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Aaron Rodgers is Your Player of the Week

Aaron Rodgers vs. New Orleans

Actually, he’s not your player of the week, but Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the NFC offensive player of the week for his performance against New Orleans.

Had Garrett Hartley made that last field goal attempt and the Saints had won that game, we bet New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees — who threw for way more yards — would be collecting this award. Hartley did not and Brees is not.

On another note, maybe the NFL gave Rodgers the award so he’ll shut up about their shitty refs. “Here’s a fucking trophy. Now shut the hell up about the refs!”

Yeah, so, for whatever reason, Rodgers got the award for going 31-of-41 for 319 yards, four touchdowns and an interception. By comparison, Brees was 35-of-54 for 446, three and zero.

Of course, his crappy team didn’t win the game.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Pack Lethal October 3, 2012

    That was kind of cryptic Monty. Everything ok bud?

  2. Cry Me A River October 3, 2012

    Pack Lethal,
    I like that! I knew you were still reading my posts! Your statement of “I didn’t even read the last 5 cry me a river’s posts” was a feeble, classic defense mechanism of denial (you being outwitted, outmatched & outgunned does suck, best just to pretend it didn’t happen). Now your using baseless accusatory grandstanding upon a podium, & doing so with all the fervor & pious ramblings of a Southern Baptist minister (& we know how far out of touch with reality they are). I do know you! Your intelligence & ability to read people is questionable. Your an Ostrich, who prefers to bury his head in the sand & deny reality that doesn’t go your way (or is that a petulant child? I forget!). Scratch the child, It’s gotta be an Ostrich with a fat body & a skinny head! And, you live in Minnesota. Vikings loyalty? Yea, maybe! It would explain your hatred or, in this case, self-hatred! Oh wait, scratch that as well cause you wear a wedge of cheese on your head, don’t you? Actually, given your history of denial, the cheese wedge make perfect sense; what better way to repress your Viking loyalty & low self-esteem than proudly conforming to the customs & norms of the big boys (Packers) on the block (NFC North)!

  3. Pack Lethal October 3, 2012

    Really?! You reposted it! Creepy bastard.

  4. Cry Me A River October 3, 2012

    Minnesota Boy (aka Pack Lethal),
    Your avoidance is acquiescence & I duly accept your defeat! You may keep your sword but be careful, it’s sharp & your liable to cut yourself!

  5. Pack Lethal October 3, 2012

    Sword? My primary weapon is an M16A2, my secondary is the M9 and I don’t miss. You might want to rethink internet stalking, “Creepy The Creeper”

  6. Ryan EC October 3, 2012

    I must’ve missed something? What’s up with these comments?

  7. Pack Lethal October 3, 2012

    This cry me a river dude wants to debate me and I want him to fuck off.

  8. Cry Me A River October 3, 2012

    M16A2?? A weapon that garnered many complaints (starting with inception & introduction to Vietnam thru the Gulf War, Somalia & carrying over to Afghanistan) for it’s low first-shot kill rate & wide, variable performance. Your continued blind devotion to mediocrity cost you this battle of wits (all your battles I speculate). Do we need to mention the baby brother of automatic handguns (9MM Parabellum)? I’ll bet you practically came in your pants at the mere mention of these weapons & your dick probably even grew to a couple of inches! General Pack Lethal, a northern gentleman & a fine Minnesotan who was whooped in the field. I still accept your defeat, you can still keep your sword & use your varmint gun (M16A2) for squirrels & such!

  9. Cry Me A River October 3, 2012

    Tell the truth Pack Lethal! Don’t downplay it! You drew first blood, were subsequently outwitted into silence (repeatedly) & now your making a feeble attempt (when I make mention of your loud silence) at turning the tide of battle! I requested a truce, you turned it down & put forth half-assed wit (again)! I wanna talk football!

  10. Cry Me A River October 3, 2012

    Oh, did you call me “Creepy the creeper?” The rest of America generally drops 4th grade name-calling in the fourth grade!

  11. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    Does anyone want to debate me? It’s quiet here in my Mom’s house. I wish I had friends. Nobody likes a hapless nerd like me. Sigh…

    1. DevilDon October 4, 2012

      So you admit you came here to debate? This is a football site not a debate forum Cry. I’m sure there are hundreds of sites you might like to visit.
      As to the M16A2 it came into being long after Vietnam. The M16A1 is the rifle you’re referring to.
      As for it’s lethality I think you should contact every armed service in the US and suggest to them the real standard issue service rifle.
      The 5.56 round is unquestioned as a killer. It’s questioned as a LONG RANGE killer as it’s light projectile doesn’t carry enough accuracy or kinetic energy to the target.
      Know your shit if you’re going to debate okay?

  12. Buddy October 4, 2012

    Insulting our military members is busch league Cry. Have some class and respect for our military men and women. I’ve been in the service for 15 years and have shot expert with the A2 while wearing my gas mask. It is very effective for the purpose of the weapon.

  13. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    Actually the M16 was introduced to the Vietnam Theater & the M16 A1 variant came a few years later in response to inherent problems. As for insulting military personell, never!!! I, too, have served & come from a long line of military members. My grandfather is a Medal of Honor recipient & has his own display in the Natl. Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia. Insult military members, never! Insult the weapon’s light round that the US military has tried to phase out for years, yes! As for the debate, Pack Lethal I’m surmising that is you posting with my name & I accept that.MIT won’t be the first, nor the last, time you resort to childish, underhanded methods! I insult you because I wanted to talk football (& it wasn’t even you I was speaking with but Richard), particularly the Seahawks debacle, & you chose to insult instead, so I gave as good, or better than I got!

  14. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    And Pack Lethal,
    I only surmise that it is you posting with my name! If I am right, I meant what I said (in the above)! If I am wrong, I do sincerely apologize!

  15. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    Does anyone want to debate me. I’m sitting here friendless and my mom is gone for the evening.

  16. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    My Xbox is broke and my mom won’t buy me a new one. Anyone want to debate me?

  17. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    My mom is on her way home and she is bringing me a big mac and french fries. Does anyone want to debate me until she gets home?

  18. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

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  19. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    ive eaten my big mac and fries im fat and full and ready to debate cause im a lonesome nerd

  20. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    sigh…. guys please talk to me just cause im hapless doesnt mean I cant debate

  21. Cry Me A River October 4, 2012

    crys my name debate is my game cause im a fat lazy basterd whos home alone ready to debate