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The NFL released their statement on the final call of the Green Bay Packers “loss” to the Seattle Seahawks.

Predictably, these shitfucks stood behind their pretend officials. They did, however, acknowledge the blatant offensive pass interference call on Golden Tate that wasn’t called prior to the fuckjob of a call that handed Seattle the win, even though M.D. Jennings clearly made an interception.

Here are the important parts.

While the ball is in the air, Tate can be seen shoving Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields to the ground. This should have been a penalty for offensive pass interference, which would have ended the game. It was not called and is not reviewable in instant replay.

When the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both Tate and Jennings had possession of the ball. Under the rule for simultaneous catch, the ball belongs to Tate, the offensive player. The result of the play was a touchdown.

Replay Official Howard Slavin stopped the game for an instant replay review. The aspects of the play that were reviewable included if the ball hit the ground and who had possession of the ball. In the end zone, a ruling of a simultaneous catch is reviewable. That is not the case in the field of play, only in the end zone.

Referee Wayne Elliott determined that no indisputable visual evidence existed to overturn the call on the field, and as a result, the on-field ruling of touchdown stood. The NFL Officiating Department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on-field ruling following the instant replay review.

Yeah, the only problem with that explanation is there wasn’t simultaneous possession. Not even close.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. calipackfan September 25, 2012

    Why did this have to happen to us

  2. Donny H. September 25, 2012

    Why couldn’t they just rule the pass to be incomplete after reviewing since Jennings didn’t have both feet in?

    In the event of dual possession in the end zone, the pass can only be ruled complete or incomplete when reviewed. There is no scenario in which the replay would allow the original call to be ruled an interception.

    The Seattle receiver was nowhere near having control so why didn’t they just say incomplete after reviewing?

  3. Donny H. September 25, 2012

    NFL: “There. Now quit wasting my time. Get the fuck out of my office.”

    Fans: “That’s it? Really?

    NFL: “No, actually. There’s one more thing. Say it.”

    Fans: “Say what?”

    NFL: “You know. Say it.”

    Fans: [shoulders drop, sighs] “See you Thursday.”

    NFL: “Louder, boy.”

    Fans: “SEE YOU THURSDAY.” [single tear runs down cheek]

    NFL: “That’s right, and don’t forget to buy to buy another team jersey-that one looks like it’s more than a month old.” [cackles, re-adjusts hemorrhoid doughnut filled with $100 bills]

    1. Donny H. September 25, 2012

      And This:

      While the NFL did acknowledge the missed offensive pass interference call, the statement makes no mention of how Golden Tate inadvertantly struck Referee #26 with a metal folding chair that was meant for M.D. Jennings, rendering #26 unconscious until the exact second both players hit the ground holding on to the ball.

      1. SHODAN September 25, 2012

        Give credit where it’s due: both of these were posted by readers of Deadspin.com.


  4. Andy September 25, 2012

    The whole incident is clown shoes, the way both officials look at each before the call “Yep you know what it is” and they make separate calls. Also neither official was near the play when it happened, you figure that the big group of players if where the action will be.

    The upside is it glosses over the fact that our offence is looking pretty average right now. Not quite jets bad but still

  5. doug September 25, 2012

    the NFL does not care about you, the fan. Their wallets getting fatter is their only concern. They want your money and not your opinion. Hey, I plan on watching all the Packers games. I’m out of town and I paid for my Sunday Ticket, and I love the Pack. But I won’t be watching any Thursday or Monday “amatuer night” games. The flow of the game is so affected by the sub par officiating that it ruins the entertainment value. I’ll watch college instead. At least the refs know what their doing.

  6. Jordan September 25, 2012

    Can someone explain to me how in the hell that was a simultaneous catch? No, no one can, because it just freaking wasn’t. The result of that play (aside from the friggin offensive PI) was an interception. That was the biggest load of bullcrap I’ve ever seen. Packers 12-Referees 14

  7. Nick September 25, 2012

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  8. Abe Frohman September 25, 2012

    Had a very bad feeling something like this was going to happen. Everyone wants to make a big deal out of the horse shit call and well they should, but for me it started much earlier.

    The roughing call on Walden was crap. He was already in the air falling forward before Wilson released the ball. The pick by McMillian was good. That’s at least 3 points.

    The PI call on Shields was crap. That was offensive PI all the way. Right there, those two calls are 47 yards.

    Finally, on the packers last posession, did anyone else notice Masthay on his back? Since there is no longer a “running into the kicker”, that’s roughing. 15 yards and an automatic first down giving us enough time to run out the clock.

    WTF happened to Bulaga. Was he having his period?

  9. brad September 25, 2012

    Even if they couldn’t (supposedly) review the final play for posession, they certainly could have reviewed it for an incomplete pass, which it also was.

  10. Lynn fuckin' Dickey September 25, 2012

    Nothing “happened” to Bulaga. Defenses have figured out that w/ scab refs they can do whatever they want. Illegal hands to the face, cheap shots, whatever. Offensive lines are starting to do the same; there was a ton of holding on Matthews (and in all fairness the Packers O line held a TON in the 2nd half)

    Doesn’t anyone else find it curious how so many shitty defenses from last year have turned completely around? We’re not watching the same game; scab-ball is street ball, it’s blood sport, and the game in the trenches is getting ugly and sloppy. Witness all the “chippiness.” The scabs can’t keep order, the players know this, and they are taking advantage.

    Such an awful game. I’ll accept the loss, but put an asterisk on it. Or on the whole season.

  11. Pack Lethal September 25, 2012

    Nobody did shit in the first half, Green Bay dominated the 2nd half. The Pack had the Seahawks beat, the Zebras had the Pack beat.

  12. Cheese September 25, 2012

  13. Cry me a river September 26, 2012

    I here all these arguments of Packer injustice yet no mention of the multitude of Packer transgressions. Packers one TD drive can only be realized with a plethora of no & phantom calls & players on both teams (actually all teams for true football fans) pushed the penalty envelope! Sorry to the Packer Fans, they lost that one handily!