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Five More Thoughts on Packers Win Over Texans

Randall Cobb vs. Houston

Now that the dust has settled and the hangover has worn off, here are five more thoughts on the Green Bay Packers 42-24 win over the Houston Texans.

The Packers still have something to prove
The Packers finally pulled it together and played a complete game, thrashing one of the NFL’s elite teams on their home field. The win was reminiscent of the time the Packers went down to Atlanta and completely rolled the Falcons, who many considered the best team in the NFL at that time, in a divisional playoff game a couple years ago. That being said, this was one game. This Packers team hasn’t shown up this season prior to Sunday. Everyone is quick to say the Packers are back, but they need to prove they can do what they did on Sunday week in and week out. That’s what will really put them among the league’s best.

The running game will be just fine with Alex Green
When Cedric Benson went down last week, everyone pretty much figured the Packers running game was dead. Enter Alex Green. Although they claimed they were going to go back to the running-back-by-committee approach, the Packers featured Green, who turned in 65 yards on 22 carries. That’s a pretty crappy 2.9 yards per carry, but Green ran hard and kept the Texans defense, which came in ranked third in the NFL, off balance. With a little more playing time, Green should start seeing the running lanes he’s missing now, which will make him really dangerous. And what of James Starks? Only five carries for 11 yards in garbage time.

Charles Woodson? Hello?
Woodson is one of the best defensive backs in NFL history. He’s a sure-fire Hall of Famer. That being said, he hasn’t played very well this season. He’s been torched in coverage at times. On Sunday, he barely showed up in the box score. One tackle. That’s it. Woodson is a guy known for filling up the box score. He’s not doing that this year. You have to wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the line.

Randall Cobb is the Packers offense
We know Jordy Nelson put up the bigger numbers on Sunday, but Randall Cobb is what makes the Packers offense go. Nelson is the guy who beats people down the sideline, but that’s about all he does. Cobb is the guy who makes the catches over the middle, picks up the first downs, makes guys miss and gains extra yards. He’s the main reason the Packers move the ball and the main reason they don’t have to rely exclusively on the big play to score.

We’re having flashbacks of 2010
The Super Bowl champion Packers of two seasons ago started 3-3, which is this team’s record after six weeks. After that, they ripped off four straight wins. Their run also included winning 11 of their final 14 games, including the four playoff games. We’ll leave it at that.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKoSteamboat October 15, 2012

    2 things…
    1.) it’s taken me longer than everyone else, but i am done with Finley’s drops….done with this guy.
    2.) PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS! i.e. – we should be inj the shotgun formation EVERY PLAY! Alex Green sees the field better that way & Rodgers along with the O-Line alike both seem to be more comfortable there. EVERY PLAY!!!!
    I hope D.J. Smith is okay…GPG

    1. PackAttack October 15, 2012

      Dude – YES!!

      I’ve been saying this since week 1, this offense needs to be either in the shotgun or passing 75% to 85% of the time. Yes, run the ball occasionally to keep defenses off balance, but the 17-20 touches per/game Cedric Benson was getting was overly ridiculous.

      #2 – Did anyone notice the real difference in this game compared to typical GB games?

      –McCarthy and the GB offense didn’t take their foot off the gas! So often I see, and have seen, this offense go into cruise control after getting out to a comfortable lead. They did it a lot last year and they’ve been doing it plenty this year. Last night the Pack got up early and then went for the throat. McCarthy is so damn hesitant to run up the score on teams but it needs to be done. Look at what Bellichick does to teams, if he has a chance to throw up 50 he’s gonna embarrass his opponent and the same goes for New Orleans. Keep playing, keep passing, run up the score and force the opposition into submission. Being up 21-3 or 24-10 isn’t a comfortable lead in the NFL. GB should be throwing up 35+ points per/game.

      Great win. Good statement. So much for the Vikings “sneaking up” on RG3 and the skins. When was the last time you got that all star RB in the end zone? Oh yeah…..week 1….stay hot purple and long live the ’09 NFC Championship pick by Tracy Porter.

      Best Packer Moments in last 4 years

      1 – GB Super Bowl
      2 – Tracy Porter INT off Favre

      1. Kristofer from Oshkosh October 16, 2012

        you two really do not know what you are talking about. besides the part about the purple all star RB not getting into the endzone. Not trying to bash, but you guys really do not know what you are talking about with the running game, playing shotgun, and Finley. If either one of you were running the team, the packers would be 0-4. Thats all i got to say about that. GO PACK GO!!

  2. Phatgzus October 15, 2012

    Jordy goes over the middle as well, he also gets solid YAC and runs over DBs; give the man some credit.

  3. iltarion October 15, 2012

    Tyko, you would make it 10 times easier for defenses to game plan against the Packers if you only feature the shotgun, though I agree it is obviously our best formation.

    We run well out of the inverted wishbone and offset I.

    I agree with Monty that the Packers need to beat the Rams before too much is made of this game. Beat the Rams, and the Packers would be two winnable home games away from going into the bye at 6-3.

    Lose to the Rams and you are essentially the Dallas Cowboys.

    Alex Green looked like a young Cedric Benson. Looks like another great draft pick. His yards per carry average went down once the game got out of hand. It was fine in the first half (9-35).

    Charles Woodson reminds me of Brian Dawkins in the last couple years of his career. Still good against the run, which the Packers will need now more than ever with DJ Smith down. Vulnerable down the field in pass coverage.

    Cobb is making up for the fact that Driver and Finley are no longer working the middle of the field. With Cobb in the slot, and Nelson and Jones on the outside, one could make the case that the Packer’s offense is fine without Jennings.

    The 2010 Packers had lost 3 games all on last second FGs and had not trailed in any of those games by more than 7 points. Not the same story as this year, even though it is the same record.

    1. TyKoSteamboat October 15, 2012

      I do like the inverted wishbone…i’m just not too sure we have the right personell for it.

      1st & 10 we need to be in the shotgun

    2. Ryan October 15, 2012

      We got beat by the 49ers. We beat the Seahawks but it counts as a loss. We gave up a huge lead to the Colts and lost by 3. The stories are more similar than you are making it out to be.

      I agree with your other points though, as I usually do.

  4. PackAttack October 15, 2012

    “Tyko, you would make it 10 times easier for defenses to game plan against the Packers if you only feature the shotgun, though I agree it is obviously our best formation.”

    Can someone please remind me how the Packers averaged 35 points per/game in 2011 while avg less than 20 rushing att? Now in 2012, the GB offense has slipped to 25 points per/game (even after last nights blowout) but their rushing attempts are up to 25+ per/game and through the first four weeks their passing attempts were down all the while Cedric Benson was touching the ball 16+ times through the first four weeks.

    It “obviously” wasn’t easy for defenses to game plan against GB in 2011 but apparently defenses (Indy, SF and Seattle) all loved the ground and pound approach GB took to them. I can assure you defenses loved to see it when Cedric Benson had the ball in his hands 17-20 times and Aaron Rodgers doesn’t.

    I can also assure you, and the numbers back this, when GB hits the playoffs (THEY THROW), right now GB offense is ranked 14th in the NFL in avg passing att per/game. With the best QB in the league, thats a joke.
    “Lose to the Rams and you are essentially the Dallas Cowboys.”

    We’ve already lost to the fucking Colts guy. So I wouldn’t say Arizona is anymore of a for sure “winnable” game than St. Louis is. Except of course if your handing the damn ball off 20 times a game to a RB nobody wanted 3 months ago.

    1. DJ October 15, 2012

      I agree with most of what you are saying….no doubt shotgun is our best & most productive formation & our strength is throwing the football. I am also in 110% agreement that McCarthy needs to keep trying to win the game ala Belichik as opposed to “managing” the lead. All those pts are completely legit & totally correct.

      Having said that though….I’m not opposed to our running the ball 25-35 times a game either. Our ’11 team lit up the scoreboard but that put our D out there a long time too. Gotta find a way to keep them fresher & still be aggressive offensively. McCarthy’s mistake in the past (he showed good discipline last nite) was he either over committed to pass or run depending on the scoreboard. He should make a oath to his Maker that he will never look at the scoreboard again. He’d pass to get the lead then run to burn clock & shorten the game. Guaranteed we’d run on 1st & 2nd down out of offset I or Bone…the throw a safe route on 3rd & long. 9x out of ten that blew up in our face because we dont have the OL to impose our will plus it was predictable. I lost count of how many times we squandered leads & the momentum with that approach.

      However, in football logic, that is the correct approach! Except we dont have the personnel to execute it! Which is exactly why PackAttack is 100% correct in his analysis. Thus, I would say it isnt running the football that is wrong….but how & when & what situation & formation we do it out of. Why should we EVER invite teams to put 8 in the box against us in an “obvious run/burn clock situation?” And THAT right there is what is wrong….there is no “obvious run/burn clock situation” with Brady & Belichik….they refuse to be defined & influenced by the situation and refuse to surrender the initiative. Which in turn has always allowed them to run the ball consistently & effectively regardless of who was carrying it. Danny Woodhead? Would he even make our team? Yet he gets it done for them because the Def still sees Brady as a threat.

      We have the same potential if not more. Except the other team HAS TO believe we are committed to scoring…..and NOT paying homage to the scoreboard letting it dictate either the run or pass game. McCarthy has been too black & white and predictable in his tactical approach to the game. He needs to be a solid shade of Gray because the League has adjusted to us….they’ve figured us out. Last nite was a preview of what we can be if we change our tactical approach to the game. I hope it sticks.

      1. #GetItRightRoger October 16, 2012

        I’m gonna have to agree with ya all here.

  5. iltarion October 15, 2012

    PackAttack, you merely make the same points that I have made when commenting on a number of Monty’s “Packers need to run the ball” stories.

    If the Pack loses to the Rams, they are the Dallas Cowboys in so much as they are great one week and then crap the next.

  6. rebelgb October 15, 2012

    Cobb, another great TT pick. Oh wait Green, another great TT pick. Im not a TT fanboy but I am a realist. Where are all the anti TT guys now?

    Green is good. Really I think he’s good enough that our front office is wondering why the hell they spent any money on Benson.

    1. TyKoSteamboat October 15, 2012

      That is kinda an unfair statement. Green is coming off of major knee surgery & the Benson marriage was just a 1 yr. contract.
      Cedric Benson is a 1,000 yd. rusher the last 3 seasons & the Packers’ off. line is C average at best.
      Depth at the RB position in the NFL is crucial. The days of Emmitt Smith & Barry Sanders are over.
      Every team in the NFL is a ‘running-back by commitee’
      & also, Benson will be back for the last 3 reg. season games & if we’re lucky/better the playoffs.

  7. Doug October 16, 2012


    Cobb, another great TT pick. Oh wait Green, another great TT pick. Im not a TT fanboy but I am a realist. Where are all the anti TT guys now?
    Green is good. Really I think he’s good enough that our front office is wondering why the hell they spent any money on Benson.

    Well, it’s not like they’re paying Benson all that much. He’s the 22nd highest paid player on the team at $825,000. If nothing else he was providing depth for a position without a go to guy. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/team/green-bay-packers/salary/67046?q=green-bay-packers

    I agree with what others have said regarding the run. The offense is running the ball more, but that is also theoretically leading to longer possessions which means our D is not where they tend to hurt us the most (on the field). If we don’t get fucked in Seattle and play even below average in the second half in Indy, we’d all be doing backflips over this team.

  8. Pack Lethal October 16, 2012

    Growing up a Vikings fan I remember promise just to have my hopes n dreams crushed. It’s why I switched to the Packers cause they could win and were fun to watch. Now it feels like all the disappointments flooding back in. I hope this is the start of a turnaround.

  9. Alex S October 16, 2012

    Since 2008, the Packers are 2-8 when they throw 70% or more in a game. Less than 70%? 30-3! This is an amazing stat that McCarthy cannot overlook. The Pack must continue to have an effective running game – and establish it early – if they want to be considered Super Bowl contenders.

    I disagree with some saying we need to be in shotgun every play. Rodgers needs to be under center sometimes to keep defenses honest. For example, Crabtree’s TD on 3rd & 1 would not have been there had it been shotgun formation… Texans would have less likely assumed a run.

    Go Pack Go!!

  10. DevilDon October 17, 2012

    Pack Lethal:

    Growing up a Vikings fan I remember promise just to have my hopes n dreams crushed. It’s why I switched to the Packers cause they could win and were fun to watch. Now it feels like all the disappointments flooding back in. I hope this is the start of a turnaround.

    So go back to the fucking Vikings you twat!
    Absolutely nobody likes a fair weather fan. You don’t like the heat? Get the hell out aight?