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Marshall Newhouse


The Green Bay Packers have the best offensive line in the NFL, according to RotoWorld’s Evan Silva. That’s right. A unit that lost its only Pro Bowl performer from last season — center Scott Wells — has a somewhat unsettled left tackle situation and a 37-year-old center is the NFL’s best.

Here’s the reasoning Silva doled out in his offensive line rankings.

LT: Marshall Newhouse
LG: T.J. Lang
C: Jeff Saturday
RG: Josh Sitton
RT: Bryan Bulaga

Gone are longtime starters Scott Wells and Chad Clifton, but there should be little to no performance drop-off among Green Bay’s elite front five. Newhouse made 13 starts last season, and natural improvement is expected from a second-year starter who’s yet to turn 24. Lang has developed into a rock-solid left guard, while Sitton and Bulaga form an All Pro-caliber right side. Saturday is 37 now, but centers tend to age well and he has. He’s also an ideal scheme fit for Green Bay’s zone-blocking system. The Packers don’t lack depth, either. Sherrod was a 2011 first-round pick. Dietrich-Smith is versatile and benefited from three spot starts last season. Campbell is an athletic swing man. Rookie Datko may have been a top-32 pick if not for injuries.

While we agree with most of that, it’s tough to think of the Packers offensive line as the NFL’s best.

Although Sitton has the potential to be one, there are no elite performers in the unit. At left tackle, Newhouse will likely improve, but his 2011 campaign was up-and-down at best. Saturday is real close to retirement.

So who’s better? How the hell should we know?

Silva ranks the Patriots second, followed by the Bengals, Chiefs and Panthers. Carolina is the only team in the remainder of the top five where we can even name two offensive linemen.

Can someone please make an argument for a team with a better offensive line so it doesn’t go to their heads?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cuban May 9, 2012

    The patriots are second best, this guys on fucking crack, just cuz teams purposely play pattycake w/ their lineman and not try to rush him doesnt make them the best
    The league doesnt want anyone hurting their pretty boy douchebag so therefore noones allowed to get close to him

  2. Chad Lundberg May 9, 2012

    Oh this is WAY too easy to debunk!

    Aaron Rodgers is sacked on average 1 in every 10 passing attempts since becoming the starter in 2008. Brees? 1 in every 26. Manning and Brady are close behind Brees sack percentage as well.


  3. holmer May 9, 2012

    I love the Packers and I believe they will make another run at the Super Bowl however their offensive line concerns me at times. I’d like to think Newhouse will make great strides in his second year as a starter and that Saturday hasn’t lost much on his fastball however I have some doubts. Too many sacks last year and not enough production in the run game are the reasons.

  4. Hacksaw May 9, 2012

    … and Rodgers still whoops that ass in quarterback rating… boo ya!

    1. nurseratchett May 10, 2012

      Think what he could do given a little less pressure & a few more seconds to make plays….

  5. Vijay May 9, 2012

    This is waaaaaaaayyyyy off base. Carolina, Atlanta, New York Giants, Steelers, Ravens, Patriots and several more teams have a better line than we do. ANYBODY can tell you that. We have a good pass blocking line and a largely ineffective run blocking line, with the exception of Lang who is likely our best run blocker.

  6. TyKo Steamboat May 9, 2012

    That left-side makes me nervous against the likes of Allen, Suh & Peppers…I hope Derrick Sherrod will pan-out after his leg injury.

  7. iltarion May 9, 2012

    The Steelers line is not as good as ours. How did that Ravens line look against Houston?

    Brees — — USED to have the best line. Kind of hard to say now since they lost their best OL.

    A-Rodge will hang onto the ball rather than throw it into a tight spot. Plus, he causes a lot of sacks when he tries to use his feet to escape the pocket. Both of these factors throw off his sack percentage.

    Lang, Sitton and Bulaga are all promising run blockers, but we have yet to see them put it all together.

    Left tackle is probably the most important position on the line, and the Packers have a question there. So, can’t put them at the top.

    I’d say New England, Houston, San Fran, Denver, Giants and Carolina have the best lines.

    Ironically, high paid offensive lines usually don’t spell success in the NFL. The Patriots were the only team with an OL in the Top 5 that won a playoff game last year.

  8. Tarynfor12 May 11, 2012

    Most important stat for a OL’s success…..WINS!!!
    They had 15 last year..simple math but it doesn’t always equate to Champs.