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Dave Robinson Named Hall of Fame Finalist

Dave Robinson

Former Green Bay Packers linebacker Dave Robinson might finally be getting the long overdue call for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Robinson was named one of two senior committee finalists on Wednesday.

Before we get to Robinson’s accomplishments, we should point out how this convoluted process works. Robinson had to be chosen as a finalist by the senior committee, which is made up of nine old timers from the 44-member Hall of Fame selection committee. The senior committee has to give the full committee two finalists each year from the pre-1988 era. The idea being, some of these clowns on the selection committee are too young to remember deserving guys from other eras who may otherwise have been overlooked. In the end, Robinson has to get approval from 80 percent of the full committee to gain induction into the Hall of Fame.

We’ve stated Robinson’s case before: three Pro Bowls (1966, ’67 and ’69), a first-team All Pro selection (’67), a Pro Bowl MVP (’67), three championships (1965-67) and he was a member of the NFL’s 1960s All-Decade Team.

That’s a pretty solid resume.

Robinson also made some pretty memorable plays. Probably most notable is when he blitzed Dallas quarterback Don Meredith in the 1966 NFL Championship game, forced a wobbly throw that was picked off by Tom Brown and ultimately sealed the Packers victory. After the play, he was famously chewed out by Vince Lombardi — despite saving the game — because he was supposed to be in coverage on the play.

Today, we’d call that instinct. Lombardi called it something else though.

Robinson has some time to politic, but he clearly deserves to be among the all-time greats in Canton.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. dcpackersfan August 22, 2012

    great player, great guy. well deserved.

  2. iltarion August 22, 2012

    Just a fabulous LB who was frankly ahead of his time. Underrated.

  3. JayBee August 22, 2012

    Dave Robinson deserves to be recognized by the Hall but how the hell is Jerry Kramer not in already?

  4. And the guy is fricking hilarious, as well.

  5. By the way, Lombardi gave him a minus-2 for his play on Don Meredith at the end of the 1966 NFL championship game in the Cotton Bowl. He played his assignment wrong and saved the game, but Lombardi gave him minus-2.

  6. James Bennett August 24, 2012

    Good for Robinson, but I agree with the guy who said Jerry Kramer’s long, long overdue for a spot in Canton.

  7. George Robinson August 26, 2012

    Hey Cousin, I am glad you made it in. You are the MAN.

    Long over due.

  8. James Bennett August 27, 2012

    I forgot to mention on my Jerry Kramer advocacy: In my opinion, after following the NFL since about 1957, on my all-time all-star team, Jerry Kramer and Gene Upshaw are the starting guards. The Kramer omission is the most preposterous in the history of what happens in Canton.

  9. Alice Nelson Johnson August 30, 2012

    Dave-Elaine is not here, but you did it for her.
    Congratulations! Enjoy and stay healthy,

  10. Alice Nelson Johnson August 30, 2012

    Congratulations-you deserve to be in The Hall of Fame. Uou made a great contribution to PSU and Green Bay. Enjoy!