault…While other top tier QB's enjoy 4 or 5 seconds to find receivers. Rodgers has masked the O line incompetence for a long time….But the line is so bad now, he cant even do that. Not to mention TT's choice to let Scott Wells walk and sign over the hill Jeff Saturday….Gee…that was a stellar fucking move. Bottom line….McCarthy doesnt even have enough confidence in that 0 line to pick up a 3rd and 1, or 4th and inches, as he displayed last night.

  29. YourMom November 26, 2012

    I turned it off at half…did Collinsworth ever make out with Chase Blackburn after the game?

  30. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    TT should have traded Jermicheal Finley. This guy is just a cancer to this team…not to mention, he cant catch a ball thrown to his chest…like last night…OOPS…(i dropped it)…Go ahead Jermicheal….talk to another reporter about your problems and drive your QB under the bus for going to Cobb instead of you. J Finley needs a 1 way plane ticket out of town.

  31. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    Mike R…thats all nice and sweet to bring up a S B 2 years ago…..How about you live in today…..and tell us your View of the 0 line as you see it. Talent, depth, and personel decisions…..Clay and Woodson have nothing to do with the 0 line……The Packers are scoring 10 points a game less than last year….Why is that?….It couldnt be the 0 line could it?……Please Mike R….Give us some real football knowledge…Please give us your synopsis of the 0 line.

    1. kirs November 26, 2012

      This year’s draft addressed the defense. I would have loved to see TT pick up Peter Konz, but at the time fixing the pass rush was priority. The Pack went into the game ranked 3rd in sacking the quarterback. You can’t address every aspect of a team in one draft. Scott Wells was too expensive (and is on IR by the way). Saturday is not the player he used to be and injuries happen.Newhouse has been solid except against elite pass rushers who can make any tackle look bad.

  32. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    Who’s responsible for 0 line personel? TT, and TT only….What he has provided the Packers….Is basically a dereliction of Duty. The game last night was lost…..at the line….A 10 year old could see that.

    1. Ryan November 26, 2012

      Thompson is also largely responsible for putting together a team that won the Super Bowl 2 years ago, won 15 games last year and will probably be a playoff team this year.

      He drafted Aaron Rodgers, recognized his talent and dumped that bastard Favre. He brought in Matthews, Nelson, Cobb, Woodson and more.

      Dereliction of duty? That’s absolutely the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard on this blog in some time.

  33. Ryan November 26, 2012

    I kind of thought people would have calmed down by now. Really, suggesting that Ted Thompson is an awful GM because he has had some draft busts? Who hasn’t?

    He clearly has left the offensive line in bad position and deserved to be blamed for that. Bulaga was a good pickup and Saturday was probably the best available considering they didn’t want to pay Saturday, but Newhouse is awful. With a good left tackle and everyone healthy I feel like the o-line would be pretty close to average.

    As for McCarthy, this guy led us to a Super Bowl 2 years ago and 15-1 last year. Look, no one was happy with how last year ended up and how this year is shaping up, but one team wins the Super Bowl every year. As much as I’d love it to be the Pack every year that’s just not practical.

    This team has NO CHANCE of winning the Super Bowl this year. But, with a strengthened offensive line they will be contenders next year. And really, in today’s NFL what more can you ask for? Seriously, a title every year is not going to happen. I’ll gladly take 2 out of 4 years – if that were to happen.

  34. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    Did Kirs say Newhouse has been solid?…..You sir…Are a freaking moron with no clue at all…..kirs….scott wells was not too expensive, We could have signed 31 y/o Wells for 6 mill/year. Instead…TT signed 38 y/o Saturday for 4 mill/year….But you didnt know that did you? Gomer

    1. Ryan November 26, 2012

      What I did know is that Scott Wells is on IR. The only thing he has done this year is get publicity for the adoption of those kids from Uganda.

      Saturday, meanwhile, has started every game this season.

  35. ay hombre November 26, 2012

    Is this the man…who lured Taggart and Rosemont into a gross dereliction of duty at a striptease establishment?

  36. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    TT has drafted probably 100 players for the Packers…..I’m so happy to see people can name 7 or 8,9 players that were good picks……Yea Ryan…Thompson is responsible for putting together a S B team…TRUE……Now…where did that team go?…We cant blame injurys, we won a SB with 15 people on the IR…….All i’m saying….You dont go far in the NFL with a 0 line like the Packers, and not having ANY depth……Please Ryan….Tell us about the 0 line depth….Tell us your thoughts on Don Barclay, and Greg Van Roten….Yes, i’ll let you google them…..I didnt know who they were either…….

    1. Ryan November 26, 2012

      I specifically said that the offensive line is terrible and he needs to be blamed for that.

      You are just ignoring everything else. You say “TRUE” but don’t really give it any credence.

      Is Thompson the best GM in the league? I doubt it, although I don’t really follow other teams closely. However, I don’t know of many that are leaps and bounds ahead of him.

  37. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    The Giants gained 244 yards in the 1st half…..The only reason the Giants didnt gain 500 yards for the game. Is because they were up so much, they were eating clock.

  38. mxz600 November 26, 2012

    Hey….Lets talk about red zone efficiency…Packers 0/2 = 0%……..Giants 5/6 =83%………….Nice work Mr Capers……

  39. NewJerseyVAGiants November 26, 2012

    Hey NewYorkGiants, worry about your Hurricane Sandy riddled house before you tell us our team sucks. We know we suck right now. Fucking trolling New York faggot.

  40. Cuban November 26, 2012

    Ok, this shit is getting ridiculous, packattack keeps saying they shouldnt run the ball 50/50 all this shit, pass the ball more
    Is everybody watching the same thing, how can you keep saying to pass the fucking ball more when the fucking line cant block for shit
    What difference do the routes hes calling make if the fucking line doesnt hold long enough to let them fucking develop

  41. Ss209 November 28, 2012

    I partially agree that the giants have the packs number. I believe Tom coughlan has McCarthy’s number and by far the better coach. when these teams play each other the packers seem to forget who they are.