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Colt McCoy

Although the Green Bay Packers haven’t given any indication they’re looking for another quarterback since the draft, they’ve nonetheless been linked to Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy again.

The Packers were said to be interested in McCoy during the draft. The Browns drafted Brandon Weeden in the first round and were dangling McCoy as trade bait.

However, the Packers drafted B.J. Coleman in the seventh round and last season’s third-stringer, Graham Harrell, is said to have made considerable strides in the offseason. Right now, Harrell will enter training camp as the clear-cut No. 2.

Is there room for McCoy? It doesn’t appear so. That is, unless the Packers are willing to take a chance Coleman makes it through roster cuts to the practice squad.

The possibility of a trade is still worth considering though. The Browns are looking for minimal compensation for McCoy.

It’s unlikely Coleman will be ready to contribute this season, so if the Packers aren’t 100 percent confident in Harrell’s ability to lead the offense a trade for McCoy still makes sense. The Browns probably won’t require anything more than a seventh-round pick for the quarterback.

Something tells us that ship sailed when the Packers drafted Coleman, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. peter June 18, 2012

    why trade for a guy that is probably going to get released… rather keep what we have.

  2. Mike R June 18, 2012

    mccoy is absolutely awful. it’s hard to believe that harrell isn’t as good as mccoy and that the packers should consider trading for him. has he had a single good game since he’s been in the league?

  3. Vijay June 18, 2012

    Coach Mack Brown disagrees with you. He still doesn’t get why head coaches won’t let his good ‘ol Christian southern boy Colt be a starter in the league. They let Tebow do it!

  4. Jonathan June 19, 2012

    McCoy doesn’t know the Packers offence as well as Harrell, and doesn’t have the size or the arm of Coleman. I think the Packers are content with 3 QB’s as they released Nick Hill recently. I think the front office knows what they’re doing.

  5. Nuadormrac June 20, 2012

    I don’t think they’re looking for a fourth QB atm. As had already been said, they had 4, and dropped Hill, after I gather Coleman and Hill competed for the number 3 slot….

    Unless Herall does attroscious moving along in the off season, I don’t see this happening. If the front office isn’t saying it out right, it would probably be a “not to burn one’s bridges” thing, but atm they really aren’t seriously considering. Besides, in a few seasons, it could well come to competition between Harrell (to keep his number 2 slot), and Coleman to gain it.

    This prospect for competition among the 2, might also have beenn a consideration here. “OK Harrell, you have it for now, but… This guy we drafted. You want to keep it, you’re going to have to stay ahead, and he’s not gonna make it easy” :d