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Wolf: Favre Is Greatest Packer

Brett Favre

McMahon: no way in hell.

Former Green Bay Packers general manager Ron Wolf and I will respectfully disagree on this one. Wolf told the Press Gazette he believes Brett Favre is the greatest player to ever play for the Packers.

To me, Brett Favre and I are like connected at the hips. I feel strong loyalty to Brett Favre. When I got here, Don Huston was the greatest player ever to play for the Green Bay Packers. I think everybody will tell you now, the greatest player ever to play for the Packers is Brett Favre. That’s his legacy.

Certainly Favre is among the greatest Packers of all time. In fact, he’s probably in the top three and definitely in the top five.

That being said, Hutson is still the greatest player in Packers history, if not NFL history. He dominated his era like no one else and changed the way the game was played.

His statistics are far superior to Favre’s when compared to those who played the same position in their day. Hutson was in a league of his own when compared to his peers. Favre was merely among the great quarterbacks of his day.

That’s not even getting into the number of championships.

Where we will get into the number of championships is when we suggest Favre isn’t even the best quarterback in Packers history. That honor belongs to Bart Starr. Obviously, Starr doesn’t have the gaudy numbers Favre does. What he does have is five NFL championships.

Lastly, when rating the greatest Packers in history, you also have to take a long look at the accomplishments of Tony Canadeo and Ray Nitschke when ranking the top five. Is Favre a greater Packer than those two guys?

Open for debate.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PackerFanInFl June 20, 2012

    Packer or Player, Great Player? Yes, But, Asshole of a human being, which means he is not a great packer.

    Enough about viking HOF players already.

  2. brad June 20, 2012

    Ron Wolf is getting dementia?

  3. billyschwiliger June 20, 2012

    Can we give him “Greatest Viking?”

  4. DevilDon June 20, 2012

    This is one of those stories I’m going to bury in my mind. Love Ron Wolf so I’m going to erase it from thought. Let’s hope he doesn’t now go out and dangle his piece on cam and ruin his rep. People have been known to do such things.

  5. peter June 20, 2012

    You’ve got to give him his due, Favre brought the packers back to relevancy. I know it wasn’t his solo play but his personality had a lot to do with it, and that was his ultimate downfall. Give it 5 years and all will be well.

  6. DD June 20, 2012

    His personality? He’s an asshole? He wasn’t that good? When he was a Packer you thought he was Jesus Christ and were ready to slobber on his cock. You losers are just pissed that he decided to wear a different colored shirt. At least get your stories straight about why you don’t like him.

    1. peter June 20, 2012

      our last 2 qb’s have won us each a super bowl that’s two more than the entire history of your franchise… enjoy living the life of a loser!

    2. PackerFanInFl June 20, 2012

      oh yah and because he texted his cock for world to see, generally married 40 year olds don’t do that but who am I to judge (tiny)

  7. nurseratchett June 20, 2012

    Everytime I try to get out, they pull me back in!!!!

    Vince Lombardi is the Greatest Packer Ever. Bart Starr is #2…We’ll never forget you Brent.

  8. Daaaave June 20, 2012

    Traitors don’t get to be “Greatest ever” at anything. Sorry.

  9. Bryan June 20, 2012

    Don Hutson is the greatest player in Packers history, because he was an all purpose threat. He played offense, defense, and special teams. He still holds the team record for most TD receptions and intercepted 30 passes as well. Favre is certainly in the top 5, but no way is he better than Hutson.

  10. chriska June 20, 2012

    Hutson hands down is no. 1, think Rodgers will soon enough be no. 2, Favre is no. 3, Starr right behind Favre at no. 4., Nitscke 5

  11. frank m. thomas June 21, 2012

    Brett Favre never will never be the “greatest packer”….5 or 50years from now…..his ego [which exceeds in size his penis and brain] will never let it happen.

  12. kee June 21, 2012

    Looking past the personal faults and the defection, I have to agree with Monty – Favre is in the top handful of Packers. You also have to look at Wolf’s personal stake to understand his mindset – he was personally and almost fully responsible for bringing Favre to GB…if Favre is the greatest Packer ever, then that elevates Wolf as a GM. I don’t think it’s calculated on Wolf’s part; I think it’s just human nature to overestimate your own accomplishments.

  13. doug June 21, 2012

    we need to give Ron a do-over. Maybe Brent is just the Packer that he knows best.

  14. the real jeff ircink June 21, 2012

    haha…i love this! happy summer, douches! and PackerFanInFL – there was never any evidence that that was Favre’s dick that was texted. so why don’t you clam up. HA! i’m outta here!

    1. PackerFanInFl June 22, 2012

      Are you that fucking retarded to actually believe the public need physical evidence to believe something?

      The fucker fully admitted he left messages and a photo of a cock happened to be attached to one of those and its not Favres?

      So the real question is why did favre have a picture of another mans cock on his phone, sure that would not be a big deal if your last name was ‘ircink’. Does favre collect cock photos? is that cock actually one that his number 1 fan Jeff ircink texted him?

      Last time I checked OJ was innocent right?

      The obvious conclusion is deannas pussy is old favre is (was) a NFL star and he wanted a piece of ass!

      Go back to “passing the salt” you piece of shit!

  15. Vijay June 21, 2012

    This is all about egos and eras. Of course Ron Wolf is going to gush at the thought if Brett, every time his name is mentioned. Much the same as Ted Thompson would if we evoked the name Rodgers or Woodson 10-20 years from today. How many of you would say the same about yourselves if you hand picked a HOF’er to lead your franchise for a decade or more? That’s some bragging rights!

  16. the real jeff ircink June 22, 2012

    @PackerFanInFl – “passing the salt”? how do you know about our award-winning short film if you think my blog is a piece of shit? i’ve never posted any information about said film on this piece of shit website? for all the crap you say about me, you know more than you’re letting on. odd.

    (and i know FOR A FACT that OJ was guilty. another story that you’ll never be clued in on.)

    1. PackerFanInFl June 24, 2012

      Yah old people fucking is hilarious (sarcasm), what kind of sick fuck writes that shit, as for your award yah I could shoot a film on my cell phone better then that and win an award.

  17. the real jeff ircink June 24, 2012

    wow! ur funny, PackerFuckInFL. “old people fucking”? wrong. there’s no “fucking” in the film, asswipe. no nudie. just dinnertable talk. typical – never seen the film but has all the answers. you could shoot a film on your cell phone? huh. go ahead…shoot your film. we’ll post both on the Web and have a contest, ok, tough guy.

    oh – and it’s not “award” – it’s 5 awards & 28 festival invites around the world. yeah – some people have taste. you? no.

  18. PackerFanInFl June 24, 2012

    so there a festivals that watch films about old people fucking..big surprise maybe you could get favre to do a live demo fucking you on stage.

  19. PackerFanInFl June 25, 2012

    so I googled ircink’s film and what did I find

    gee so the “Seattle Erotic Art Festival” is showing your film, so it sounds like it is about old people fucking even your own synopsis.

    “A couple’s dinner repartee quickly morphs into a scene ripped straight from the script of an adult movie”

    Sounds like old farts fucking porn to me, not really surprised you are a porn peddler, but I would of thought you would of been more m4m type maybe that’s the sequel?..LOL

    You better hope billy swills doesn’t read this, I can’t imagine how much fun he would have with it :)

  20. the real jeff ircink June 26, 2012

    PackerFanInFl – “sounds like”. right. it isn’t. again, you haven’t watched the film, you idiot. there is no fucking. there in nudity. it’s all dialog, idiot. i find it amusing that you actually took the time to Google the film – i mean….why waste the extra time on me, right?

    you haven’t had a lobotomy, have you? cause you’re talking like you have. mental illness? something????

    1. PackerFanInFl June 26, 2012

      uh, you called wrote my name specifically dilldoe so of course I’m gonna take the time, like 2 minute google search to expose an nut sucking viking/favre fan matters.

      Jeff ircink likes shit about grandma strapping on the dilldoe an buttfucking grandpa, no one here is surprised..you probably wish you were grandma assramming brett favre (grandpa)

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  21. the real jeff ircink June 27, 2012

    now you’re just plain rambling, PackerFuckInFl. i can’t even respond to that dribble you just wrote. you win.

    1. PackerFanInFl June 27, 2012

      LOL..good let that be a lesson to you, ya dumbfucking shit for brains viking fan!

  22. the real jeff ircink June 27, 2012

    “good let that be a lesson to you”. ??? you mean you’re acknowledging that your comments are dribble? duhhhhhhhhhhh! (that was PackerFunInFL thinking). WHOOO!

    …and only women and moron use acronyms like the one for “laugh out loud”. come on – you can’t be that much of an dweeb.

    finally, i see you lead off the comment section in the latest Favre post here on TP with a mention of my short film. nice! doesn’t it aggravate you that every time you say, “pass the salt, please” when you’re eating, your gonna think of my film. how sad – it’s all backfiring for you.

    1. PackerFanInFl June 28, 2012

      LOL at you as a man, way to go pull the typical bitch move of saying you are done then coming back and trying to drop a comment to appear you get the last word. Funny thing is I truly don’t give a flying fuck and just LMFA0 @ your antics.

      I suggest you quit being a cunt and man up and stop peddling porn. You should just apologize to me and rest of this site for being a bitch otherwsie its just going to get nasty again and you will leave crying with your feelings hurt (again) in typical viking fan fashion.

      BTW,I would never say “pass the salt, please” fuck that and fuck you!

  23. the real jeff ircink June 28, 2012

    but YOU keep dragging me back here, PackerFuck, because of your inane remarks. and your dinner table manners are what i expected. gauche.

  24. PackerFanInFl June 28, 2012

    the dinner table manners you would expect is grampa bending granny over the salad dish while filming it for your next project.

    Nice choice of words asswipe!

  25. the real jeff ircink June 29, 2012

    “choice of words”? i don’t follow. try again. are you handicapped or disabled a bit? it would be nice to know before i proceed. don’t want to offend….

  26. PackerFanInFl June 29, 2012

    Comment removed for being abusive to a pussy viking fan who can’t defend himself.

  27. the real jeff ircink June 30, 2012

    again – you make no sense, PackerFuck. stop making a complete fool of yourself.

  28. the real jeff ircink July 1, 2012

    no – i said shut – oh, you didn’t respond back. sorry. i like that…when you don’t respond back.

  29. PackerFanInFl July 2, 2012

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  30. the real jeff ircink July 4, 2012

    hey PackerFuck – it’s the 4th of July. have some respect for our country, please.

  31. PackerFanInFl July 5, 2012

    Still posting in the cellar huh years4dick?

    I love how you wait 2 days the post a response hoping I don’t check, well guess what from now on I’m responding VIA current topics but you won’t ever know which one…since you seem so driven (probably homosexually) to read my comments.

    Prove how big of a fag you are and take the last word!

  32. the real jeff ircink July 5, 2012

    i don’t give a fuck if you ever respond to a comment of mine, PackerFuck. you’re sadly misinformed.

    having the last word = fag? wow…what century do you live in? ape.