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Terrell Manning Could Mean End Of Line For Hawk

Terrell Manning

The Green Bay Packers fifth-round draft choice Terrell Manning does not lack confidence, that’s for sure.

Manning thinks the Packers got a steal.

“I feel like I was as good as any linebacker in this draft,” he said. “I’m looking to prove that.”

Although maybe he’s reaching a little bit, Packers GM Ted Thompson was clearly surprised Manning was on the board when he was. Thompson traded up, sending two seventh rounders and a sixth to the Patriots, for pick No. 163, where he selected Manning.

“It was just a situation where we felt a player was being undervalued a little bit,” Thompson said. “We didn’t know how long he would be undervalued.”

Manning came out after his junior season at North Carolina State, where he did a little bit of everything for the Wolfpack. He finished 2011 with 76 tackles, 5.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and three interceptions.

Although he played outside linebacker in college — in a 4-3 — the Packers will put him at inside linebacker in their 3-4. If Manning performs well, it might lead the Packers to consider parting ways with veteran A.J. Hawk, who had a terrible 2011 season.

Desmond Bishop is entrenched as one starter and D.J. Smith showed plenty last season as a rookie. He could replace Hawk in the starting lineup. Robert Francois also showed he belongs in limited action.

Either way, Bishop, Smith and Manning are probably guaranteed roster spots, meaning the last inside linebacker spot comes down to Hawk and Francois.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. FrozenFanatic84 May 1, 2012

    I think this is jumping the gun a bit…saying Manning could spell the end of Hawk is like saying that Coleman could spell the end of Rodgers…

    1. I think you are a little confused sir. I don’t think there is such a dramatic difference in skill from Manning to Hawk as there is to Coleman and Rodgers. The article is saying that DJ Smith would take Hawks starting spot and Manning would be the backup. It says Manning will be good enough to be a backup, meaning Hawk is expendible because he would be overpaid as a backup. Correct me if im wrong, but this is what the article is meant to say.

      1. FrozenFanatic84 May 1, 2012

        Your right there is a dramatic difference. I guess I was just trying to say it is way too early to say that Manning will replace Hawk.

    2. nick perry May 4, 2012

      This is nothing like that! Not even close. Oh, I get it, you’re really a Bears fan trying to keep that no tackling, 3 steps behind every play pile of dudu playing on the Packers Defense. It’s time to cut ties with A.J. Hawk. End of story. Mistakes are made in the NFL all the time and signing Hawk to that deal was Ted Thompsons. The only way that Manning or D.J. Smith is not playing in front of Hawk on week one is that contract and that’s BS!!! I really don’t think I want to watch Hawk’s slow butt have a angle to get the runner only to end up missing on the play because he’s so damn slow!!!

  2. Packerfan2008 May 1, 2012

    Hawk is too slow and can’t tackle. And over paid. Let them duke it out for the spot and let the best play. Then let hawk go at the end of the season to make room for Rodgers, Matthews, and rajis respective contracts

  3. nurseratchett May 1, 2012

    Too early to tell about anyone at this point.
    Remember when Johnny Jolly was going to be Reggie White incarnate? Now he’s robotrippin on purple drank, and should he ever get reinstated, the LA ViQueens will offer him a huge contract.

    Let the OTA’s & training camp commence, dammit! I’m ready for Scott’s daily camp summaries.

  4. Robert Guensburg May 1, 2012

    Hello Packer Fans!!!

    Competition is good at middle limbacker!!! I do not think A.J. Hawk is expendable at this time.

    It is good to have a backup plan.

    I do think A.J. Hawk needs to be pushed at his position. No! I do think with Clay Mathews, Nick Perry, and Jerel Worthy that this will help the defense. I think the loss of Colin Jenkins was more a blow than management was expecting. This should help A.J. Hawks position as the Green Bay Packers middle linebacker.

    The strength of the front line helps all linebackers on defense.

    A better front play will also help the defensive backs as well as linebackers. The other issue was tackling in which the entire defense was not good at all.

    Assure tackler makes the entire defense better!!! Even the loss of your leader of the defense does not help.

    Making no excuses the Green Bay Packer defense should play a more dominate role in the 2012 year!!!

    A.J. Hawk and the rest of defense must improve like the offense. To all the defense work together to improve and move on!!!


  5. Robert Guensburg May 1, 2012

    Hello Packer Fans!!!

    Clay Matthews was to predictable when Green Bay used him to get to the quarterback!!!

    I think with alternative plans and players now drafted on defense. With the addition of Nick Perry, and Jerel Worthy that this will help put pressure on the quarterback.

    I’m still concerned more with a lack of a running game. I know that it takes a back seat to the passing game. I really think a little more of a running game will help take time off the clock.

    I think a writer is jumping the gun on A.J. Hawk.


  6. 2ChuckWood1 May 1, 2012

    Bye Bye AJ…I was soooo pumped when they drafted him back in the day, but what a disappointment he has been..he’s not awful, but definitely not a Top 5 pick..Smith is way quicker and hasnt been paid yet so he’s still playing hard..throw in a rookie who wants his job and you have one motivated individual..is it August yet ? ? ? ?? ?

  7. canadapackers May 1, 2012

    I highly doubt that AJ will be done after this season – maybe after next year. You can never have too many linebackers – look at the run of 2 years ago. Injuries happen and a team needs to be prepared. Also you cant expect a rookie to come in and call the D especially under Capers system. Did Hawk play well last year – the whole D played horrible – When you play from the lead ie prevent all the time and during even times when you dont get inside push – it makes it hard on everybody – the Linebackers cant cover, the D backs get burned etc etc –

    Hawk will be back and probably will be starting – but I hope that TT and the boys have picked his replacement – he wasnt the fastest guy to begin with and I would expect him to slow even more.

  8. Ivomitonvikingfans May 1, 2012

    I think if they are at all comfortable with Smith or this rookie, Hawk is gone. Younger, faster, cheaper, is the way to go. I am not even sure another team would be willing to give Hawk a starting gig at this time. He might catch on as a part timer in a 4-3 somewhere. I just think(and hope) that his days as a starter are numbered.

  9. iltarion May 1, 2012

    You all can keep dreaming.

    Hawk will be making way too much this season to be on the bench, and it would be way too big a cap hit to release him after next season.

    Hawk has 2 more years as a Packer. Yes, after that, he will be expendable.

    Oh, yeah, and who was the starting ILB and the captain of the defense when the Packers won the Super Bowl?? Oh, that’s right. AJ Hawk.

    1. PackerBob May 2, 2012

      And who’s defense ranked last in the NFL last season?

      1. Taryn May 2, 2012

        The Green Bay Packers….not The Green Bay Hawks.
        Even attempting to blame one guy for a total team defense fail is…moronic

    2. peter May 2, 2012

      never knew you started guys based on paychecks

  10. Vijay May 1, 2012

    What I like about Terrell is that he’s a sure tackler, if /when he doesn’t over pursue the play. He’s very fast and covers alot of ground. He displays energy throughout the game and can cover well in space. He’s surprisingly stout taking on blockers–even though he’s not the biggest backer out there. His frame is muscular and more chiseled than Hawk’s but he looks maxed out already…can he put on another 15-20 lbs?? He’s raw but has good instincts.

    Hawk will make the team, if anything Francois will be gone first. This is a ‘warning’ to Hawk, however.

  11. PackerBob May 2, 2012

    Honestly, I like Hawk. But he’s never lived up to his 5th round pick hype. And he’s overpaid. If Manning steps up I would expect Hawk to get cut.

  12. chris k May 2, 2012

    Terrell Manning has never played a down in the NFL yet this addition helps cover for the loss of AJ Hawk, excuse me for one moment, HAHAHAHAHA….. There’s a lot of people that dont know much about Ted Thompson and the value of keeping your best players on this roster for a reason not too mention the salary cap…… WOW, there’s some jumping the gun lollol

  13. iltarion May 2, 2012

    Hawk would never get cut. Get a clue. It would be a $6 million cap hit.