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Brett Favre Declines Packers Hall of Fame Invite

Brett Favre

Although the Green Bay Packers haven’t openly made any overtures to former quarterback Brett Favre, the Packers Hall of Fame has.

Former Packers president Bob Harlan told Jason Wilde the Hall reached out to Favre with the hope he’d return to Green Bay for coach Mike Holmgren‘s induction ceremony this summer. Favre declined.

“We had a meeting about two months ago and talked about who should be invited back – Jon Gruden, Andy Reid, people like that,” Harlan said, referring to two Holmgren assistants who went on to be successful head coaches themselves. “And, we talked about players. And I said to the group, ‘What about No. 4? This would be the perfect time for him to come back, come into Green Bay.’

“The crowd at the Hall of Fame banquet is an adoring crowd, they’re as loyal to the Green Bay Packers as anybody.’ And unfortunately, I don’t think he’s going to do it. We did approach his agent, and I don’t think Brett’s going to do it. I feel badly about that.”

Obviously, the Hall of Fame, which is run independently of the Packers, is trying to jump start the healing process between Favre and the organization.

Unfortunately, it’s probably a little early for that. We’re not surprised Favre declined the invitation.

Although he’s seemingly making an effort to mend fences with the Packers, those aren’t fences that can be repaired overnight with the organization or with fans.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Kevin July 3, 2012

    Brent is a huge pussy if he snubs Holmgren! He needs to man up and show some Got Damn Respect!!!
    Also would be a good time for him to apologize to every Packer fan for ever playing for the Queens!!!!

  2. nurseratchett July 3, 2012

    Not surprised at all….punk ass bitch….

  3. therealChuckywasCecil July 3, 2012

    Love Bob Harlan but he’s living in a fantasy world.

    “The crowd at the Hall of Fame banquet is an adoring crowd, they’re as loyal to the Green Bay Packers as anybody.’

    Brett knows he would be treated as the traitor he was and he wouldn’t be ass-kissed so he declines the invite. Probably a smart move on his part. Don’t know about everyone else but I’m still disgusted at the crap he pulled that we don’t need to rehash here.

    Time heals all wounds?

  4. Madcity Packer Fan July 4, 2012

    When he played in Green Bay I never had the impression that he was playing for anything else but himself. As he has always been a selfish asshole. This is a new time in our great organization…one that intentionally left him and his self centered pre-madonna ass behind. I don’t give a shit if he ever comes back for anything.

    1. Danville Pack September 10, 2014

      Well said Madcity. In the end, looking back, Favre was a selfish and ultimately vindictive, mean-spirited beeyatch.

  5. geanakc July 4, 2012

    You’re all more vindictive than the caddyest ex girlfriend.. jesus h christ. Brett Favre, I won’t forget you “Brett”.

  6. BerryJS July 4, 2012

    Brett Favre and 9-11. Never forget.

  7. iltarion July 4, 2012

    No, I’m sure the fans that would show up to celebrate Holmgren’s entrance into the Packer HOF would cheer heartily to see Brett return.

    Though this site may reflect my feelings for Brett, for the most part, I don’t feel it accurately reflects Packer Nation as a whole. The median of Packer Nation are more pro-Brett than I.

  8. Pack Lethal July 4, 2012

    Viking fans please feel free to choke yourselves.

  9. Spellsinger July 5, 2012

    In this situation, Brett can’t win. If he goes, he’s a media whore looking to steal the spotlight.

    If he doesn’t go, it’s considered a snub to Holmgren or the Packers.

    And did it never occur to anyone that maybe Brett isn’t going because he doesn’t want to be a distraction on Mike’s big day? No, of course not. Brett never does anything unless it’s for himself, right?

  10. TA July 24, 2012

    Is anyone posting here over the age of 25? Did you even see Favre play live? Did you see Favre get into Sapps face? Make blocks, throw under hand, run in TD’s….Did you see him play live or just NFL.com? Get over it. Your ignorance levels just keep going up. The Packers hired the same communications ahole that Clinton used when he got caught keeping little admin’s under desk. You have no idea what was said behind closed doors. Bottom line, Favre went to a team that played the team that dumped him, and came back and beat them twice. He made the point he wanted to make. GET OVER IT. 16 years of REAL football, and all you little babies can focus on is that the man took 2 years for himself instead of, for you ignorant knuckelheads. Really, someone offered you $16M and you would say no, no, no, i am going to sit on the bench and watch the kid have my spot handed to him without me being allowed to fight for it. Nooo, i dont want the money, i want to sit on the bench and let the fans stare at me….. Let me guess, you think obama is doing a great job and everything said on MSNBC is fact too….

    1. cd4packers December 11, 2013

      My sentiments exactly. I could not gave said it better. Thank you.

  11. cd4packers December 11, 2013