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Finley’s Agent Criticizing Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Normally, it’s Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley who’s saying something stupid. His agent apparently needs some attention too.

Blake Baratz, who represents Finley, said Aaron Rodgers isn’t a leader on Twitter.

ARod is a great QB he isn’t a great leader. There’s a major difference. Leaders take the blame & make every1 better. He doesn’t.

He went on to add this.

my opinion has nothing 2 do w Jermichael. I simply stated that there’s a major diff b/t Manning/Brees/Brady & Arod as leaders

So, one, we know (or at least think) Baratz isn’t saying this because Finley told him Rodgers isn’t a leader. Two, how the hell does an agent know how guys lead their teams on the football field? Is he out there?


Is his opinion valid?


At least he managed to stir up a shitstorm, though. We’re sure this will work out real nicely for Finley. We have to wonder what section in the agent’s handbook this falls under. Being a douchebag?

Smooth move criticizing the guy who has to get your client the ball.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Dave September 18, 2012

    bye bye Jermichael

    1. Sam September 21, 2012

      Get rid of Finlay. He’s a cancer.

  2. Matt September 18, 2012

    this guy is slowly becoming a cancer to this team with his mouth when he speaks, his dumb tweets and his play on the field…Ted shouldve let him go!!!

    1. SHODAN September 18, 2012

      Um… you realize that Jermichael’s AGENT — and not Jermichael himself — sent out those tweets, right?

      1. Matt September 19, 2012

        yes i do realize it was agent…but im sure JFin got into his head…its obvious…

      2. nurseratchett September 19, 2012

        and, I don’t call fin tweetiebird for nothing…see last 2 seasons….

  3. AZ Pack September 18, 2012

    It’s time for DJ Williams to get the starting nod. The guy had a great camp and can catch the damn ball. So sick of Jermichael’s pre-madona attitude. He has all the athletic attributes to be an exceptional player, however he talks more crap than anyone in the NFL. Get with it and start playing… Be humble and great things will happen.

  4. Jonathan September 18, 2012

    Jesus fucking Christ. I’m so sick of hearing about Finley. I watched him tweet about 8 times that his life wasn’t about football (uh it pays your bills dipshit so yes it is) and that he was going to be where he needed to be soon. What the fuck happened in training camp? Isn’t that where you’re supposed to get ready? Someone needs to take his phone away from him because I’m tired of hearing him run his mouth and not producing on the field. He’s the only receiver on our team that does it. I wish he was out of green bay.

  5. Chris September 18, 2012

    This is unreal. Aaron is the best qb in the league. Finley is nothing but overrated. He does nothing but bring this team down. He drops five consecutive passes then catches one for a first down and celebrates. Finley’s agent has to shut his mouth, Finley has to shut his mouth. I’ve been begging for this guy to get out since he got to GB.

  6. therealChuckywasCecil September 18, 2012

    Words do not come easily to describe the stupidity here. An agents job is to do right by his client. Jermichael should explain this to him. Oh? what’s that? he’s busy? tweeting?

    Fucking awesome.

    1. Kozak September 18, 2012

      Agents are scum sucking parasites who make personal injury lawyers look like saints.

  7. jaybird September 18, 2012

    Soo now Rodgers has to Throw and Catch the ball now??? GROW THE FUCK UP FINLEY!!

  8. E. Wolf September 18, 2012

    If Finley does not fire the agent, he should be gone–today. Or traded. I have feared this guy would be of the Terrell Owens, Randy Moss ilk. Locker room cancer.

  9. Richard September 18, 2012

    I’m shocked that Finley’s agent isn’t Drew Rosenhaus. That pairing would actually make perfect sense.

  10. Dave September 18, 2012

    no shit, guys like Jordy didn’t have the drops until after watching Finley do it for so long, the drops disease is spreading, and it’s time to kill it at the roots. Trade that sob

  11. the real russ letlow September 18, 2012

    I agree with E. Wolf! Finley has to fire his douche bag agent right now, or it would appear that he is in total agreement with him. or maybe feeding the agent info. What a dickbag! I don’t see where this helps Jerkmichael at all, and isn’ that the agent’s job – to help his client?

    1. E. Wolf September 18, 2012

      Thanks man. I feel a lot of solidarity on here whereas on another site I have proven to be a polarizing figure even among Packer fans. I feel like I am among brothers on here, even though some on here can be vulgarians.

  12. frozenfan84 September 18, 2012

    D.J. Williams will be the starter at tight end before too long!

  13. Ketchup September 18, 2012


  14. Pack Lethal September 18, 2012

    Fuck, I’d rather see Tom Crabtree out there than Finley. We win a Super Bowl without Finley, what does that say?

  15. Jerry R. September 18, 2012

    There was a very good reason Jermichael and the Packers agreed to a two year contract term. Fortunately for the Packers! I suspect that this will be the last contract between the them unless Jermichael Finlay drops his/agents expectations.

  16. rip-ty September 18, 2012

    First off, fuck jermichael and the agent he claims…
    Throw in DJ Williams or Tom Crabtree, at least his twitter account is hilarious and not detrimental to the team like dropmichael finley. If finley could catch the ball with his mouth, he’d be the best TE in the league.

  17. Kozak September 18, 2012

    Finley, STFU, catch the fucking ball and hod onto it when you do. got it?

  18. sup September 18, 2012

    nothing surprises me with Finley anymore. dumbass doesn’t know how good he’s got it.

  19. PackerBob September 18, 2012

    Advice to Finley. Find a new agent or find a new team.

  20. Packer_Cricket September 18, 2012

    We won the Superbowl without this tool. Get rid of him, NOW!!!!

  21. wisconsinfan September 18, 2012

    We won the super bowl without him

  22. Ken Bacudis September 18, 2012

    Tro da bum out….

    He can’t catch a cold, let alone a pass……

    @Packer Bob….or Both!!

  23. Bryan September 18, 2012

    Plllllleeeease trade this piece of garbage and let him talk and not catch on a different team! Crabtree and Williams will be more than happy to take his position

  24. iltarion September 18, 2012

    This is amazing, even for an agent of Finley.

    What a d-bag. He is aware his client has a somewhat lucrative two year contract with the Packers, right?

    I guess he thinks Finley can make big bucks somewhere else.

    I’m guessing we are going to be finding out.

    NO ONE is above criticism. But saying A-Rodge doesn’t take blame or make others better is just simply WRONG.

    1. nurseratchett September 19, 2012

      Amen. Aaron takes the blame in press conferences almost everytime he screws up. “It was a bad throw” or “I missed the read. It was an early christmas present” are a couple of statements I remember….

      Please trade this asshat for some O-line depth, a back-up corner, or hell, use the money to pay some professional cheerleaders….that would do more for the team than JF.

  25. Snarff1 September 18, 2012

    Mcarthy should bench him, play D.J. and Crabby and let him think about it. the tweets, drops, and agent. get it together or GTF out.

  26. ay hombre September 19, 2012

    Although it would take a little work from research, I’m pretty sure that I led the charge for us to get rid of Finley a loooong loooong time ago.

    He’s stood out like a turd in a punchbowl since he arrived. He does not embody what the Packer organization and THIS team is all about. He has not improved. He has NOT shut his mouth. He’s never had a YOTTO and he likely never will.

    Let’s feed him the ball incessantly over the next few weeks, hope he hangs on to a few of them, registers some strong games, and then trade his ass for a player to be named later….or a used puck bag.

    If he doesn’t fire his agent, he’s gone before the trade deadline. Book it.

  27. Dave September 19, 2012

    This is how a receiver should act. Full article on packers.com here: http://blog.packers.com/2012/09/18/jones-not-upset-with-rodgers/

    Jones added that questioning Rodgers’ leadership abilities in the wake of the incident was “ridiculous.”

    “He’s a natural-born leader, not just by what he says but how he carries himself, how he plays the game, how he handles certain situations,” Jones said. “Everybody in this locker room looks up to him as a leader. Everybody in this locker room believes in him.”

  28. Richard September 19, 2012

    Maybe forcing a trade was the plan all along? Although with his contract it would’ve made sense to wait until next season to pull this shit.

  29. Au Green September 19, 2012

    I agree with Jerry R. That 2 year contract he signed will be it. After that, let the SOB walk.

    I like D.J. Williams and Crabtree to take the position.