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Tim Tebow

We know this news will excite you. It certainly has gotten us all fired up.

The Green Bay Packers have discussed trading for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, a.k.a. Jesus Boy, who is on the outs now that his team has signed Peyton Manning.

ESPN reports the Packers, Jaguars, Dolphins and Jets have discussed trading for Tebow. Reports have indicated the Broncos will take a fifth-round pick for the former first-round draft pick and the team wants to move him as soon as possible. It’s unknown how serious the Packers are about acquiring The Virgin Quarterback, although we doubt it’s their top priority.

Tebow would be nothing more than a backup in Green Bay and a project for coach Mike McCarthy. The Packers currently have another McCarthy project, Graham Harrell, holding the clipboard behind Aaron Rodgers. Last season’s backup, Matt Flynn, signed with Seattle earlier this week.

The Jaguars would seem to be the most logical landing spot for Tebow. He’s from Jacksonville, would have a chance to start right away and would help a franchise that can’t sell tickets sell tickets. Miami, who lost out on Flynn and is currently pretending David Garrard is their starting quarterback, also makes some sense. The Dolphins honored Tebow and his Florida Gators before a game last season. New York is considered a long shot.

McCarthy said he’d love to develop Tebow prior to the 2010 draft, so he’s on record as being a fan. If the Packers completed a trade, it would likely be with an eye toward giving Tebow a year or two to get better under McCarthy’s tutelage, before trading him for a high draft pick.

Tebow was statistically one of the NFL’s worst starting quarterbacks in 2011. He completed only 46.5 percent of his passes and had a rating of 72.9.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Richard March 20, 2012

    I’ve got a raging TeBoner just thinking about it…

  2. Tyrell Perry March 20, 2012

    I think I would die a little inside if the Pack ended up with him…

  3. Ryan March 20, 2012

    I am a current UF student and naturally a Tebow lover. But, I don’t want him in GB. I don’t want McCarthy spending his time developing a quarterback when he should be ensuring that this team returns to the Super Bowl.

    I also don’t want the hype/hoopla surrounding Tebow in GB. It is a completely unnecessary distraction and frankly I see little gain from it considering we would have to give something up to get him.

    That being said, I really hope this post doesn’t turn into a Tebow bashing unfair. Keep it classy, Packers fans.

  4. chris March 20, 2012


  5. Doug March 20, 2012

    I don’t see the point of bringing him in to an organization that lives and dies via the pass. And the last thing we need to be doing is giving up draft picks or roster players for someone whose style runs so counter (pun intended) to ours.

  6. Jurgens March 20, 2012

    No, no, no. They have to be smarter than this. I believe that if Tebow can put his pride aside, there is a role for him on some team. He could become a unique hybrid offensive weapon, but in a passing league he has little value as a traditional QB. Further, it would be an insane distraction and if/when the Packers lose a game the Tebowfanatics will start demanding he start. No one wants this circus.

  7. PackerBob March 20, 2012

    McCarthy says he would love to coach Tebow.

    I think I just threw up a little…

  8. Doug March 20, 2012


    No, no, no. They have to be smarter than this. I believe that if Tebow can put his pride aside, there is a role for him on some team. He could become a unique hybrid offensive weapon, but in a passing league he has little value as a traditional QB. Further, it would be an insane distraction and if/when the Packers lose a game the Tebowfanatics will start demanding he start. No one wants this circus.

    There is a role for him on some team…as a tight end.

  9. SoTxPhil March 20, 2012

    I could see Tebow coming in o the game in short yardage situations(that we usually fail on because GB doesn’t want to get AR hurt jumping over the pile or just run Kuhn up the middle)or some goalline situations. Other than that let MM try and make him a better QB. The price would have to be right though.

  10. nurseratchett March 20, 2012

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit….Ryan, out of respect for your request, I am not going to say very much….except….lets develop Nick Hill. He’s a down to earth guy who has an arm & can benefit greatly from McCarthy, Clements & Rodgers’ collective tutalage. If we want a back up the caliber of Flynn, we are closer with Harrell & Hill than Tebow.

    His biggest draw is ticket sales; one of the ESPN talking heads mentioned it as possibly his ONLY positive. I’m pretty sure of all the franchises in the NFL, Green Bay doesn’t need improved fan support.

    Even if his public religious exhibitions didn’t make me angry (as they did Christ-see Matthew 6:5-6), I still would see absolutely no reason the Packers should waste the money, the time, or the roster spot on Tebow. I saw Nick Hill play in college & have no doubts he would slaughter Tebow in competition for a spot on roster as a back up or even the practice squad.

    Ryan, I just set a record for most times typing Tebow’s name without adding the “L”. It was most difficult. You’re welcome.

    1. Ryan March 20, 2012

      I appreciate it. I just don’t see why personal attacks him are necessary. The guy hasn’t asked for all of this hoopla. Its just the fact that he has played like total crap for three quarters and then magically (divinely?) pulled out game after game. Frankly, the criticism of him should be directed at the media for obsessing over him.

      The criticism of him as a football player is another story. He probably isn’t destined to be a QB in this league, although its hard to argue with his win/loss record. Regardless, we don’t need a QB and I can’t think of anything Aaron Rodgers doing on the field that would ever warrant the fans wanting Tebow to play.

      As I said above, this seems like a major waste of time and money. But, I don’t criticize TT. (In fact, I never really have.) His moves (or lack thereof) can be frustrating, but the guy has a plan and it seems to usually work.

  11. Richard March 20, 2012

    Ted lives for decisions like this. Polarize the fans, then prove to everyone that he was right. He has everyone right where he wants them. The deal will get done if he really wants it done, and contrary to popular belief, a Tebow signing won’t be the single roster move that implodes this entire franchise.

  12. Tim March 20, 2012

    This would be nothing but wasted money that is needed for other positions.

    I would think Miami would be a better fit for him, as its a place he has a chance to be a starter.

  13. Tim March 20, 2012

    I’d rather have the Wisconsin Badgers quarterback as backup.

  14. Tim March 20, 2012

    “before trading him for a high draft pick”
    I can’t remember the last time the Packers traded anyone for a high draft pick. I doubt it would ever happen. The Packers usually just let them go.

  15. peter March 20, 2012

    Wait he can play Center right?

    Why would you give them a 5th for him they are stuck and need to unload him

  16. Matt March 20, 2012

    Please please do not pick up Tebow…. Let the Jaguars acquire him, he’s from there, so all the reason to send him home!!!!

  17. Korey ERb March 20, 2012

    This is intriguing. The fact that the Packers were mentioned this early in the trade process, and publicly, tells me that Packers GM Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy are indeed serious about the possibility of Tebow being a back-up to Rodgers in 2012. If you recall, they were interested in Michael Vick a while back, and Vick and Tebow couldn’t be different both on and off the field.

    Why does a Tebow trade to the Packers make sense?

    McCarthy stated before the 2010 draft he would love the chance to develop Tebow, and the fact the Packers (who don’t like drama) are still publicly interested in him in 2012 (even after actually seeing him play live and witnessing the whole ‘Tebowmania’ stuff) says McCarthy still feels the same way, and Thompson is up to the challenge of the trade and its ramifications.
    I’m betting Thompson would part with a 5th round pick for Tebow, but nothing higher. That seems to be in line with what Denver is looking for.
    The Packers are a world class organization, a winning organization, a family type organization. McCarthy and his crew are known for developing NFL Quarterbacks, including back-up QBs who have become successful starters in the NFL. That will be a great pull to Tebow.
    Christianity is extremely important to Tebow. Several members of of the Packers offensive and defensive leadership are devout Christians. Thompson’s Christian faith is also factor here.
    The talk of Tebow going somewhere else and truly completing for a staring job, seems odd. Here’s why: The teams he’s been linked to already have starting quarterbacks, or have recently signed a QB with starting NFL experience with the intention that THEY would be the starter, not Tebow. This includes, Jacksonville and Miami, Philly and Buffalo and maybe New England.
    While Miami may seem like an attractive landing spot for Tebow, Miami is also organizationally dysfunctional from ownership on down. Plus, they recently signed QB David Garrard and Matt More will return to complete for the starting job. Miami couldn’t decide if Matt Flynn was worth it or not, even with ex GB coach Philbin now as the new Fins coach so they passed on him, hoping he’ll be the next Kevin Kolb and not the next Matt Schaub. It’s really hard to imagine Tebow in that dysfunctional environment, regardless of the local fan base.
    Jacksonville is equally an intriguing landing place for Tebow. Currently, the Jags have four Qbs on their roster: Blain Gabberts, Luke McCown, Dan LeFevour and the recently signed Chris Henne. All have starting experience and would be ahead of Tebow on an OTA depth cart, this spring. While the local fans would LOVE Tebow returning to the Central Florida area, this doesn’t really provide a lot of immediate up side for Tebow. Plus, the Jags are under new ownership, and while signing Tebow might initially boost Jersey and ticket sales, my guess even the’ Tebow Magic’ would not be able to get the Jags Defense up to par for all the hoopla.
    Buffalo signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a huge deal in 2011, and he’ll start for the Bills in 2012, period. Could Tebow be a back up there? Sure, but Chan Galley and Asst Head Coach Dave Wannstedt aren’t exactly known for developing Quarterbacks—as true quarterbacks. Galley might want to use Tebow as another Kordell Stewart. But don’t forget, the Bills signed Brad Smith last year, so they already have a version of Tebow that can play quarterback and WR. Do they really need another one?
    Tony Dungy recently said Philly could be landing place for Tebow. Really? With Vick and Young I just don’t see it, although with Andy Reid’s ability to work with Qbs stranger things have happened.
    New England is probably the only other likely fit for Tebow. I can see Tim Tebow learning from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, as New England has been rumored to be interested in Tebow as back-up. I can’t see Belichick giving anything but a 5th round pick for Tebow though. That makes it an equal offer to what Thompson and the Packers will likely propose. If that occurs, I think Tebow goes to GB.
    While John Elway and the Broncos are clearly going to trade Tebow and get the best value they can for him, my guess is that Tebow will have at least ‘some’ influence as to where he goes—provided the compensation to Denver is similar, i.e. everything being equal. Elway stated publicly, he values Tebow so much as a person, he’s the kind of guy he’d “like his daughter to marry”. You can’t get a better character reference than that. Thus, the Broncos will try to ‘do right’ by Tebow and get his input into the trade process, perhaps more so than a typical trade for someone of Tebow’s on the field value. To me that indicates that Tebow will be allowed to steer this trade to the team he chooses, provided the trade compensation is equal and aligns with what Denver feels is okay overall. Green Bay is an NFC team, and the Broncos will not likely face Green Bay again anytime soon unless a Superbowl match up is scheduled. That is a factor. They will listen to what he wants, provided everything is equal. That favors Green Bay, if this plays out as I think it will.
    Green Bay will need to bring in, or draft, another Quarterback in 2012 regardless of what happens with Tebow. With Matt Flynn now gone to Seattle, only back-up Graham Harrell remains in GB. Can Graham Harrell be a quality #2? Maybe, but maybe not. Trading a 5th round pick for Tebow is probably better than actually drafting a QB in the 5th round anyway. You know what you’re getting with Tebow and he has proven, faults and all, that he can win in the NFL. That can’t be understated. Will Tebow need work? Of course. Can Tebow actually be a true QB in the NFL? Maybe, maybe not. My best guess is that McCarthy probably thinking he could be an NFL QB someday and would like to try to mold him. Considering Tebow has never really had anyone as skilled as McCarthy and his QB coaching crew (like the GB QB offseason school) working with him consistently, it may be a reason he’s now on the trading block in Denver. When you look at all the facts and circumstances both in Denver, in Green Bay and around the league, it really appears (to me anyway) that Tebow in Green Bay probably makes the most sense. Of course getting value for draft picks in the NFL is the ultimate currency…so a higher draft pick offer (3rd round, etc) would trump all. And, no one holds onto NFL drafts picks and their perceived value more than Green Bay’s Ted Thompson. He has only only ONCE traded up in a draft, early, and that was to get Clay Mathews III. That worked out pretty well. I’m guessing trading a 5th round draft pick for Tim Tebow would work out pretty darn good too.

    1. billyschwills March 21, 2012

      Wow are you paid by the word? Verbose is a fucking understatement. You must be really fun at parties.

      Just a tip, try cutting out about 80% of your bullshit and you will be 150% more tolerable and interesting.

    2. Kristofer from Oshkosh March 21, 2012

      ferfuxsake man.

      1. billyschwills March 21, 2012

        See? You said it all in 2 words. That asshole took up half the internet to talk about his interesting views.

  18. Apeshit March 20, 2012

    Holy fucking shit…. Worlds longest post… I just had a seizure.

    1. Savage57 March 21, 2012

      I just woke up.

  19. iltarion March 20, 2012

    Actually, I see nearly ZERO sense in the notion of Tebow coming to Green Bay.

    The #1 thing Tebow wants is to start. He has ZERO chance to do that here.

    There is zero comparison between JAX, MIA, BUF and here. All three of those teams could clearly need a franchise QB, which the Packers do not need. Even in BUF, if Fitzpatrick has a year similar to last, the Bills may be looking to get free of his contract. Signing Tebow could be just the fire Fitz needs lit under his ass.

    In MIA and JAX, I don’t care who they recently signed. Tebow could very well be the starter for either team.

    Secondly, Graham Harrell is a more talented prospect than Matt Flynn was. The Packers aren’t desperate for a back up QB, or they wouldn’t have given Harrell the same contract they gave Flynn.

    Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the Packers are an already popular, championship caliber team. Tebow would be a distraction, an unwarranted one. What would be the payoff that would justify that??

    The only way I see this making any sense is if McCarthy has a plan to use Tebow in like short yardage or something. The Packers haven’t exactly been money on 3rd and 2 for years now.

    But, I expect Tebow will have a say in where he goes, and I suspect GB would be near the bottom of the list because there is no chance for him to start here.

  20. The Floridian Packer Fan March 20, 2012

    Korey, awesome post, and I agree with ya. Tim needs to improve, who better then last seasons MVP? Plus, if Tim is able to improve his game, and gets a chance to show it off, like Mat, maybe GB will be in a better situation to trade him for anything higher then what they give to that horse toothed jackass in Denver. More depth at the qb position (isn’t that what GB is know for, depth?) and a higher draft pick or two in the future, its a win, win situation. GO GET JESUS BOY TT!!

  21. TyKo Steamboat March 20, 2012

    Trade Clay Matthews III for Tebow…do you think the Doncos would take him (Matthews) off of our hands?

    1. Peter March 21, 2012

      And the idiot of the week statement goes to you
      Congratulations you won a signed Brett Favre dick pic

  22. Mr Hurd March 21, 2012

    Can’t do it, the Pack aldredy retired #15

  23. Hacksaw March 21, 2012

    Tebow would be a good tight end. Lol!