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Aaron Rodgers is Really Not Happy With 60 Minutes

Aaron Rodgers is disgusted

A couple weeks ago, 60 Minutes featured a piece on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It seemed to paint him a positive light. Rodgers, however, was not happy with it.

The primary point of contention appears to be that the venerable news magazine painted Rodgers as someone who’s overly sensitive. Receiver Greg Jennings even spoke to Rodgers’ sensitivity during the segment. So Rodgers came out and trashed the piece after it aired.

Not content to leave well enough alone, Rodgers also decided to trash 60 Minutes when he spoke to the Detroit media this week, saying the segment was “cut for their purposes, their agenda.”

We’re not sure what 60 Minutes‘ “agenda” is, but we’ve never known the show — which has been around since 1968 — as a smear factory. In fact, it features some of the best reporting on television year after year.

So although we love Aaron, he might just be being a little overly sensitive about this one. After his latest statement about the show, 60 Minutes released their own statement.

“Aaron Rodgers was never taken out of context and most anybody portrayed as he was on ‘60 Minutes’ would have been flattered by the story,” CBS News chairman and executive producer Jeff Fager said in a statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “It was fair and accurate and it was obvious we got it right when we reported that he tends to be overly sensitive.”

The transcript of the show was also released and seems to support the claim that Rodgers has nothing to be angry about.

But he is. So the next time the Packers face Morley Safer & Co. on the gridiron, look out!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. rich November 16, 2012

    Worthless article. Who is anybody to tell someone how they should feel about something.If it bothere him it botherd him. Move on .

    I heard Benson is out of the boot and could start practicing in 2 weeks. Anybody know anything or is this just a rumor?

    1. Iltarion November 16, 2012

      Benson is out of the boot and could start practicing next week.

      However, due to the IR rules, Benson can not play before the Dec. 9 game against the Lions at Lambeau, regardless of how he feels.

  2. brad November 16, 2012

    He didn’t trash 60 minutes, he just wasn’t happy about the part about him being too sensitive, and he is entitled to his opinion. For fuck sakes Monty, why to you have to over sensationalize everything.

  3. Adam November 16, 2012

    Some overly sensitive people in this comment thread too. Lol.

  4. DD November 16, 2012

    The pathetic way he talked to that fan who won a contest to meet him was completely consistent with how he treated that cancer patient last year. But of course everyone said it was taken out of context. Anyone who still likes this whiny little dickhead after seeing this is either a no-life fan or gay.

    1. Iltarion November 16, 2012

      So, you must love him then.

      And you didn’t even get to see the rest of the footage, where right after that, I kicked the shit out of that dipshit “fan.”

    2. Buddy November 16, 2012

      The pathetic way DD comments on this site is completely and clearly consistent with how he treats people in every day life. But of course everyone on this site can see how big of a coward he really is. Anyone who comes on a Packers blog and repeats the same blather over and over is either a no-life fan or a prejudiced bigot.

      1. a-rodgers4ever November 16, 2012

        kind of like you then?

  5. Iltarion November 16, 2012

    It is a stretch to call the spot on “60 Minutes” as being “flattering.”

    A-Rodge did not initially criticize the show for how it depicted him. He criticized the fact that he had an event at the MAAC where he spent time with two boys with cancer, one of whom has since died, and the show chose to not include any of that coverage in the spot. Instead, they thought interviewing Matthews and Jennings to ask them about how sensitive A-Rodge is was more interesting than the footage they had from the MAAC.

    In short, A-Rodge wasn’t even angry for himself. He was angry for the kids who probably thought they’d be on TV, who then found out that they weren’t.

    So, now, when reporters ask him about the interview, he is basically just saying- eff that.

    So, over-sensitive? That has nothing to do with it. The guy is pissed off about it, and he has the right to be.

    Did we really need to hear about how A-Rodge went to Butte, his draft day debacle, and how the fans treated him when Brett unretired??

    What’s next on 60 MInutes? David Petraeus had to resign from the CIA because he was having an affair?

    Tired news.

  6. Mike R November 16, 2012

    Monte has been a bit distracted the last week or so. He has been sticking his dick in his Obama blow up doll about 4 times a day, since the election, so I imagine his focus hasn’t quite been up to par and probably explains his take on this.

  7. SoTxPhil November 16, 2012

    I don’t know which 60 mins TV show that Monty has been watching, but this show has always leaned LEFT on every subj. I guess you don’t remember Dan Rather getting canned from the show for using bogus info to smear GW Bush days before the 2004 election. I think AR had the right to get mad about his cancer charity to not even get mentioned on the segment. I’m sure that was why he did it.

  8. MadCity Packer Fan November 16, 2012

    Rodgers seems like the type of dude that enjoys playing football just not all the media responsibilities that come along with the job. Either way I am glad he speaks his mind.

  9. chris November 17, 2012

    Egads let’s get back to football. Sunday can’t come soon enuf.

  10. Timbones November 18, 2012

    Monty is a liberal nut. He’ll defend any attack that he perceives on 60 minutes.