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Five More Thoughts on Packers Loss to Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw runs over A.J. Hawk

Now that the dust has settled and the hangover has worn off, here are five more thoughts on the Green Bay Packers 38-10 loss to the New York Giants.

My God, was that a fucking embarrassment
Packers fans are known for being outspoken and voicing their opinions, which often angers lesser fans of lesser teams. So, when the Packers go out and shit the bed on national television, they get a backlash of criticism and derision. Today, we deserve it and so does that embarrassment of a team that walked out onto the field last night. The Giants exposed the Packers while they were humiliating them. Right now, this is not a Super Bowl caliber team. This team will be lucky to win one playoff game.

Mike McCarthy, you’re really starting to piss me off
It’s one thing if your guys aren’t executing. You can’t play the game for them. It’s another thing if the opposition designs a way to stop your team and, as the head coach, you continually design a game plan that plays right into their hands. Everyone knows the recipe for slowing or stopping the Packers offense at this point — jam their receivers and play two deep safeties the entire game to take away the big play. Opposing defenses have been employing this strategy with varying degrees of success all season against the Packers. The Packers solution has been to run the ball more. That strategy hasn’t worked. Because of their lack of success, the backs haven’t drawn the safeties up and, in turn, the vertical passing game hasn’t opened up. What have the Packers done to adjust? Nothing. They haven’t changed their approach one bit. The result is the opposing safeties stay deep the whole game, routes don’t open up quickly or at all and the play breaks down, resulting in Aaron Rodgers getting sacked or having to improvise. Quick drops and throws on underneath routes seems to be the obvious answer, at least to everyone not named Mike McCarthy. If you want to blame the lack of a rushing attack on the Packers offensive problems, remember that their passing game was successful with Brandon Jackson as a starter. What did they do to move the ball then? Five wide, quick passes underneath.

The Packers are feeling the loss of Bryan Bulaga
Actually, Aaron Rodgers is probably feeling it most today after being sacked five times yesterday. We’ll be honest. We didn’t think much of Bulaga’s play before he got hurt, but we now know this. He’s a hell of a lot better than T.J. Lang is at right tackle. Although Bulaga got his ass handed to him more times than we’d like to count, at least the Packers could let him go one-on-one with a defensive end. The same cannot be said for Lang. He needed consistent help against the Giants and that exposed Marshall Newhouse at left tackle because the Packers couldn’t give him any help. All that being said, Lang and Newhouse were just the worst performers on a really bad offensive line. The Giants front four pushed these guys backwards all night long. Cris Collinsworth pointed it out during the game — the Packers don’t have one dominant offensive lineman. Wonder when they’ll think about getting one?

Did James Starks screw Mike McCarthy’s wife?
We’re not sure what McCarthy’s beef with Starks is, but we can only assume the running back screwed his wife. Otherwise, there’s no excuse why Starks only got eight carries last night. Last week in Detroit, Starks got 25 carries for 74 yards. Not a good average, we know, but Starks did what Starks does. He ran hard, broke tackles and moved piles, something Alex Green doesn’t do. In that game, Green had no touches. Against the Giants, Green carried 10 times for 30 yards. Starks had eight for 35, with most of those carries coming in garbage time. If the Packers were really trying to mount an effective rushing attack, why the hell weren’t they handing the ball to Starks?

The run defense… Jesus…
A lot of factors played into the Packers atrocious run defense that gave up 148 yards rushing last night. Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson were out. Defensive end C.J. Wilson left with an injury in the first quarter. And then there were the guys who were left out there. Erik Walden and Dezman Moses couldn’t set the edge. If A.J. Hawk gets touched by a blocker, he’s out of the play. The defensive backs, other than Morgan Burnett, can’t tackle. Getting these three injured players back on the field will be key to fixing this problem. If they don’t come back, the Packers are going to continue getting gouged.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Adam November 26, 2012

    Two tight end formations and quick strikes underneath.

    1. Adam November 26, 2012

      But no… 3rd quarter, down by 25.

      1st down – FB Dive
      2nd down – HB stretch
      3rd down – Sack

      1. PackAttack November 26, 2012

        110% absolutely right. It doesn’t matter the quarter or situation — McCarthy has been running that shit strategy for weeks now!!!! Trying to establish the run game behind a horrendous O-line.

        Monty says it best. The safeties are deep and the corners are jamming the receivers at the line and the McCarty solution has been to run, run, run, run — for weeks! Has not fucking worked. FOR WEEKS! And as a result It’s the reason all of Rodgers and the offensive numbers are in complete decline from a year ago…the numbers don’t lie.

  2. Josh November 26, 2012

    Spot on post. I’d take any young linemen on the practice squad over what we have. Atleast we know they have a chance to get better – Lang and these other schumcks are in their “prime” and are about as effective as a mesh condom. What was most frustrating, was to just see them give up, on offense and defense at the start of the 3rd quarter. Zero heart. If you are going to get your butts kicked, atleast try and look like you give a shit.

  3. Iltarion November 26, 2012

    By that time, Adam, MM didn’t want to get A-Rodge hurt and was running up the white flag. It was pretty obvious.

    The Packers have been good against the run for most the season, entering the game with the 11th ranked run defense. The fact that San Fran and the Giants are the two teams that gouged the Packers COULD be a bad sign. Personally, I thought the Packers did very little game-planning for the 49ers either, with the Bears just four days later.

    A lot of hysteria here, as expected, its asinine to say the Packers couldn’t win more than one playoff game. Did the Giants getting trounced by Cincy two weeks ago show they can’t win two playoff games?

    I agree about Starks though. I have no clue why Green suddenly got the majority of the carries, especially that 3rd and 1 play that I believe Starks clearly would have picked up.

    Packers play Adrian Peterson next week. So, until then, I’m going to hold off pronouncements of doom regarding the run defense, which really was the key to the ineptness on defense last night. That means the only thing I’m really concerned about right now is the offensive line. This line is SUPPOSED to have two first round draft picks at tackle and Lang at guard. Due to injury, it has NONE of that.

    With THIS offensive line, the Giants, San Fran and the Bears are all tough match ups for this team.

    1. PackAttack November 26, 2012

      No, your wrong again….Adam is right and he obviously see’s the same trend that’s been going on for WEEKS now!

      That’s Mike McCarthy play calling version 2012! That’ s why this offense has struggled, that’s why this offense is averaging 10 fewer points, that’s why Rodgers numbers are WAY down and that’s why this team has 4 more losses than it did last year at this time.

      Run, Run, Run, Run, Run — It’s predictable play calling. You don’t have the O-line to run block or pass block — YOU JUST GOT DONE SAYING IT! You don’t trust the O-line. Then how can you possibly trust them to run block?

      Answer me this — please. Monty even alluded to it. With Brandon Jackson at RB this team still found ways to produce with short underneath routes — and they didn’t need to run nearly as much.

      Where are the 4 WR sets and leave a RB in to pass block? Where are the backside slant routes? There were essential no quick slants to Jones, Jordy or Cobb last night. No miss-matches in the secondary with Jordy, Jones, Finley, Cobb, Driver — NONE!

      That’s on McCarthy on the O-coordinator and I’m saying it again — losing Joe Philbin has KILLED this team offensively — absolutely KILLED them! It’s not the Pack offense from 2009, 2010 or 2011 — it’s a run-first, run-often, offense to try and open up the deep ball. No rhythm, no pace, no success running the ball — only multiple 3rd and long situations after running pathetic broken down run plays.

      You must see this by now. And it’s not a 1-week hysteria thing — this has been building for weeks now and I know you see this.

      1. PackerBoB November 26, 2012

        “Answer me this — please. Monty even alluded to it. With Brandon Jackson at RB this team still found ways to produce with short underneath routes — and they didn’t need to run nearly as much. ”

        Because defenses hadn’t figured how to stop Aaron Rodgers by keeping two safeties deep. Now we have to run the ball.

        I know you hate McCarthy, but come on man.

        1. PackAttack November 26, 2012

          Don’t kid yourself Bob, go back and look at the Pittsburgh tape from the Super Bowl, go back and look at the Atlanta game. You want video proof, you going to make me show you where those safties were playing???

          You remember how many backside slants and short crossing routes Jones and Nelson ran then? TONS!

          Go back and look….the safeties were back, we were just throwing bombs to beat teams, we beat them with the passing game.

        2. PackAttack November 26, 2012

          Here is your illustrated version. Check out how deep those safeties are and watch the routes.

    2. Vijay November 27, 2012

      Um, Cincy may be a better team than us right now…they are certainly much more balanced on both sides of the ball. With the law firm running the ball, stingy defense and a QB with a better QBR and better array of young weapons to throw to.

  4. Iltarion November 26, 2012

    By the way, if the season ended today, or it the present standings were to stay the same, the Packers’ first playoff game would be at New York.

  5. the real russ letlow November 26, 2012

    that was the most un-inspired game I’ve seen the Pack play under McCarthy. Every player and coach on the team should be embarassed by the game last night. Its not just the young guys……every player and coach needs to be psyched for every game. This one should have been easy to get up for – payback for knocking us out last year! Lets hope they learn from it and never let it happen again……………

  6. PackAttack November 26, 2012

    Monty – Great Post!

    It’s clear there are more problems with this offense than just the O-line and you put things into perspective very nicely.

    These problems have been building up for weeks and the Giants finally exposed them. Here’s the thing tho — The Pack comeback next week and probably blow out MN at home (the vikes are so fucking bad) — well then everything’s fine and dandy again right? Pack Land back to normal? Wrong!

    Take note of what Monty just said in his post above. The way defenses (GOOD DEFENSES) are playing this team and how the Packers aren’t responding. How will this team fair in the playoffs — that’s the only thing that matters!

    Yes GB will probably turn around and beat MN and Detroit at home (and then we’ll all here from the naysayers and experts like PackerBoB and illitarion) jump to the front of the line with the whole “I told you so” spiel..but here’s the bottom line.

    * Best QB in the league, multiple talents on offense — this team should be better than 7-4 and scoring more than 23 points per/game

    * Run game isn’t working – the 50/50 balanced attack needs to stop. If it doesn’t I guarantee you there will be an early playoff exit for this team

    * Defense will improve with return of Shields, Matthews and Woodson. This defense is always best when the GB offense forces the opposition to go away from the run, thus forcing mistakes.

    * Next week you’ve got Jennings, Jordy, Jones, Cobb, Finley, Driver and Rodgers all healthy — gonna go with another balanced 50/50 attack against a team who (like the Giants) are good vs. the run?

  7. PackerBoB November 26, 2012

    “Cris Collinsworth pointed it out during the game — the Packers don’t have one dominant offensive lineman. Wonder when they’ll think about getting one?”

    Thompson drafted two tackles in the first round in back to back drafts. And both of them are injured.

    1. PackAttack November 26, 2012

      I think he’s referring to the fact that TT drafted a complete bust in Derek Sherrod

      1. DevilDon November 26, 2012

        How in Colonel Sander’s good name is he a bust?
        Look PackAttack. It’s simple. You are amusing as hell. You admit you sit around on government money and do not work. You pontificate on the decisions by the best of the best of football minds the nation over.
        Think about it, the best of the best of college coaches get a job in the NFL and there are few opportunities. It’s like being a starting QB in the NFL. Not alot of chances. So even the worst are the best in a fashion.
        But you, yes you PackAttack know better than that simpleton who’s been the Packers head coach for how many seasons? And you know better than the GM who has put the Packers in position to be competitive year in and year out going forward.
        Dude, you really should be working. Ever hear the question “Do you know you’re crazy if you’re crazy? I’d add: “Do you know you sound like an idiot of you’re an idiot?”

        1. Casino Blitz November 26, 2012

          The fact that you think I’m being honest on a Green Bay Packers message board — shouting my mouth off under an pseudonym is a true testament to your stupidity.

          I did not bother to read the entirety of your post past the first few lines but I will answer your first and only football question regarding Derrek Sherrod and I believe Monty said it best — just because he’s drafted in the 1st round doesn’t make him dominant — he’s played 5 games in 2 years — he’s a Justin Harrel part 2….your wife is intelligent enough to figure that out.

        2. Vijay November 27, 2012

          Ted’s not that good. Let’s look at this strategy to build a team—trade down, down, down and collect more and more picks (ie. guesses) and then have young players compete for jobs. That’s all well and good the first few years to save cap space, but then you NEED to make moves up to grab IMPACT players like he did when he grabbed Matthews (which was a nice move/ outcome). The studs in the draft are obvious to anybody who studies the draft and listens to the expert analysts (not necessarily Mel Kiper). This years defensive gems in the 2013 draft are #1 Manti Te’o, MLB from Notre Dame (potential replacement for AJ Hawk think Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher). #2 Star Lotulelei, DT Utah (potential upgrade from Raji or replacement for Pickett think Haloti Ngata here).

          Don’t worry about receivers to replace Jennings either, this draft is loaded with playmakers at RB and WR. I’ll give you a few names we should consider (Quinton Patton, Robert Woods, Terrence Williams at WR or how about Joseph Randle or Johnathan Franklin at RB for starters). We also desperately need a blue chip interior linemen and I think that’s what they’ll end up addressing in RD #1 (see Barrett Jones or Chance Warmack from Alabama).

    2. Monty McMahon November 26, 2012

      Just because he drafted two guys in the first round doesn’t mean they’re dominant. Really, find me a dominant offensive lineman on the Packers, injured or not. You won’t because you can’t.

  8. rebelgb November 26, 2012

    Im going to ask an honest question: PackAttack do you have a fucking job? Seriously? You must be one of those Obama welfare losers who sits at home collecting government assistance while having nothing better to do than look at boy child porn online and post on a football site for a team you obviously dont even like.

    Dude Mcdonald’s is hiring, bad economy and all.

    1. PackAttack November 26, 2012

      Ha yeah maybe man — that’s what all you fucking retards in Wisconsin voted for — so I’m gonna take advantage of the system and get what’s mine — you fucking retarded democrats are paying for me to eat, sleep and screw — you pay for my directtv too!!!

      why even bother with McDonalds when half your paycheck goes to me!

      1. DevilDon November 26, 2012

        I really dislike your negativity and entitlement attitude PackAttack but that was a razor sharp comeback. Props for that.
        It’s clear how you’ve come to your feelings of entitlement too. I can’t imagine living without any personal pride but you’re proof positive it’s possible.

    2. Casino Blitz November 26, 2012

      who the fuck are you — the NFLPA rep? lets stick to football related discussions on here if i wanna lesson in poltics i’ll turn on larry king live. we don’t need your punk ass accusing guys of shit on here bringing up child porno — my god man is that really how sick your mind is? child porn really?

      grow up

  9. Iltarion November 26, 2012

    I do believe there was an article right on this site earlier in the year that spelled out the fact that the Packers were 2-3 while throwing the ball 70% of the time and only running it 30%.

    The Packers’ four losses are to the 49ers, Giants, Seattle, and Indy. All four are playoff teams right now.

    The line has still not shown the ability to have a good game without Bryan Bulaga. The Vikings are no slouches on the defensive line either. So Sunday will be a good test, again.

    Besides the embarrassing loss, the Packers actually had a great day on Sunday. Every team immediately behind the Packers in the playoff race lost (Vikings, Seahawks, Tampa, Dallas, Saints).

  10. Josh November 26, 2012

    Maybe the NCAA will cross leagues and place sanctions on Atlanta, Chicago, San Fran, and the Giants so we can back into the title game like my Badgers this year? Everyone knows that Matty Ice is a Pederass..the real question is when tight wad Ted is going to fork out some money and sign a couple durable, proven lineman in an off-season so Aaron Rodgers isn’t running for his life every game. We are in bad shape if we are referring to Bryan Bulaga as our best O-Lineman.

  11. brad November 26, 2012

    Spot on Monty. What the hell McCarty, have you morphed into the former packer coach Forrest Gregg, the most uninspiring play calling since the gridiron days.

  12. DevilDon November 26, 2012


    Everyone knows that Matty Ice is a Pederass..the real question is when tight wad Ted is going to fork out some money and sign a couple durable, proven lineman in an off-season so Aaron Rodgers isn’t running for his life every game.

    Why are you posting on a football blog when you are completely clueless as to the underpinings of an NFL team? It’s not Ted’s tight pocket you moron. He’s got a salary cap to manage and if you wanna to hire some high priced talent by loosing the purse strings you’ll not have enough to pay the important free agents coming up. You know…. the guys who are the superstars of this team. Fucking dolt!

    1. Josh November 26, 2012

      DevilDon – Find a warm place and fuck yourself you dipshit, ass clown. Ted has the ability to shift money around and prioritize, but I guess it was more important to sign Mike Neal and some of his other draft “hits”. Who are we saving money for…drastically over rated BJ Raji?? They are still $5MM under the cap anyhow. Why would an honest criticism of my GM make you so mad. Are you currently blowing Ted Thompson? How do those white pubic hairs taste? Sorry to ruffle your feathers, but If you can take your head out of your over sized ass (I’m assuming you’re a Vikings fan for making such a dumb comment) for a moment, all I am saying is that the Packers have the best player in the NFL and we can’t protect him. But, I guess saving money for superstar ball droppers like Jermichael Finely is more important. So, go back to watching your internet porn, Halo 4, or whatever else you douche bags do on a Monday night. Fucking clueless, piece of shit.

      1. Phatgzus November 26, 2012

        Uh josh, Finley has 1 year left on his contract, Matthews’ and Jennings’ contracts are up soon, as is the “best player in the NFL’s”. 5.5 million will not retain those players and Raji (who is not a dominant tackle, but certainly above average).

        1. HarryBalls247 November 27, 2012

          So, sign “above average”defensive lineman – which Raji is not, who are inajury prone and let Rodgers run for his life every week? Why sign Jennings if Rodgers can’t even get him the ball as he has no time to throw? Ted Thompson, is that you writing under the name Phatgzus? Absolutely sign Matthews, but offensive line has to be important at some point. If Rodgers gets hurt, which he is already banged up, will it matter what guys we sign if our QB is Harrell? I would rather have a blood trasfusion from Charlie Sheen than have Harrell at QB.

        2. Josh November 27, 2012

          Uh, Moron – didn’t we spend a ton of money on Finley last year when we could have signed a solid offensive lineman instead? If they are so sold on Finley, why keep 17 tight ends on the roster? This Just in: Finley leads the packers in dropped passes and talking trash about our best player. Finally, you made my point for me: Best Player in the NFL on our team and it is somehow not important to protect him. But, thank god we will have Raji and Jennings so they can not play, wear jump suits on the sidelines and do lame ass commercials when the season starts.

      2. Vijay November 27, 2012

        Nicely done here.

    2. HankyHo November 26, 2012

      Ted is so tight he fucking squeaks when he walks. Other teams somehow protect their QBS, even ones who don’t have an MVP, but I guess he was smart to carry only 6 offensive linemen this year? Why the hell are you on a football site. The Pack is toast without Rodgers. Idiot.

    3. HarryBalls247 November 26, 2012

      Gotta protect Rodgers first or your “superstars” can’t get the ball.

  13. Adam November 26, 2012

    A good summary of our crucial salary cap tending that will be need to be done during this, and the next, upcoming offseason.


  14. Barrack November 26, 2012

    anyone here remember the 70’s??? It aint that bad guys!! Honest!!

  15. Vijay November 27, 2012

    Ted’s inept drafting once again rears its ugly head and the Packer faithful holds its collective breath hoping that the League MVP will be enough to carry them to another Super Bowl. Well guess what? Not gonna happen…another wasted year may soon be upon us. Where’s our MJD, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Ahmad Bradshaw, etc.? Where’s our Logan Mankins, Chris Myers, Ryan Kalil, Joe Thomas? Where’s our Jason Pierre Paul, JJ Watt, Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Ed Reed, etc. etc. etc.?

    Who do we have? Alex Fucking Green?! Who else? TJ fucking Lang? Who else? Mike Fucking IR Neal? C’mon people it’s time to hold the GM accountable. Wasted fucking years are the WORST! I seriously could do a better job than this guy (Ted).

    1. HarryBalls247 November 27, 2012

      Amen. Nice call.

  16. Apeshit November 27, 2012

    For the most part I can’t stand packattack but fuck that highlight vid of the Atlanta game opened my eyes… This o looks nothing like that one. Rodgers always knew where to go with the ball. The last 5 games he has looked rattled and very indecisive. Get back to 5 wides next week with Jennings back, start throwing the back shoulder, stop with te 50/50 shit and start kicking people’s fuckin asses!!!

  17. Ryan November 27, 2012

    I never understand how people get on here and spend their time attacking one another. We are all Packers fans who only one thing: the Pack to win.

    Secondly, can we stop acting like whatever Monty says in posts on this blog is automatically a fact? His opinions are just that… opinions.

    Starks’ average against the Lions was 3 yards per carry. Green’s average against the Lions was 3 yards per carry. I agree Starks should have gotten more carries, but it’s worth noting that they had similar numbers.

    Everyone is frustrated by the runs. But, Aaron was going to get killed if he sat back their to throw the ball like usual. He was running for his life on every pass play. It was scary. Think of the bitching on this site if Rodgers would have gotten injured. Dear God.

  18. Ryan November 27, 2012

    Some interesting stats, by way of Pro Football Focus.

    Rodgers was pressured on 64% of his passes, more than any other QB in the league. When he was hurried, his passer rating was a 25.9.

    So, yes, the offensive line sucks and TT should be blamed for that. (Again: What GM is perfect?)

    As for the play calling… see my above comment. This is getting ridiculous.