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Aaron Rodgers Associated Bank Commercial [Video]

Aaron Rodgers for Associated Bank

Does Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have another commercial coming out? You bet your ass he does! A bunch of them!

This one is for Associated Bank and it will surely satiate all of your curiosity about Rodgers. Or at least raise a bunch more questions.

In it, some guy is asking Rodgers a bunch of questions — personal questions. And then… no answers are provided. That’s because it’s a ploy — a devious ploy to get you to go to their website and watch the full-length videos and sign up for a checking account or something.

Man, he must be making bank on this deal. That’s a good thing though, because the Packers aren’t paying Rodgers nearly enough to sit in the pocket and get killed every week.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKoSteamboat November 28, 2012

    Are you fucking kidding me? More commercials?
    Really can’t say i blame non-Packer fans for hating on Rodgers…enough is enough.
    I remember changing the channel when i was a kid everytime a douchy Michael Jordan commercial came on T.V. !!!!C’mon Man!!!!

  2. Dave November 28, 2012

    Considering Associated Bank is only in 3 states, the commercials are run locally. That being said, it is most likely Bears and Vikings fans getting sick of Rodgers commercials, which i find nothing but amusing. The rest of the country are none the wiser to these “douchy” commercials

    1. TyKoSteamboat November 28, 2012

      good point…Go Packers

  3. Cuban November 28, 2012

    Nah, over here in mass, were getting discount double checked to fuckkng death, along with those pizza hut commercials

  4. Dave November 28, 2012

    I live in mass as well. Must just not be paying attention, I stand corrected. Those pizza hut commercials are so bad.

  5. Richard November 28, 2012

    West Coast coverage is the same. Never enough discount double check, never enough Pizza Hut. Lately it’s also been a lot of Clay and his fathead collection.

  6. Cuban November 28, 2012

    Yea, seen the fathead one lot lately

    1. TyKoSteamboat November 28, 2012

      Because it’s close to Christmas…

  7. DD November 28, 2012

    Never has so much undeserved attention been given to players and a team. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, we get it. But these guys? What the fuck? But I know the reason why, and so does everyone else. It’s just that no one wants to say it.

  8. calipackfan November 29, 2012

    Because packers players are good looking

  9. Chungo December 1, 2012

    F*** the commercials. Time to get their brains focused on football. The offense has sucked donkey balls this year & the Defense is nothing to write home about either.