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Remember when Denny Green said that line? They are who we thought they are! Well, the Green Bay Packers are not who we thought they were, at least through one game.

The Packers more or less sucked it up on both sides of the ball in a 30-22 loss to the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field. The Packers defense couldn’t stop the 49ers’ running game, or their passing game when it counted, and the Packers offense was lackluster versus the 49ers’ stout defense.

Niners running back Frank Gore ran for 112 yards and a TD, mostly because the Packers D let him bounce off defenders most of the game like a pinball. Safety Morgan Burnett is the guy who should be specifically singled out here — he was touted as a potential Pro Bowl player in the preseason by the coaching staff. They overlooked one important factor — he’s too stupid to try to wrap someone up when he’s making a tackle. He’d rather just run into the guy and leave the rest to chance.

With that being said, did anyone notice Jarrett Bush?

We did, unfortunately.

Bush got the PT at cornerback opposite Tramon Williams. We’ve been critical of Bush in the past, but he’s earned his stripes.

That is… until we noticed him Sunday afternoon.

Bush was the victim on several 49ers’ first-down completions during the game.

Did he play terribly?


But he was exposed, mostly because…

No one outside of Clay Matthews can rush the quarterback.

Matthews had 2.5 sacks during the game. Are you aware of how he got those sacks?

Pure effort.

It wasn’t because there was a stout pass rush coming from the other side. In fact, Nick Perry — the Packers first-round draft choice — didn’t do anything of note, other than get abused in the passing game.

It will be interesting if Erik Walden, one of the Packers’ best pass rushers in the preseason, gets the start in place of Perry next week when he returns from his one-game suspension.

Perry wasn’t alone.

Jerel Worthy, B.J. Raji, C.J. Wilson… anyone else on the Packers defense? They couldn’t get to Alex Smith either.

Everyone says Dom Capers is a great defensive coordinator. We like to believe that, but it might be tough to run a defense when you only have two good players…

Does anyone recall anyone on the Packers defense other than Charles Woodson or Matthews making plays consistently?

Speaking of, how about the offense?

Aaron Rodgers was obviously still in preseason mode and we’d like to think the coaching staff was too. No one expected the Packers to run the ball very much, but, hey, let’s throw deep as much as possible!

Was that really the game plan? Throw deep on the 49ers?

The middle was open all day. When he wasn’t working perfectly as a decoy, Randall Cobb was making plays all day. Yet, Rodgers consistently thew deep into coverage. It was like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole, but the Packers kept going after it.



There doesn’t really seem to be any other explanation.

The bottom line is this.

The Packers offense didn’t even come close to its top-tier billing. The Packers defense was pretty much what it was last season. The only highlight was Randall Cobb.

Add it up and the Packers lost to a better-prepared, better-executing team on Sunday, in the form of the San Francisco 49ers.

As of right now, the NFC Championship game goes through Candlestick.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. DD September 9, 2012

    The “dynasty” continues!

  2. sup September 9, 2012

    remember when we used to jam receivers off the line? seems like ages.

    the run game is worthless. pass to set up the run. always this.

    way too many 3rd and longs in the 1st half.

    capers time is just about up.

    Burnett stunk up the joint.

  3. RodgerDat September 9, 2012

    Why dont you talk about all the fuck ups by the refs. Sure, we got gifted that punt return td, but aside from that, they basically handed the 49ers the game. Countless pass interference calls on the niners uncalled, holding on the niners o line, i could go on and on. It was disgusting.

  4. Travis Jervey September 9, 2012

    The Packers are just BOYZ compared 2 the MEN on the 49ers.

    1. PackerBoB September 10, 2012

      Har har har.

  5. Phillthy September 9, 2012

    Honestly I have to beg the differ to this article. We have the talent, we have the players, we have the leadership on both sides of the ball, what I didn’t see was a fucking gameplan to put us back into contention besides one or two drives, and that was because we threw down the field so godamn often nobody expected slants and screens to Jones and Cobb!

    DOES ANYONE REMEMBER HOW WE GOT TO THE SUPER BOWL MINUS AN OFFENSIVE LINE? Slant routes, screen passes, dinking and dunking to set up the patented play action pass. Now every other fucking play is a play action pass or seem down the middle to Finley.

    As for Capers, it was fun when disguises and stunts masked the defense, now we don’t have capability to do such a thing because once we get exploited to one fucking thing (Seems down the middle, running attack, and curl routes v the 49ers) we know nothing of how to stop it.

    Sorry to rant, but my two drunken ass cents.

  6. Travis Jervey September 9, 2012

    What concerns me is that we lost 3 of the last 5 games we have played. Two plays on offense stick out to me: the incomplete bomb to Nelson in double coverage on 3rd and 1, and Finleys drop on 3rd down after over celebrating every time he caught the ball.

  7. Andy September 9, 2012

    My issue was the pass D, amongst other things. They just couldn’t get the 49ers off the field untill the 4th quarter, and they’re consistently blowing coverages. There was a big 3rd down and Davis (i.e. their best receiver) is completely un-covered in the middle of the field. How does that happen so often? It was apparent early that nothing had changed on last year. If this D doesnt get turnovers they are completely ineffective.

  8. Pack Attack September 9, 2012

    Let’s just say it how it is.

    This is the same defense from a year ago, when Green Bay’s offense is anemic (like it was vs KC and NY in 2011) the opposition can run the clock down and grind this pathetic Packers D into submission fairly easy.

    Jarret Bush? Why is he starting? Someone please give me some explanation as to why this guy is playing man to man coverage when he’s clearly a zone defender. There’s a reason why he wasn’t anything better than a Nickle or Dime package player the last three years, he sucks!

    That front four certainly isn’t improved and if GB wants to get any better you might as well call up Anthony Hargrove and get him back this week cause your not getting through that Chicago Bear O-line when you can’t crack San Fran’s.

    Jermichael Finley continues to prove his worthlessness. AND WHY DID WE KEEP DRIVER!!! How many plays was he on the field for? Is it relevant to keep him — probably not but over Gurley or Borel? Waste!

    FT — fucking terrible!

  9. nurseratchett September 10, 2012

    Unfortunately, they are exactly who I was afraid they were. Porous O-line & pitiful defense were my pre-season concerns.

    At least Clay Matthews is back on the right side. Capers corrected one mistake from last season.

    I’m terrified that the Bears defense will rip Rodgers apart…& in case you didn’t notice, Cutler tore it up….we could be 0-2 by the end of the week….

    1. Vijay September 10, 2012

      I agree and I’m tired of the ‘excuses’ the so called die hards give them. Do the Giants or 49ers make excuses? No, they just draft better than we do. Yes, we have the best QB…but its a team sport and you don’t win multiple titles without championship level play in all 3 phases. Ted & Co rank about #4-5 in the personnel dept. in the league in my book and that’s where they’ll stay. Hey, at least that’s top 5, unlike their defense (predicting 16-20).

  10. Madcity Packer Fan September 10, 2012

    Nurseratchett every time you post I question your status as a Packer fan…freakin tourist! The Packers will be fine!! God! We need to make a lot of adjustments but we will put together a good season. We do have 15 more games right?! Bunch of winey bastards.

    1. nurseratchett September 12, 2012

      Technically, I would be a WHINEY bitch, not winey bastard.

      EVERYTIME I post you doubt my status as a fan? You haven’t read very many of my posts. Go back a couple of years & read my all I want for Christmas rant which won ME some SWAG!

      Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, or in this case, fan loyalty. I bitch because I love, just like most of the people who show up here do, including Monty.

      As a fan, although impossible, I want the Pack to win EVERY game; to look prepared & awesome against EVERY TEAM. When we don’t, I complain about it, re-watch the game, and backseat coach from my couch (or computer).

      I am the WORST kind of hardcore fan….the obnoxious stats girl who drives the Bears/Titans/Rams fans I’m surrounded by in Southern Illinois CRAZY when they try to talk shit about my Packers.

      Call me anything you like, sir, but do NOT call me a tourist when referring to my status as a GREEN BAY PACKER FAN.

      GO PACK GO!

  11. Matt September 10, 2012

    cutler tore it up against a IND team…do not forget that the other 3 North teams played easy / crap teams yesterday while the Pack played a good Niners team with a good D line…also im sure there run game will be better against the Bears and so will the rest of the team…

  12. Ryan EC September 10, 2012

    This is hard to say, but I saw a lot of good tackles and outstanding play by Hawk.

    1. Ivomitonvikingfans September 10, 2012

      Watch him on Frank Gore’s touchdown run.

  13. Ivomitonvikingfans September 10, 2012

    Either their entire secondary is stupid as hell or Capers’ playbook reads like an MIT chalkboard. Going on second season of these guys letting receivers run free and then looking at each other to see who f’ed up. Offense looked pretty awful too. I know SF brings it but c’mon at least pretend to have a running back. Fuck. Time to take it out on the Bears.

  14. Vijay September 10, 2012

    Here we go, some people ‘talking’ aww it’s the refs fault. NO, they got manhandled and they got manhandled for ONE reason and ONE reason alone. They do not have the personnel to fit what they are trying to do on defense and it’s a toss up if the ‘guys’ the drafted will ever amount to what we all hope they will. I for one am OK with this loss, in fact I predicted they’d got 2-2 to open the season. It’s early, let’s hope Ted & CO know who they selected in that defense loaded draft of theirs. Oh yeah Cedric Benson over Ryan Grant? Hahaha.

    Now let’s erase that from the memory banks and even things up with a win against da Bears!

  15. Mike R September 10, 2012

    I too am pissed about the loss, but everyone take it easy. Did you really expect that adding a bunch of draft picks was going to fix their defensive problems over night? Give the rookies a little time. Maybe by the end of the year a couple of them will start making more contributions, which could make a world of difference. Our offense will figure it out. Rodgers is still the best QB in the league and he will prove it on Thursday against the Bears. Once loss, one bad game. There is not a team in the NFL that does not have holes in their game. We have the talent to make make a run in the playoffs, and I think we will. If anyone expected a 15-1 season this year you are kidding yourself. 10-6 gets in you in the playoffs, which is probably where the Packers will end up.

  16. PackerBoB September 10, 2012

    Alright, now I know everyone’s shit is all E-MO-TION-AL right now. But it’s one game, people. Right now every team in the NFL is either 1-0 or 0-1. Let’s see what the Pack can do against Da Bears on Thursday night before we hit the panic button.

  17. PackerLeap September 10, 2012

    The game was a look into the future. The defense simply flounders. There doesn’t seem to be any system to the DB’s, they drop coverage expecting the safeties to pick but they aren’t there. The D should be a 4-3 to achieve a better rush to help out the hapless backs. They could also slow the run with a 4-3. The linebackers were good yesterday but they are expected to act like linemen but don’t have the size. Capers never varies wether it works or not. The offense will come around.

  18. TyKoSteamboat September 10, 2012

    The greatest disappointment is we just got our asses completely kicked.
    Defense, offense…But especially coaching.
    (And i rarely feel that way about this regeme)
    They were better prepared.
    They called a better game.
    They controlled the clock & dictated the tempo.
    We’re 0-1 and it was a home game.
    We better get our sh*t together or the Bears are gonna bring-it on Thursday.

  19. Packerfan2008 September 10, 2012

    Shut the fuck up all of you. It’s the first game against one of the best teams in the league. Pack has a very young team that needs to develop. Winning is nice but sometimes losing makes you better and hopefully if it doesn’t workout this year they can make a good run next year. And yes, those refs totally blew in that game. but the packers sucked and would of lost anyway.

  20. Pack Lethal September 10, 2012

    If Rodgers doesn’t throw that pick we would have won. Oh well, that loss is just another reason to beat the shit out of the Bears. Go Pack!

  21. iltarion September 10, 2012

    Props to everyone who posted after VJ. You pretty much said it all.

    Its fine that the 49ers are a better team than the Packers right now. It is Week 1. The Packers know this better than anyone after being the best team for 13 weeks last season.

    We hope the title game goes through Candlestick. Better there than Lambeau Field in late January.

    This site sounds more and more like TotalDipshits.com. I came here instead of GBpressgazette.com to get away from the moronic crybabies who pretend to be “realists” while seemingly forgetting the REALITY that this team has won 21 of its last 24 games including a Super Bowl.

    Go do your bitching to fans of a real loser like the Vikes, Jaguars or Rams. Maybe they’ll let you know how good you got it. Maybe you’ll get a clue… maybe.

  22. PackerLeap September 11, 2012

    Itarion you seem to have missed the point of this blog. We can all express our opinions, whether you like it or not. If you don’t like what you see here you are welcome to go elsewhere. You can disagree with an opinion but to criticize someone for having that opinion is simply ludicrous.

  23. Andy September 12, 2012

    On the plus side, at least the slap in the face came early this year so there’s time to turn it around.

    Additionally why have a running back when you can put cobb in the backfield, he got a favourable match up each time and could take 6-7 yards for each catch, i thought it made SF ease off on the blitz to cover him.

  24. mxz600 September 13, 2012

    Iltarian……Still living in fantasyland, not able to come to terms with the reality of Green bay Packers weak area’s…Hows that 0 line Iltarian?….Still fine?…Hows the running game Iltarian..Still fine?……How’s the secondary Iltarian…Still fine?……….One thing the Packers did ok with last year, was the run defense was ok….but 186 yards?…Are you kidding me?