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“I get no respect, I tell ya!”

That’s the line that made comedian Rodney Dangerfield famous. That, and probably the totally awesome 80s comedy Back To School. Yeah, he was in Caddyshack too, which is a totally superior movie, but so were Bill Murray and Chevy Chase, so we wouldn’t really call that a Rodney Dangerfield vehicle. If he were alive, Rodney would probably be telling us how he gets no respect with such a statement.

You know who else gets no respect? Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones.

At least in his own mind.

Jones channeled Dangerfield when asked about the Packers overcrowded receiving corps.

“I still don’t get no respect around here, though,” Jones said. “That’s why, in all my interviews, I’m just going to start saying ‘Respect.’ Get me some shirts made.”

Jones also talked about his frustration that there aren’t enough balls to go around, but we doubt that will be a problem for anyone as long as the Packers win.

What’s more interesting is he appears open to a trade. There have been rumors that Jones is on the block, although he hasn’t been told the Packers are trying to move him.

“I don’t know how good my trade value is,” Jones said. “I haven’t heard anything about trades or anything like that. I’m just here to play football. Whatever happens, happens. I don’t worry about all that stuff up top.

“If they came to me at my locker and said, ‘James, you’re going to the Cincinnati Bengals,’ I’d cry a little bit and then move on. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. It’s a business.”

Obviously, Jones knows he’d get more opportunities on a team like the Bengals, who don’t have a clear-cut No. 2 receiver. Receiver-thin Miami seems like a viable option and Houston doesn’t have much behind Andre Johnson.

It will be interesting to watch this play out during training camp. Our bet is Jones either establishes himself as the clear-cut No. 3 receiver (unlikely as Randall Cobb emerges) or the Packers move him before the regular season.

Stay tuned.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Dr. Pack June 21, 2012

    If Jones is going to be out then so be it. I’ve said forever on here that Rodgers makes averages receivers into superstars and Jones is no exception to that. Cut him loose and in steps Cobb, Tori Gurley, Diondre Borel or Curenski Gilleylen — someone can take up the reigns of the #3/#4 receiver slot behind Jennings, Jordy and DD.

    Only thing I wish is that if your going to cut Jones loose you get something in return for him — something of value. The guy signed for 3 years at 9.4 mil less than a year ago — so if he’s going to get traded get something for him preferably on defense.

  2. DevilDon June 21, 2012

    LOL, Rodney was funny but Sam Kinnison was hilarious. JJ should do a Sam bit “oh, nobody gives a shit how many balls I get, OOOOOh OOOOOh, thanks a fuck of a lot”

  3. peter June 21, 2012

    big gulps eh… welp see ya later

  4. nick perry June 21, 2012

    Jones is turning into a little bitch right before my eyes. I’ve been supportive of this guy, even after the 2010 season. Wanted to see him signed. He became a FA and nobody offered him shit. T.T. steps up and gives a guy a contract that dropped a TD in 1st round game VS. Eagles. One in NFC Championship game and another right before halftime in Superbowl that would have busted the hearts of Steelers. He comes back last year and di just OK. Great receivers find a way to get open, not shutout for 3 games straight. Trade his ass, keep Borel and Gurley. With Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, Finley, Driver, Borel and Gurley no one can cover that. Throw in D.J. Williams and Saine and that’s to much for anyone. We don’t need Rodney James Jones.

  5. Rodney Dangerfield June 21, 2012

    I’m datin’ older women now. I love older women. The woman I’m datin’ now is so old, Lincoln used to celebrate her birthday.

  6. Jaykat June 22, 2012

    Kill 2 birds w/ one stone, trade him for Harvin, screwing him and the Vikes!

  7. Chuck June 22, 2012

    AWESOME POST Nick Perry – agree 100%. PS – You didnt go to U S C did you ;)

  8. Abe Frohman June 22, 2012

    Everyone keeps talking about all these practice squad players as being “IT”. I won’t believe it until they put it out there on the field in a meaningful game. The world is full of guys that kick ass in practice but don’t produce when the lights are on.

    That being said, I agree with Nick Perry – Jones is becoming a whining bitch. Dude, just shut it and play ball. I’d take 3M a year to catch 35 balls in a heartbeat. Stop thinking you’re all that and play your assigned role. We can’t all be Greg Jennings, you know. That no one outside of the Packers even gave you a reasonable offer should tell you something: his trade value is crap.

  9. Greg June 22, 2012

    James Jone was very productive, for how much time he was on the field. Obviously packers are the deepest at WR, so “we” don’t care if he stays. But he’s a good WR. Like another article said, it’s a good problem to have. He’s like a #3 or 4 option producing as well or better than some team’s #2’s

    1. iltarion June 26, 2012

      I don’t see any whining here. I see a man answering a question honestly.

      He’s right about not getting a lot of respect, as these boards indicate, and it is also a good thing that he recognizes it, as hopefully it can keep him hungry.

      I’ll believe he’s gone when I see it. JJ is a productive player at a key position, Borel and Gurley have proven didley, and trades are rare in the NFL.