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Former Green Bay Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is getting political again.

After quashing speculation last April that he’d run for state Senator Dave Hansen’s seat in the event of a recall, Gbaja-Biamila took the time to endorse a presidential candidate yesterday. That candidate is Rick Santorum.

“I am endorsing Rick Santorum for president because he is a solid leader that represents the timeless values that made America good and prosperous,” the former defensive end said in a statement.

“Rick Santorum is also the only person who can beat Barack Obama in November. While some may want to declare the game over, the reality is, it’s not even halftime yet. ‘Game on!’ “


We’d say we were surprised, but Gbaja-Biamila is obviously a hardcore right-wing nutjob. Santorum isn’t just a Republican, he’s the most conservative Republican on the menu.

Oh yeah, and he’s whiter than white, while Gbaja-Biamila is… not. Most black people I know show at least a tinge of pride that we have a black president. Of course, Gbaja-Biamila seems to be one of those Christian cowboys, so he might as well be an old white man.

The endorsement came two days before the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary and it isn’t the first sports-related endorsement Santorum has pulled out of his bag of tricks. Last month, Santorum trotted out an endorsement from San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers in advance of the Alabama primary. Rivers, who is from Alabama, had this to say.

“Well, gee whiz ya’ll, ah do like me sum Rick Santorum! You should dun go out an vote fer im. Jeebus is ma saveyor. He like Rick Santorum too! Have more kids. Ha-hul.”

Now, if we could just get word from Ryan Pickett.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MIKE April 2, 2012

    How dare you disrespect KGB’s political views.
    Calling him a “nutjob” is unprofessional and uncalled for. This will be last time I visit this website. I have enjoyed some of the content in the past, but if this is an example of how professional you are then good bye.

    1. peter April 2, 2012

      don’t worry mike you won’t be missed

    2. Vijay April 2, 2012

      Wow, one bad article and we lose MIKE (in caps?!)…what’s next, your wife wants a divorce because you forgot to bring home the bacon?

      1. Jeff Ircink April 3, 2012

        MIke is a textbook grade A Kansas City Faggot.

        1. PackerFanInFl April 8, 2012

          it takes one to know one.

  2. Stephanie Z. April 2, 2012

    “Oh yeah, and he’s whiter than white, while Gbaja-Biamila is… not. Most black people I know show at least a tinge of pride that we have a black president. Of course, Gbaja-Biamila seems to be one of those Christian cowboys, so he might as well be an old white man.”

    How is this comment not racist?! Because KGB is black he has to vote for Obama?

    1. Vijay April 2, 2012

      Monty has what we call…license to crack wise. It’s all a part of the act. You go boy!

      Oh and you never laughed at a comedian in a comedy club making fun of cultural stereotypes? C’mon!

  3. Steve April 2, 2012

    You are an idiot. Why do you have to ruin a perfectly good blog with dribble like this. Get a life.

    1. Vijay April 2, 2012

      He has one…apparently involving things most guys only wish they could still get away with.

  4. FerdaPack56 April 2, 2012

    Your Packer commentary is a lot better than your political commentary

    1. Kodiak April 2, 2012

      Likey, likey!!

      1. Vijay April 2, 2012

        Yeah, that might be true ;)

  5. Tommy April 2, 2012

    Really? I’m voting for Obama but this sort of commentary is just unwarranted. The idea that a black person should vote for a black president is wholly racist. This website should be ashamed that an article like this is posted.

  6. Kodiak April 2, 2012

    Anything’s better than what’s in the White House right now…

    1. Vijay April 2, 2012

      Including you I suppose? Then why don’t you get in on it so that we can vote you in Kodiak?

  7. AZPack April 2, 2012

    He would be the perfect OLB for our team this year. Any fuel left in the tank to be a player again, KGB?

  8. Brad April 2, 2012

    Rick Sanitarium makes my skin crawl!

  9. Tkhelland April 2, 2012

    This is called humor. Get over it. People take this political shit way too far it doesn’t matter who we vote in they are all a bunch of assholes anyways.

    1. Vijay April 2, 2012

      Can I like this twice somehow???

  10. Mike R April 2, 2012

    Monty please stick to the football commentary. If I want political commentary I will go to a political website. Your statement implying KGB needs to vote for Obama out of pride could be the dumbest thing I have ever heard you write.

  11. mws April 2, 2012

    Wow, way to fuck with your fanbase idiot. People come here to get insight on their favorite team, not listen to some leftwing hippies political views. You realize you have an audience of all sexes, races, religions & political views, so if you have an opinion on anything other than the green bay packers, write it on a piece of paper and either send it to the isthmus newspaper or shove it up your ass because we dont care…go pack go!!!

    1. SchneiderMan April 3, 2012

      Could not have said it better myself mws! Montey, you are allowed to be highly opinionated on all things football but if I have to hear your political opinion anymore I am done with this blog.

  12. Ryan B April 2, 2012

    Sports fans shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Stick to what you actually know a little about.

    1. Vijay April 2, 2012

      Don’t you mean people in the south? Haha

  13. Kyle B. April 2, 2012

    Wow this is terrible… It’s racist, as well as prejudice towards Republicans and Christians! Why would you write this!

  14. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey April 2, 2012

    Haha Monty fucked the dog on this article. You’re a funny dude but your political stuff is kind of hackneyed my man.

    Also just a reminder all us honkeys are obligated to vote for the white republican nominee, Latinos for George Lopez, and Asians for Jeremy Lin.

    1. Vijay April 2, 2012

      Hil-a-rious!!! Great irony. Comedians can crack wise, so why can’t Monty? Oh yeah, he’s not a comedian…yet.

  15. Kozak April 2, 2012

    Must be hard to type with O bama’s knob so deeply imbedded in your anus.

    1. Vijay April 2, 2012


  16. wisconsinfan April 2, 2012

    I think there both nutjobs KGB and rick sanitarium that is

  17. tstreich99 April 2, 2012

    It seems that KBG is the one that is color blind – good for him. Stick to sports where you are average at best. Using this site for your half baked political views is unnecessary and foolish.

  18. Fumonty April 2, 2012

    Srsly? This is the most ignorant thing I’ve read this year. Get off your high horse ass clown; people are entitled to their own political beliefs and certainly don’t deserve the elitist, racist taunt from you. Voting republican doesn’t make someone country, dumb, racist, or have a lot of kids. Voting democrat doesn’t make someone elitist, socialist, or gay. your logic is usually spurious, but at least entertaining. This is BS and attempting to hide the offense as humor digs you deeper down the arse hole, arsehole.

  19. iltarion April 2, 2012

    Haha… Monty’s political leanings have been well-established. You should have known what to expect when you clicked the link to read.

    For the record, calling those who don’t agree with you “nutjobs” is pure intellectual laziness.

    Also, Rick Santorum is to the left of the Tea Party and candidates like Bachmann and Perry. Yes, he is to the right of Romney, but there are democrats to the right of Romney.

    Lincoln is the father of the Republican Party. No african-american should be criticized for being republican.

  20. cheeseheadbrewer April 2, 2012

    Hilarious! Monty, keep up the good work!

  21. brooksnelson87 April 2, 2012

    Whoah, you’re a sports blogger… and you’re politically opinionated? That’s apparently against the rules, man.

  22. seximexi April 2, 2012

    I find it fascinating that monty can use all the foul mouthed sexist and racist humour he wants except when it comes to politics. The racism in this article is mild at best. Jerry Falwell would be disappointed.

  23. packsoldier April 3, 2012

    That’s exactly the kind of sober, incisive political analysis I’d expect from a classy genius like Monty – the poor man’s Queef Uberdouche.

  24. packsoldier April 3, 2012

    By the way, you know what’s really funny? Rush Limbaugh’s still on the air and Keith Uberdouche isn’t. Shove that up your arse and light it on fire, Monty.

  25. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey April 3, 2012

    Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, even sports writers. But does that entitle them to share their opinion, just because they have a medium to express themselves? You wouldn’t expect your doctor to lecture you on his political beliefs during a proctology exam, or abide a tattoo artist drawing political symbols on your body that you didn’t request. Would you defend Tebow if he stated “abortion is murder” to Pam Oliver on the sideline? What, dude’s an athlete with a mic in his face, isn’t he entitled to his opinion?

    Just because you have an audience, that doesn’t mean you should or must tell people your personal thoughts on certain subjects. Do your job. The same problem I had with teachers growing up; you teach math, quit talking about Bush’s foreign policy and show me what “x” equals.

  26. chris k April 3, 2012

    There are apparently WAAAAY too many uptight VAG’s on this site, wow…..

    The guy has a dry sense of humor-go get a life people!

  27. MarcoFuckingPolo April 4, 2012

    I’m not american, and i couldn’t give a shit about your politics. Still, I do know a few things about it, and I don’t see any reason not to enjoy some funny trashtalk.

    We always have fun laughing at those dumb Minnesota sheepfuckers. We all know it’s true, but isn’t it a stereotype? Why aren’t you allowed to use stereotypes when it comes to politics?

  28. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey April 4, 2012

    Uhhh because it’s racist stereotyping? Seems pretty simple to me.

  29. Hacksaw April 4, 2012

    If Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle say racist things jokingly it’s funny. If you’re white your not allowed to do so. Now that’s equal rights, right? Wrong! Monty was clearly joking, but the fact that he’s not Dave Chapelle or Chris Rock makes these narrow minded shit stains scream racism. That’s what’s wrong with the world. So to all you thin- skinned pussies “TAKE A FUCKING JOKE” Know what a racist is before labeling someone. As for politics and religion, people need to keep that shit to themselves. Those topics cause way to much trouble.

  30. nurseratchett April 9, 2012

    Monty, I for one appreciate your humor, but then again, I actually HAVE a sense of humor. Get the FUCK over yourselves, people!

    Wouldn’t be awesome if you tools would comment on something this much when its football related? Y’all bitch about the politics, but look at all the posts…..more here than any other posting on this site.