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Greg Jennings May Get Paid More By Standing Around

Greg Jennings injured

Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings is getting paid for standing around right now. He’s battling a groin injury and will miss his second straight game.

Jennings has been injured much of the season. When he’s been on the field, the injury has limited his production. Jennings didn’t make it past the first quarter against New Orleans. He pulled himself at the end of the San Francisco game and didn’t play at all against Chicago.

All of this standing around on the sidelines might actually be making Jennings more money though.

He’s in a contract season. You could argue that Jennings’ suddenly injury-prone nature and paltry production (12 catches, 78 yards on the season) isn’t going to help him get a giant contract next season. Certainly, his value is probably dropping around the rest of the NFL.

It just might be increasing in the eyes of the Green Bay Packers though.

When Jennings went down, we were pretty ho hum about it. “Just throw James Jones in there and we’ll be fine!” Well, we have not been fine and neither has the Packers offense.

The passing offense is currently ranked 15th in the NFL. They were third last season.

The other receivers’ numbers, with the exception of Jones, who’s seen his playing time increase dramatically, are down too. The Packers haven’t had a receiver record a 100-yard game yet this season.

Jordy Nelson came the closest with 93 yards in week four. These guys clearly benefit from the attention Jennings draws from opposing defenses when he’s on the field.

Gone too, is the big play the Packers were known for last season.

Is this lack of offensive production all because Jennings isn’t in the game? Absolutely not — poor game planning, lack of execution and general buffoonery, among other things, have all plagued the Packers.

But if Greg Jennings ever gets healthy, gets in the game and the Packers offense suddenly starts humming, the Packers are going to know just how valuable he is to what they do and then they have a real problem.

They can’t afford to pay Jennings top receiver money because of all the guys they absolutely have to pay top dollar in the near future.

If this is turns out to be confirmation the offense doesn’t work without him, they may not have a choice, though.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. icebowl October 12, 2012

    He’s got to get back on the field… We need this guy to play…
    If not….
    Oakland or The Jets will take him in a heartbeat…

  2. Philo Beddo October 12, 2012

    Rodgers and Matthew need to be paid, of course. I don’t think Raji deserves, or will get, top dollar. He’s slightly better than average.

  3. iltarion October 12, 2012

    Finley is slated for about $8 million next season. Donald Driver is currently making around $3 million. You part ways with those two players and you can afford Greg Jennings.

    I believe the Packers will resign Jennings, and it will be for around $10 mil a year.

    The Packers’ offense has not been the same since Jennings got injured in the 2nd half of the Oakland game. The Packers are 4-5 since that game.

  4. mxz600 October 13, 2012

    Well…We have a story about the deficiency’s in the passing game. Not 1 word about the O Line. Hard to get off a pass when your O line is being pushed back into Rodgers face. Rodgers accuracy is a bit off, he’s overthrowing. Also the Packers pass game is predicated on timing routes, but the receivers are getting jammed at the line. It’s funny how the Packers have the deepest talent in the league in receiver’s, but 1 guy is gone, so that’s the problem? I say bullshit on that. I dont believe the Packers resign Jennings…TT doesn’t pay the big money to players who have injury history (C. Jenkins). So spare us the predictions iltarion, because you are a blow hard who knows nothing.

  5. Rudy October 15, 2012

    We will be fine. Look what Matt Flynn did against Detroit in the season finale last year, and what Rodgers did to the 3rd best defense in the NFL last night. We also had two 100 receivers (Nelson, Cobb) and two guys catch multiple TDs (Nelson, Jones). Jennings is great, but we can function without him, just as we functioned without Finley in 2010. If the Pack carries over the new chip on the shoulder for the rest of the season, Jennings may get his walking papers.