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The Wheels Have Fallen Off, Mike!

Aaron Rodgers vs. Indianapolis

The mighty Green Bay Packers went down to Indiana to face the no-name Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and their rookie quarterback — a team that, on paper, they should have destroyed. In complete anti-climactic fashion, the mediocre bunch who calls themselves the Packers took a 30-27 loss.

So what went wrong?

Well, for starters the Packers return-to-2011 defense let the Andrew Luck-led Colts score five times in the second half after bursting out to a 21-3 halftime lead. The final dagger came with 35 seconds left when Luck hit Reggie Wayne for a four-yard touchdown.

After the score, the Packers actually set up Mason Crosby for a 51-yard field goal — a kick he’s hit before. Of course, shankopotamus shanked the kick somewhere into Conseco Fieldhouse. That brilliant effort made him 0-2 on field goal tries on the day.

The swirling winds inside Lucas Oil must have been fucking with Crosby.

Make one of those kicks and at least we’re talking about an overtime loss, you know? But hey… Crosby wasn’t the only culprit in the Packers’ loss to a team that won a whole two games last season.

Remember that defense the Packers had the first three weeks of the season? Well, that unit was obviously a mirage aided by the replacement officials and their loose interpretation of the rules.

Once again, Dom Capers‘ unit is clearly terrible. A week after giving up 400-plus yards to the Saints, the Packers defense managed to allow 464 yards to a rookie quarterback and a bunch of no-names.

Read that again — 464 yards. This to a guy who was playing ball for Stanford last year.

Let’s not understate this. The Packers defense is a fucking embarrassment… again.

Luck threw for 362. Reggie Wayne, who’s about 85-years-old, caught 13 balls for 212 yards. The Colts rushed for 119 yards. Could a defense possibly suck balls in any other way?


Reggie Wayne had 212 yards! Reggie Wayne! 212 yards!

Yeah, so beyond that, the Packers put up 21 in the first half. They answered that output by shitting right in their own bed in a second half where they put up a monstrous seven points.

In part, the offense was derailed when Cedric Benson went down with a foot injury. Good thing no one bothered to put James Starks on the field.

Aaron Rodgers demonstrated his usual MVP form right up until it counted. In the second half, Rodgers and his receivers didn’t bother to subscribe to the same page. When James Jones wasn’t running his route too deep, Jermichael Finley was dropping a ball and then faking an injury.

And then there was the offensive line, which gave up five sacks.

Hey, you assholes are all cut. You don’t belong on an NFL field. Go play in the Arena League.

In other words, the Packers offense was a comedy of errors.

If there’s a bright side to this embarrassment that calls themselves the Green Bay Packers, it’s that the team started in similar underwhelming fashion in 2010 — they were 3-3 after six weeks. That year, they pulled it together and won the Super Bowl.

Is this team of that caliber?

At the moment — absolutely not.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. DD October 7, 2012

    I am thoroughly enjoying the Packers “dynasty” right now.

    1. PackerBoB October 8, 2012

      And I thoroughly enjoy our four Super Bowls rings, every fucking day.

  2. Kevin October 7, 2012

    DD–curious if you just like sucking dick or do you also like taking it up the ass?

    1. Adam October 7, 2012

      He uses semen as a mouth wash, and an enema fluid. Mostly in the opposite order.

  3. Jeff October 7, 2012

    Solid 2nd half adjustments Mike…wow…

  4. Jeff October 7, 2012

    What kind of pathetic, sad person hates the Packers…and spends “his” free time reading a Packers dedicated website?!?!…I’m guessing a pedo who is currently serving time behind bars…

  5. PackAttack October 7, 2012

    You hit the nail on the head! Today was an absolute joke all the way around but more than anything else I blame the play calling and Mike McCarthy.

    Is there some universal Mike McCarthy rule that says GB must run on 1st and 10 on every fucking possession? He did this vs Seattle and it killed him and he did it again today. Benson is nice change of pace back and it’s good to establish the running game and all, but this offense isn’t designed to be a “ground and pound” team.

    I’m always going to comeback to this — to all you sickafantic losers who loathe the GB receivers like Jones, Jordy, Driver and Finley. Look at how ineffective they are without Jennings on the field. Finely is a complete joke with 17 drops in 20 games — he’s worth cutting. He’s that fucking bad, he’s an absolute joke. Jordy is clearly not a #1 receiver, he’s proving that beyond all reasonable doubt with Jennings out. Yes, give him that #2 label and he’ll throw up huge numbers with Rodgers hitting him in the chest every god damn time and still Nelson finds ways to fuck up. James Jones, for every TD catch he makes he fucks up at least 6-8 plays per/game. Again that costly INT today was on him for running the wrong fucking route. He still can’t get open deep, he doesnt run crisp routes and he can’t fucking block on the outside. Driver is a complete waste of a roster space — at this point there’s no reason for him to be active and Starks not to be.

    The defense is a joke. Shields, Burnett and Bush are jokes — old man Wayne is out there breaking receiving records today and when he’s left that fucking wide open — you could be 60 and still throw up 200 against this shit-defense. There’s zero pass rush for the exception of Matthews who’s double-teamed like a whore. Nick Perry is non-exsistant, AJ Hawk — wow what a fucking joke he is.

    McCarthy and TT are making this team into the joke of the league while the Vike-fags run away with the North. Aaron Rodgers is a lesser QB that Cutler and Ponder right now. The best fucking QB in the game isn’t throwing enough and gets zero help. If he wasn’t on this team, GB would be competing with the Titans for the toilet bowl clincher in January.

    1. iltarion October 7, 2012

      “to all you sickafantic losers who loathe the GB receivers like Jones, Jordy…” this sentence made no sense. Read it again.

      That INT was no one’s fault but Rodgers’. Stop blaming everything on everyone else. You sound like a Brett Favre apologist.

      Tough to be a #1 Wr when your QB doesn’t throw you the ball, even when you are open.

  6. Richard October 7, 2012

    Holy smokes, that was terrible. Plus the Bears and ViQueens got an apparent bye week and are at 4-1. Vegas odds must be tempting right now to take GB to win the North, especially since they should be +7 or worse next Sunday night at Houston.

  7. Vijay October 7, 2012

    James Starks was not even active for the game and it would’ve made little difference. My friends, my friends, how many fucking times do I have to explain to all of you that TED THOMPSON is the MOST overrated GM in Packer’s lore. He has now proven to me to be perhaps below top 10 in terms of drafting and developing personnel at several key positions outside of the WR skill position, where he has proven to be ‘good’. We have players with incorrect body types attempting to run some sort of type of 3-4 defense which I’ve never seen before. We really end up playing prevent defense because Dom is smart enough to know that the players on the line suck donkey balls and cannot swallow double teams which is the JOB of the down linemen in a 3-4 (see Ravens, Steelers).

    1. iltarion October 7, 2012

      The other 31 NFL GMs and everyone involved with personnel who matters disagrees with you. Not that that will matter to you, obviously.

      In the last 2 years, the Packers have won a Super Bowl and gone 15-1. Not sure what else you want from your GM.

    2. SHODAN October 7, 2012

      Wait… we play prevent defense all game because Capers is smart? You… you’re saying it’s a smart decision to play prevent all game?

      … wha?

      Look, we’re all pissed off and frustrated that we lost a game we had no business losing, but you’re just being stupid by going straight to “OMG FUCK TED HES THE WORST” as your reasoning for what has thus far been a disappointing season. McCarthy has not shown much ability to make adjustments, and he and Rodgers too-often seem to want to go deep rather than the far less sexy (but more efficient) dink-and-dunk method of moving down field and taking what the defense gives them. Woodson and Tramon dropped at least 3 picks between them. Seams up the middle were open all goddamn day for Wayne to run through. Receivers were running poor routes and dropping passes. There’s plenty of blame for the players and coaching staff without going up to management. Hell, if you’re going to blame Thompson for putting most of this team together, you should probably also throw some shit at Ron Wolf, since Ted is a Wolf protege.

      I know this is the internet, and that the season’s been shitty, but don’t talk down to people, especially when the point of view you’ve taken makes you look like a stupid, self-important jackass.

  8. brad October 7, 2012

    McCarthy’s play calling is starting to look like the fabulous Forrest Greggs. Time to get head out of ass! Defense needs to actually intercept the ball when it is thrown right to them. And the recievers need to remove head from ass too.

  9. Richard October 7, 2012

    Sweet. Thumbs up for the Forrest Gregg reference. All we need is an update on Randy Wright and Anthony Dilweg.

    By the way, who do we pick with a top 5 pick next April?

  10. E. Wolf October 7, 2012

    We will be 2-4 next week. No way we beat the Texans, and I am not even sure we can beat the Rams. We could be 2-5.
    I think the season is over. The malaise the offense hasbeen a liablity. But I think that bullshit call in Seattle has set off a chainreaction. Lots of bad thngs happened last week. Somehow the Pack overame it, barely.
    This could get very ugly.

  11. iltarion October 7, 2012

    The Great 2nd Half Collapse.

    That is two road games now where the Packers took a half off and found a way to give their opponent a last second game winning TD.

    It is early yet, but this season is tottering towards 8-8 right now.

    The Packer defense owned the 1st half. I’m not sure what happened in the 2nd. It looked like the defense was less aggressive and paid the price. I also saw the Colts making a lot of big plays, especially Reggie Wayne. One would think that at some point you would double team Wayne and take him out of the game like they did to Brandon Marshall.

    That was an INT by Tramon. Once again the Packers find themselves on the wrong end of a replay. The Colts got 3 points off that call. The Packers lost by 3 points.

    Let’s face it. The Packer offense without Jennings, Benson and Finley is NOT the Packer offense. Once Benson and Finley were off the field, Rodgers looked dazed and confused and fell back into his habit of hanging onto the ball for too damn long.

    Raji down too? The injuries are mounting and the Packers are in danger of having a lost season. The defense is probably a year or two away with some good looking young talent on the unit.

  12. icebowl October 7, 2012

    Agree with y’all, y’all. In the real 9-5 world (you know-the one that pays the packers mondo salaries) – you work half a day – you get paid half a day.
    Everyone of those GB underachievers should get docked half a game….. Or donate it to the breast cancer foundation….

  13. icebowl October 7, 2012

    And ….
    ….. #12 wins an academy award for his Jay Cutler impersonation in 2nd half…

  14. DirtyAndy October 7, 2012

    So I just walked in to my house in Northern Indiana from sitting at the forty yard line at the Colts game. I’m sorry but I watch play after play Matthews get stuff at the line or miss by a hand but what really bothered me was that from the start that Woodson and Williams were completely owned by Harrison all game long and then they would put Burnett on Harrison like he was going to do something.

    Happy Birthday Charles by the way.

    Also thanks to 99.9% percent of the Colts fans who had some class at the game including John the Colts fan who stood up harassing Colts fan at the game for us few sitting in a heavily Colts fan populated area.

    1. iltarion October 7, 2012

      Marvin Harrison is retired. Otherwise, good point.

  15. Travis Jervey October 7, 2012

    Rodgers doesn’t look like a MVP. Everyone else is under performing too. Both players and coaches.

    How the hell do you give up 212 yards to Wayne? I could see if he had a couple long receptions to get that yardage, but he didn’t. What was his longest catch? 25 yards?

  16. Richard October 7, 2012

    I think a retired Marvin Harrison might’ve had 100 yards today. That says something.

  17. Cuban October 7, 2012

    Could they get one fucking defensive back who doesnt get beat on third and fucking long for once. This unit is complete fucking shit, the offense is this years version of last years defense. We all keep expecting it to come around at some point but it never fucking does.

    And someone fucking tell me how capers still has a fucking job after his defense hasnt been able to make a stop since the super bowl

  18. ryan October 7, 2012

    dont forget the game was rigged to make the feel-good warm n fuzzy storyline play out. Aww their coach just got leukimia, how magical it would be for him to pull out an upset win during pink ribbon month! It’s just sooooo perfeeect, lolz!

  19. Justin October 7, 2012

    I have noticed since the loss last season to the Giants that Rodgers and McCarthy hardly even make eye contact on the sideline.. My opinion of Mcarthy is he is a very classy guy but he is too “nice” and a little soft on his players… When i watch this team they lack that killer instinct and balance that it takes to be a great team…

    As for Finely, does anyone think its a coincidence that we won the Super Bowl when he was injured almost all season? He brings a very poor “me” first attitude and drops way too many passes for a player who considers himself “elite”.

  20. packer5 October 7, 2012

    I said this when the packers hired Capers. I did not like his hire. He gets out coached. His blizz packages are terrible.His line men can not get to the quarterback.His def. backs can not cover or communicate Either he stinks or T.T. does not know talent. Come on M.M. how many more years do you want him running your def. until you lose your job.

  21. TyKoSteamboat October 7, 2012

    I always heve the regime’s back.

    But our coaching sucks.

    Too many pretty-boy commercials.

    Rodgers holds on to the ball too long.

    Crosby is a bum that has NEVER made a clutch kick.

    Too many drops.

    Pussy finesse football.

    Too many injuries = Poor conditioning.

    Loss of focus.

  22. PackAttack October 7, 2012

    iltarion –

    Your a fucking moron. You never seem to amaze me or anyone else on here with your stupidity. I’m not sure if you just enjoy disagreeing with everyone you encounter to either make yourself feel better or to relieve stress or what the fuck your deal is but the fact of the matter is that your just a flat out moron. There’s not much else to say.

    The pick Rodgers threw today was clearly on Jones. The throw was to his inside shoulder and instead of coming back to the ball, Jones tried to strattle the sideline while back-peddling. Jones is fucking trash and he always has been. He’s not an aggressive receiver, the only way the moron puts up numbers is because Rodgers is good enough to thread balls between the dumb bastards legs even when he’s not looking.

    “The other 31 NFL GMs and everyone involved with personnel who matters disagrees with you. Not that that will matter to you, obviously. In the last 2 years, the Packers have won a Super Bowl and gone 15-1. Not sure what else you want from your GM.”

    Really, that Super Bowl is all on Ted huh? I think we’ve been through this dance before and you give him all the credit you want for drafting this guy or that guy. But for as many picks the grey haired bastard trades for, he’s got as many right as he’s gotten wrong.

    Let’s not also forget this offensive line is and has always been trash since Rodgers got here. Thompson almost killed him 2 years ago when this line couldn’t stop a nose a bleed and fast forward two years later it still sucks. Thompson hasn’t addressed the defense — he stock piled how many picks on defense this last year and what good has that done? And supposedly Cedric Benson is his answer at RB? Are you fucking kidding me?

    “Tough to be a #1 Wr when your QB doesn’t throw you the ball, even when you are open.”

    That statement right there just proves your absolute stupidity. Let me ask you a question, who leads the NFL in drops this past 2 years? Which team has more drops than any NFL team in the last 2 years? How many fucking drops have GB receivers had this year? Look the fucking numbers up guy. I saw your boys dropping passes like it was their fucking job out there today, your boy Nelson gets less chances these days because anyone in the league seems capable of shutting his white ass down. And Finely, your guy, and supposedly is a “huge” deal to the offense, is a fucking joke. The offense actually moved better without him today — so I’m not sure if you watch these fucking games on a computer or from the radio or what — but your clearly fucking clueless.

    Rodgers is the best fucking QB in the NFL, without him GB is 1-4 this year or worse. He makes everyone of these receivers better. Jones, Nelson and Finley would be the equivalent to Josh Morgan, Kevin Walter and Ben Watson without Rodgers.

    The #1 most important part of any NFL is the QB and Rodgers brought GB it’s Super Bowl, not TT, he brought them to 15-1 and is the reason why any of these receivers are worth a shit — take a fucking clue and run with it and figure your shit out at home. Nobody wants to hear your pist off rants blaming the refs why we lose games.

  23. RodgerDat October 7, 2012

    If nick perry’s sack-fumble doesn’t get diarrhead on by the refs, the game is over at halftime.

  24. Rebelgb October 7, 2012

    PackAttack you clearly are a fucking idiot and your either 12 years old, or you have the IQ of a fucking onion.

    To blame TT for anything is a fucking joke and automatically renders you among the “Bush did 911” lunatics of the world.

    Seriously are you that fucking stupid? Or are you drunk on Zima and Cranberry juice and still dizzy from the ass raping your boyfriend gave you?

    This team is loaded with talent. Talent TT brought in. Other teams salvate at the chance to raid our fucking practice squad the same way you salvate at the passing of a 12 year old boy in the mall.

    We have a lot of young guys right now who are struggling and a QB who hasnt hit his stride yet. If I remember correctly the Packers won a Super Bowl after barely making the playoffs the last week of the season and then winning 3 straight road games. Same with the Giants last year.

    Id rather start slow, let our young guys gel, and hopefully go on a run the second half of the season. That formula has been winning Super Bowls lately. Not going 15-1 and shitting yourself in the first game of the playoffs at home.

    If you can get out of Juvenile Detention long enough 8 weeks from now to come back here an apologize for your fucking stupidity we will be looking forward to you admitting how ignorant you really are, or at least admitting your 12 and come from the drunken drug induced love making of 2 retarded half breed parents.

    Im pissed at the Pack too, and I dont like the usual MM pandering and wishwashy bullshit answers he always gives to crap play. But then again the last 4 coaches in GB all used the same shitty ass rhetoric.

    All that being said im not willing to post some barely legible steaming pile like you and throw my entire team under the bus AND one of the best posters/writers on this site. But then again im not a fucking juvenile moron like yourself….


  25. Ivonitonvikingfans October 7, 2012

    Rodgers and/or McCarthy are clearly incapable of figuring out how to beat cover 2. How about an actual drive of short underneath throws and runs for fucks sake. Third and short? I know, lets empty the backfield and go for the homerun! They won’t see that shit coming. Fucking run and shoot fucking shit. Even if Rodgers does deliver a catch-able ball, the “deepest and best” receivng corps in the League will drop it. J-Mike the “match-up nightmare” should be invaluable in this endeavor, given all of his “natural talent” and “potential”, but instead he is a mouthy fucking turd. All of those defensive draft picks and not one of them is a difference maker. Perry is a one trick pony and should not be a starter. Worthy is Cletidus Hunt revisited. The DB’s look promising, but with zero improvement in the pass rush, good luck to them. I watched them send six and Luck still had all day. Even the shit-eating Bears can get pressure with four. Fuck! Sam Shields and Morgan Burnett should be delivering pizzas tomorrow. That would mean a lot of cold pizzas delivered 20 min late by a couple of dumb motherfuckers arguing over who was responsible for getting lost on the way. The o-line? Whoever decided it was okay to put Crabtree is even dumber than Sam Shields. Bulaga lost his balls somewhere. They suck. Coaching? What coaching? Do they have any? Was Joe Philbin the real brains behind this team? What an embarrassment. It also makes me laugh a little that these teams act like they won the Superbowl when they beat the Packers, when in reality they just beat an 8-8 team at best. Enough angry rambling, i have to try and fix my U-Verse remote now. Fuck!!

  26. Rebelgb October 7, 2012

    Oh and one last thing: TT cant make Aaron throw the fucking ball. I mean im no big fan of the half ass white breeds we have on our Oline right now but seriously, watch the fucking games a little closer. Rodgers needs to tune down the happy feet AND he needs to have some faith in his receivers and just throw the damn ball already.

    Geezus or God forbid throw the checkdown…..

  27. Chungo October 8, 2012

    8-8 Team at best this year. Put the blame on everyone. It was pathetic all the way around. McCarthy is too obsessed with throwing down the field, Capers refuses to make adjustments. Screw prevent defense, play aggressive. Our prevent defense sucks!! Put Williams on Reggie Wayne and a safety over the top.
    Dropping balls has been an issue for the past several years, yet is hasnt been addressed. Wrong Routes –cmon get your overpaid heads out of your asses & use your brain.
    O-line is a joke!
    Clearly the packers have concentrated too much on commercials and not on their jobs.

  28. Chungo October 8, 2012

    The packers remind me of a kid who gets punched in the nose by the schoolyard bully, and runs home to mommy, instead of standing up for himself.

  29. flyboy7588 October 8, 2012

    Sorry folks but Capers has to go. He is just not getting it done. If the offense can put 27 points on the board the team should win. 21-3 at halftime and we lose?????? WTF!!!!

  30. Not Impressed October 8, 2012

    Do “Packers” fans run this website or what? You sensor comments from Packers fans…yet validate the morons (by “approving” their comments) who have nothing but hate for the Pack. You call yourself “fans”?!

    Does the GB organization know that its logo is plastered all over this “website”??? Because I have a hard time believing they would allow their name and reputation to be discredited by a handful of morons with a little free time.

  31. Cuban October 8, 2012

    How bout 21-3 at halftime, they scored 6 in the 2nd half it wasnt just the horrendous fucking defense, it was the offense stinking up the joint just as fucking bad

  32. nurseratchett October 8, 2012

    It was fucking mess in all three phases….Capers has to realize this bend but don’t break thing isn’t working.

    Yes Rodgers may be holding on to the ball too long, however, he is not responsible for all the sacks. The O-line is a porous mess….

    I cannot believe Crosby missed not once, but twice…its almost like there’s a curse with the bad calls & just weird play in the last 3 games. The Texans will hand us our ass…and the Lambs are playing well. Holy shit this roadtrip is going to SUCK.

  33. Buddy October 8, 2012

    Packers = hands tied

  34. Cry Me A River October 8, 2012

    I must confess I’m very impressed with Packer fans on this site (exception: those who cite bad penalty calling as a reason for a loss(s), every team/fans suffer that & to rely on that for a W is ludicrous)! I read these posts & I see refusal to adhere to blind devotion to mediocrity! And why should you? This team has potential. You fans have much more insight into this team than myself & what I’m concluding with this team may lack deep insight (conversely, I argue it’s a basic observation that is the primary problem) but it seems to me, they (Pack) have lost sight of the basic fundamentals of football. To neglect the O-line (most important component) & the D-line issue (both? again?) & suffer it’s continued deterioration (a criminal act) followed closely by predictable package schemes (both sides of the ball) is what, I believe, has hurt this team.

  35. Cry Me A River October 8, 2012

    Pack Lethal, 
    Damn, how many times did you post under my name???
    In posting under my name, couldn’t you at least apply some measure of intellect to make possible the belief that it was I, not you, making the posts? You don’t need to be me just slow down & think about what your writing. It’s that easy!

  36. PackerBoB October 8, 2012

    I think everyone needs to relax. Sure, we blew a big lead. And yes, our season is probably over. But I do recall the same rhetoric about two years ago when the Packers were 3-3 and then went on to win the Superbowl …without Ryan Grant, or Jermichael Finely, or Cullen Jenkins, and about 10 other players who went on IR.

    Let’s take a quick trip back in time, shall we? About two years…

    Dodeedodee dodeedodee dodeedodee…

    On 10/10/2010 Brad T wrote:
    “Who didn’t think the Packers would lose this game? McCarthy has to go…he looks clueless coaching.”

    On 10/10/2010 Flyboy7588 wrote:
    “So much for the Packers being the favorite in the NFC to go to the Super Bowl. They could easily be 1-4.”

    10/10/2010 Denny wrote:
    “Listen, TT and MM are drivng the cart taking this team straight to hell and no one is gonna stop them.”

    Fuck all of you bandwagon fair-weather fan muthafuckers. Fuck you right in the ear. Way to support your team, assholes.

    1. PackerBoB October 8, 2012

      Yeah, and fuck you some more.

  37. DJ October 8, 2012

    The injuries were big. Crosby wasnt sharp. Not being able to get to Luck was a disappointment too. But still, lets face it, the D isnt what is wrong with this team anymore. They may not be dominating…but they’re playing at or around their potential & good enough to win. The Defense IS improved.

    Our problem is the Offense & more specifically, Rodgers. Its not ALL his fault or even close and I’m not saying he sucks or anything retarded like that….just that he isnt making enough plays with his feet. THAT & his accuracy are the pillars of his greatness. He had 5 carries for 57yds yesterday. 11yds a pop. Yet he’s forcing throws & took 5 sacks yesterday….when probably 4 of them he held on to the ball too long or stayed in the crumbling pocket too long. Running is a last resort for him now….something the Seattle & Indy games highlighted….he’ll only take off now if there is 20yds of open space in front of him. Dude, take the 5yds & slide instead of the sack! Move the chains! Use your athleticism! He’s too good & too athletic to be taking the sacks he’s taking & he’s conceding to pressure and forcing throws that in the past…..he used his feet to get out of & buy time to find better options & turn a negative play into a positive one. He still does it….he just needs to do it more….because the sacks he is taking are MASSIVE momentum builders for the opponent & the crowd. I understand the concussion worries nor do I want to get him killed…but the QB has to deliver. Period. He used to play with a chip on his shoulder…. I just dont know if that is still there. IMO, If he’s got time to do all those commercials….he’s got time to get out of the pocket. lol

    1. ay hombre October 10, 2012

      Well said.

  38. Cuban October 9, 2012

    People arent jumping off the bandwagon, were just so goddamn sick of watching the same fucking these plague this team and nothings being down to fix it.

    Horrendous third down defense, horrible o-line play, shitty kicking, and coaching inability to adapt is ridiculous

  39. Ryan October 9, 2012

    I decided to wait to post until I had calmed down from my anger; maybe other should try this. I can’t believe some of the personal attacks on here.

    Anyways, what an awful performance in the 2nd half yesterday. Two straight games of disastrous 3rd quarters. Last week, we managed to survive thanks to a missed field goal. This week, we were on the other hand.

    Let’s face it, this team is MEDIOCRE. They are not terrible, as some people have said. But, I would argue that considering the talent they have, being mediocre is even more frustrating that being Cleveland Browns terrible.

    I find it fascinating to read the posts that “PackerBob” brought back from 2010. I remember very well after the Monday night Bears game people on this site calling for James Jones and MM’s head. Just as I did two years ago, I will continue to defend MM.

    People have said MM has shown he can’t make halftime adjustments. That’s silly. He made perfect adjustments in Seattle (running the ball more) that got the offense in motion. I really don’t know what we could have done Sunday. Jennings, Finley, Benson were all out and the offense line couldn’t block. Aaron went back to his rookie season ways of holding the ball way too long and the defense looked porous. Plus, Crosby missed two kicks. Hard to win when that happens, regardless of the play calling.

    I simply do not understand how people can bash a GM that is 2 years removed from a Super Bowl (with the #5 defense in the league) and one year removed from a 15-1 record. Being the repeating SB champs is hard. The Packers have had a pretty damn good two seasons. That doesn’t make this current mediocrity acceptable by any means, but it does mean that Thompson has done a damn good job.