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Paul Ryan Just Sold You Out, Packers Fan

Paul Ryan Terrible Towel

Republican vice presidential candidate, Congressman and Wisconsin boy Paul Ryan crapped all over his roots at a campaign stop in Carnegie, Pa. today.

A supposed die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, Ryan played to the crowd by waving a Terrible Towel when he went on stage. As any football fan knows, the Terrible Towel is what Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave around at their team’s games.

Anything for a vote, I guess. You won’t be getting mine though, sellout.

Paul Ryan Terrible Towel

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. brad August 21, 2012

    What a douch!

    1. ray August 22, 2012

      Not a real fan, has no concept of what he’s even doing. He could fire up people a lot of different ways, this is an asshat move.

  2. Mike August 21, 2012

    punk ass

  3. Tequila August 21, 2012

    Maybe he thought it was a legitimate tape towel?

    1. Kozak August 21, 2012

      Was it owned by a Kennedy?

  4. Kozak August 21, 2012

    Right no politician EVER did anything like saying something nice about the local team while campaigning. Grow up children. I’d love to see that asshole pseudo Bear fan back in Chicago when the Packers visit the Whitehouse in February.

    1. LittleMissPackerBacker August 27, 2012

      You took the words right out of my mouth…

    2. dumb conservatives November 5, 2012

      are you stupid? waving the terrible towel but your a green bay packer fan is the same as a politician saying something nice about a team? you conserves are stupid as shit.

  5. Killa August 21, 2012

    Jesus Christ, big fucking deal. When you see him wearing a Steelers jersey sitting on the 50yrd line at Hines field then get your panties in a bunch. Did he come up to the mic and say go Steelers? No. If anything I just see a politician trying to use sports to relate to voters in a sports town. This guy flys from Washington DC to Green Bay to catch games in the middle of winter. And sits outside. And its cold in case douches in california don’t know. So lets roll back the questioning of this Wisconsinites random.

    1. E. Wolf August 21, 2012


  6. Badgerinmaine August 21, 2012

    I’m a Democrat, and I will vote for Barack Obama, and I’ve been a Packers diehard since I was five (and that’s over 40 years ago now). But I think Killa is right. I have no problem at all with Paul Ryan waving the Terrible Towel. He’s campaigning before a crowd in Pittsburgh and he’s trying to fit in and be friendly to the audience. He’s not rooting against the Packers. You can respect or even like the Steelers and still be a perfectly good Packers fan so long as you rooted the right way when they met in the Super Bowl :-) . I’m a Wisconsin grad and root for the Badgers over any college team, but if I was running for VP and someone in Columbus wanted me to wear a Buckeyes shirt for the camera, I’d do it happily. I’d bet most people would. It’s just fitting in with local culture, and I think it’s not much of an issue.

    1. InTedITrust August 22, 2012

      I disagree. I wouldn’t even wipe my butt with a buckeyes t-shirt

  7. Mattchu August 21, 2012

    Guy was already a turd muffin…

  8. scott August 21, 2012

    Still better choice than a bear fan.

  9. David August 21, 2012

    I’m actually ALSO a Steelers fan (though I have no love for their QB). Have been since the 70’s and I’ve always hated the Cowboys.

    Now if he did that for some of the rat crap teams in the NFL… like the Lions, Cowboys or ______ (who am I looking for for my third here?). Then I might have some issue.

    1. E. Wolf August 21, 2012

      Who were you pulling for in XLV?

  10. iltarion August 21, 2012

    So you’ll vote for a Bear fan instead. Makes a lot of sense, Monty.

    The Terrible Towels are made in WISCONSIN, doorknobs. In fact, they are made in a factory near Janesville.

  11. sup August 21, 2012

    i reserve my right to not rock the vote.

  12. Kdog August 21, 2012

    No shit. Those “TOWELS ” are made in Wisconsin. So suck it bitches. He’s waving a Wisconsin made product and not some obumer supported Chinese made shit. Fuck the bears and everyone who roots for them including that sorry sack of shit obuma.

  13. Pack Lethal August 21, 2012

    Fuck the Bears, fuck the Steelers, and fuck politicians. Fuck them all!

  14. DevilDon August 21, 2012

    That’s it… vote for a fucking Bears fan because Ryan is a politician. Smart!

  15. Packerado August 21, 2012

    Idiot conservatives will rationalize anything. Ryan is just a tool that will do whatever to get elected.

    1. Abe Frohman August 22, 2012

      Ha Ha Ha…idiot conservatives? I think you liberals have the market cornered on that. “the economy is FINE.” “you didn’t build that” I’m gonna laugh about your comment all day.

      1. Android August 22, 2012

        And probably take it out of context, like you just did.

  16. bryandc August 22, 2012

    It’s even worse than this folks, I’ve heard that Paul Ryan is actually a Dallas Cowboys fan as he fell in line with his wife, Janna’s support for the Cowboys as she was born and raised in Oklahoma.

  17. joe August 22, 2012

    Now the lead story is a political hit; what a load of crap!
    Go Pack, Go Paul!

  18. Packerado August 22, 2012

    Liberals have the market cornered on idiot conservatives? What does that even mean? I don’t think years of Fox News has done your IQ any favors.

    1. Kozak August 22, 2012

      No liberals have the market cornered on being idiots.
      Look at that fucking genius “Slo Joe” Biden. Ryan is Einstein compared to that twat. And Zero cant open his mouth without a prompter without tripping on his dick.

  19. BubbaOne August 22, 2012

    At least he’s consistent, he sold this country out a long time ago.
    Hey tea partiers, I thought you don’t like career politicians. Ryan is the epitome of one. Look it up if you dare to face facts.

    1. Kozak August 22, 2012

      NO, the one who sold out his country is that coont Obama. Want some facts? Look up Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Reverend Wright and Frank Marshall Davis. Commies and traitors one and all and every one of them a big influence on the current turd in the Whitehouse. Dare you.

    2. iltarion August 22, 2012

      I’m not sure how fighting to avoid this country from going into austerity is selling it out.

      And Ryan is not a member of the Tea Party. Come correct.

  20. Ivomitonvikingfans August 22, 2012

    I can’t believe he did something so fucking heinous. Shitting on cop cars, pissing in banks, raping freak chicks, smashing Abercrombie & Fitch windows, while screaming that someone else should pay for your fucking art history degree, that’s some shit I can get behind. Oh well, time to go get my govt. check and buy some doritos and beer with my EBT card. Can’t wait to watch football on my 60″ LED while my jobless ass sits on the couch. You fuckers are paying for it because I deserve it. Thanks Obama.

    This ad was approved by the Someone Else Needs To Pay For My Shit PAC

  21. Pack Lethal August 22, 2012

    This is a Packer web site not a political view site. Shut the fuck up!

    1. Ivomitonvikingfans August 22, 2012

      Just responding to a political post by the administrator. Relax. We can shit talk about politics as well as sports. I am under no illusions that everyone will agree with me. If they did I would be Miller Beer distrubutor and Cigar salesman. I enjoy the back and forth. It makes the day interesting. I don’t hate people on the other end of the spectrum, I do enjoy sparring with them though.

  22. smite August 22, 2012

    I’m from Pittsburgh and now live in Wisconsin. I bleed black and gold. Anyone that votes against Ryan because he is waving a terrible towel is too stupid to vote in the first place. What a vapid reason to determine your political philosophy. If Ryan were from PA and was wearing a cheese wedge on his head I would vote for him in a second.

  23. Lynn fuckin' Dickey August 22, 2012

    Goes to show that you can’t trust any politician, left or right. Didn’t Mrs. Clinton bandwagon the Yankees when she was running for the New York senate seat?

    They are all scumbag opportunists; that’s why they get into politics in the first place, their egos are better suited to that than honest work in the private sector where things like morals, ethics, and loyalty actually mean something.

  24. Adrian August 22, 2012

    What a kiss ass.

  25. SoTxPhil August 22, 2012

    Just remember, in November, vote for anyone running against BHO/Slo-Joe. They have brought this country to it’s knees in 3 1/2 yrs, they must be defeated. Pelosi and Reid are just as bad.

  26. Todd August 22, 2012

    You can walk up and down the isles in congress and you wouldnt find a better man.

    After Pelosi ,Biden , Franks ect. I dont care what towels he has in his hand , .he has my vote.

    Take um over the whole bunch of your creeps.

    sorry if I oftened anyone.

    I do approve of this message though.

  27. Todd August 22, 2012

    can we all just get along,


    Nancy Poloci.

  28. Cuban August 22, 2012

    Idiot conservatives? How many fuckin teams has obama said he grew up a fan

    Same with hillary, theyre are all fans of wutever city they are in asshats, its not just conservatives and if u think that then ur the rationalizing asshole

  29. Shannon August 22, 2012

    Oh give me a break. OK, so go vote for a Bears fan? Right. Paul is doing what politicians do. He’s a Packers fan since birth. His entire family is. Get over yourself. If you are willing to vote for a liberal over a conservative over a towel, you don’t care about politics anyway. Ugh.

    1. Shannon August 22, 2012

      Conservatives don’t vote for liberals and liberals don’t for conservatives over towel waving. If this is your core, heh.

  30. Mitchell August 22, 2012

    As a steeler Fan you wouldn’t see me wearing or doing anything that supports the cleveland browns or any other team…this shows u politicians et al Will do anything for a vote!!!!!

  31. iltarion August 22, 2012

    People talking about what a conservative will do for a vote are pretty hilarious.

    From Clinton to Obama, no one touches the Dems for basing their entire personalities off of getting votes.

    A Democrat would sell their mother for a vote.

  32. Kathy August 22, 2012

    Well what else do you expect from someone who was voted “biggest brownnoser” in high school?

    Okay, that wasn’t much of a defense. Sorry. Got nuthin’.

  33. therealChuckywasCecil August 22, 2012

    This is the craziest thread of comments not involving Brett Favre I have ever seen. Without revealing my political affiliation NO ONE should vote or not vote for someone based on this act.

    Can’t wait for the regular season so we have something to focus on that we can all agree on, a 14th championship.

    1. JayBee August 22, 2012

      I agree, less political horseshit and more Green Bay Packer’s football

  34. Steelfan August 22, 2012

    You Packers fans should be happy. Who wants that idiot flying your team colors? He’s working for the richest of the rich, and unless you make more than 250K a year, you are foolish to support this guy. He can wear a Hines Ward jersey, and I still wouldn’t vote for him…but seriously, what kind of real fan would do that? Rick Santorum was the only Republican who stood by his football team — and his convictions.

    1. Todd August 23, 2012

      I feel sorry for all liberals.
      Put down the Kool-Aid for a minute.
      Realize that Liberals are the party of leftist, socialist, communist, Marxist, progressivism, Occupy Wall Street is a leftist movement, and the KKK is also liberal.
      Wake up sir, and smell the coffee before it’s too late.
      I never got a pay check from a poor guy, have you?
      Why did we leave Great Britain?
      That’s why you should be a conservative.
      Was George Washington, Tom Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, the founding fathers were they libs?
      Was Hitler more of a lib or conservative?
      The national socialist party (Nazi).

      1. Todd August 23, 2012

        Hi my name is Todd and I used to be a Liberal.

        There I said it …..now can we get to some football please.

  35. Jesse August 22, 2012

    Wow this just shows what a bunch of idiots the Dems are. They have to resort to this to make a big deal out of.
    No lets not look at the issues lets focus on this because dear god dont get anyone thinking about the economy!! Just shows what a douche bag Obama and his campaign is. They will resort to anything to stay in power

  36. Aaron August 22, 2012

    It’s amazing that all of you support Barry. Maybe you should all move here to Illinois, it’s basically the same model that Obama wants to play out in the U.S. I’m sure you are all aware that Illinois has the lowest credit rating and some of if not the highest taxes (city of Chicago sales tax – 11%) in the country. Crony politics good luck.

  37. JackJerk August 22, 2012

    Who cares. They’re all for the uber-wealthy anyway.
    Dumb, Repug. Don’t matter when you look behind the scenes a little beyond their rhetoric.
    Sure the Dumbs have started talk a little in recent years, but they’re just as corporate as the Rupugs.

  38. Mike August 23, 2012

    On it’s own, this isn’t a big deal, but it is emblematic of the problem with Ryan selling out his supposed principles for the sake of getting ahead politically (voting for TARP, changing his position on abortion). Oh, and just because you don’t like Ryan or Romney, doesn’t mean you have to support Obama. There are 3rd party choices or you don’t have to vote at all if you don’t feel any of the choices are worthy of being President.

  39. Packerado August 23, 2012

    From birthers to legitimate rape to guys that believe the KKK is a little to far to the left for them, idiot conservatives live on.

  40. Packerado August 23, 2012

    Don’t tell them they are idiots, for much like Viking fans, they think their moronic ideas show how smart they really are. Shhhhhhhh……

  41. Gregg H August 23, 2012

    Reality is not something Ryan or Mitt are known so this is just another example of their decitful ways. Ryan lies and just feels the Milwaukee Packers play their home games in Pittsberg :) Watched him try and avoid explaining his budget and which centuary it would balance.

  42. plumber August 23, 2012

    he could be waiving a russian flag and i’am still voting for him, you lib’s can use it to dry your tears and clean your diaper rash………… come nov

  43. IrishPgh August 23, 2012

    I lived 10 minutes away from Carnegie in Pittsburgh & posted my thoughts immediately. He went to college at Roethlisberger’s Miami of Ohio, but he is in no way a Steelers fan!!! It was a slap in the face to Packers fans and a total disrespect to the Terrible Towel. What an idiot! I’m guessing he’s gonna “give the finger” #1 thumb to every football town he visits!!

  44. Steve-O August 23, 2012

    If it takes waving a Wisconsin-made Terrible Towel to get rid of a Terrible President, I’m all for it. Go Pack!

    Diehard Packers Fan
    Diehard Obama Hater

    1. Tim S August 23, 2012

      Well said…. some of these guys here need to by a vowel.

      1. Andrew August 25, 2012

        Well Tim, perhaps you should make sure your own ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed before you try to make a grammar/Wheel of Fortune-based joke.

        I think you meant “buy.”

  45. Hawk August 25, 2012

    I am not going base my decision for president based upon this video. Yet I would have a great deal of respect if he acknowledged the Steeler fans, stated that “I was told to wave a terrible towel, but my love for the Packers won’t allow me to,” and took the jesting boos of the audience. Something like this is a statement of character. Yes, it was for acceptance, but we as Packer fans have a tremendous pride, much like that of the Steelers. The audience would recognize that, and have respect for his words. GO PACK GO!!!

  46. Cathy August 31, 2012

    Hey Kozak, you dumb ass better go back to the bushies and all of the republicants and teabaggers that have sold out this country for personal gain. They bought Forward Wisconsin to put the dump fuck scottie in. By the way blaming the economy on Barrett, what a joke, scottie was the County Executive at the time and was responsible for all of the job loss which he then proceeded to do to the whole state. Not to mention trying to end us spiraling down into the Mississippi ranks for education. #2 in the U.S. to, where does this pit end. Yes I love this country and the Pack and that is why I am mad and ranting.

  47. AJ September 2, 2012

    Trying to make the Republicsns look bad is easy considering the legacy Bush and his father left us, but it doesn’t change the fact that Obama has us worse off financially then we have ever been and he has done his best to bring Islam to this country. You have NO idea what Islam has planned for the US. If you think that Bush was bad and he was, you ain’t seen nothing yet if Obama becomes a lame duck. Either way, some people will suffer, but that will be a picnic compared to what will happen to our country when Obama opens the doors wide to Islam, and he will!!! We can control the Republicans but we won’t be able to stop the out of control Islamitization of America. It feeds off of the Christian ethic. Contrary to what many want to believe, Obama is a very pro Islamist and he has a world order plan which places Islam at the top. That must be stopped now by preventing Obama from having the power to follow through with his world order plan. Keep watching. You will see, but it may be too late then. For heaven sake, why take the chance?

  48. Jason November 4, 2012

    He’s running for Vice President. What the hell does sports have to do with this?