Greg Jennings Will Not Be Getting A New Contract Soon


Greg Jennings Lambeau Leap

One business-related nugget to pass on before we continue making fun of Chicago Bears fans. Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings, who will be a free agent after the season, will not be getting a new contract anytime soon.

Jennings suspended negotiations with the Packers when the season started because he wants to focus solely on football.

Although Jennings, who suffered a groin injury against San Francisco, says he wants to remain with the Packers, it’s not quite that simple for reasons we’ve detailed before.

In addition, the fact that he suspended negotiations tells us the two sides weren’t even close on a new deal. There seems to be a real possibility Jennings won’t return next season.

If he hits the open market, he’ll probably get more money than the Packers can afford to pay when you consider the extensions they’ve handed out recently and the guys they still have to pay.

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12 Comments on "Greg Jennings Will Not Be Getting A New Contract Soon"

  1. Adam

    Trying not to be a pessimist, but I don’t see him back next year because I don’t see how the Packers can pay him. Especially with A-Rod and Clay coming up. It’s harder to find a impactful LB than a WR.

  2. Richard

    Who needs Jennings when the Packers can pay Jermichael Finley to drop half the passes that hit him in the hands. Besides, he’s already hurt anyways and he’ll probably never get back in sync with Rodgers this year either. It’ll be like the Giants game never ended.

  3. iltarion

    The Packers can afford him easy. You let Finley go. Give Jennings the $6 million ticketed for Finley plus the $5 mil you are already paying him, and there you go.

    Of course, Jennings has to stay healthy or forget it. He has had his issues lately.

    • PackerBob

      If Finely can’t figure out how to catch a pass on critical plays this season then I would agree.

  4. Pack Lethal

    Did Richard open his piss flaps again? I thought I smelled ball sweat. He’s trying to pretend to be ” the pessamistic Packer fan” the only problem with that is he’s never said a good word about the Packers. Does DD and Jeff Ircink also go by Richard? They’re all D bags and talk a ton of shit about the players. Hmmm…….

  5. Richard


    You’re welcome, Pack Lethal.

    I’m sorry that you have to smell ball sweat. That must be uncomfortable, but considering how much time you spend at rest stops, it’s not surprising and in your case, it’s probably something you enjoy.

  6. PackerBob

    Sadly, I think he’s gone at the end of the year. Plenty of WR depth, he’s looking like he might be a bit injury prone (this time it’s the groin), and he’s probably going to want top 5 WR money. He’s a solid top 10. But not a top 5.

  7. Ivomitonvikingfans

    Seattle a possibility? God knows they are desperate. He is too young and too good for the usual ex-Packer fetish of those horn-blowing Canadian fucks to the west. Somebody will end up paying way too much for him. Too bad. Hate to see him go.

  8. Pack Lethal

    Richard just admit it, you’re not a Packer fan. Stop pretending, you look desperate to be go against the grain. Do everyone a favor and jump in front of a semi.

  9. Andy

    it would be a shame not to sign him to a deal. He still has a lot left in the tank, Althogh i have faith in Jordy and Cobb I dont see the other guys being able to measure up to this guys production. Jones lacks effort at times, and the human drop machine will never be as effective as his self hype claims.

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