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No Tag For Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn

People have been speculating about it for weeks. In the end, the Green Bay Packers did what they always do this time of year — sit on their hands.

The Packers decided not to place the franchise tag on quarterback Matt Flynn, meaning the team will let him walk in free agency and the only compensation they’ll get is a compensatory pick in next year’s draft. It’s likely to be a third-round pick.

Had the Packers placed the tag on Flynn, they would have done so in order to trade him. A deal was likely to net them a second-round pick this year and possibly a player. In the end, the risk of getting stuck with Flynn and a $14.4 million one-year contract was obviously a risk the organization wasn’t ready to take.

So, we’ll wish Flynn well in Miami, Seattle or wherever he ends up and dream about the second-round pick that could have been.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Peter March 5, 2012

    Ted was not as slick as Ron Wolf was with this one. The Pack made a killing on trading their back-ups in the 90’s

    1. PackerBob March 5, 2012

      If the Packers had wanted to trade Flynn it should have been at the beginning of the season. But they wanted a backup QB that could taken over for Rogers if he was injured. Remember, the Pack was favored to win go to the Superbowl this year. Also, at that point he only had the one start against the Patriots, so he value would have been lower, and certainly not worth 2nd round pick.

  2. David March 5, 2012

    Peyton Manning killed this opportunity. The doormats in the NFL are all drooling for the opportunity to squabble for Manning’s services for 1-3 years.

    1. PackerBob March 5, 2012


    2. PackerBob March 5, 2012

      Although I’m a bit surprised with Philbin in Miami, and in need of a QB, that something wasn’t work out with them.

  3. iltarion March 5, 2012

    Some good points already made here.

    Peyton Manning is definitely a factor. The Dolphins are among those interested in him.

    What is also a huge factor, which didn’t exist in the 90s, is the new caps on the draft. You can now target a QB in either of the first two rounds and pay him peanuts. And when you consider the draft caps and a lower, percentage-wise, overall salary cap, all the draft picks become more valuable than ever.

    I’m not sure where the 2nd round pick notion came from. Just because the Eagles got a 2nd rounder and DRC for Kolb? The Cardinals were looking to dump DRC after he became an underachieving malcontent for them, and based off his play for the Eagles, they were wise to. Unfortunately for them, Kolb ended up no where near the value of a second round pick.

    As I argued before, other teams weren’t likely to repeat that error.

  4. Kevin March 5, 2012

    I’ll put my faith that TT was able to look into his crystal ball and realize tagging Flynn wouldn’t work. They don’t call him the white wizard for nothing!
    So now do we totally step aside during free agency to ensure that we get the third round comp pick for Flynn? (cause signing any free agent would lower that pick.)
    Another quick question–is TT hoping Wells signs a monster deal with someone so he gets a 3rd for Flynn and a 4th for Wells? I realize that puts us into a huge hole on the OL and makes us rely on a rookie starting at center and making all the line calls/adjustments.

    1. E. Wolf March 6, 2012

      White Wizard? I call him THE POLAR BEAR.

      1. KJ March 6, 2012

        The Polar Bear? I call him Dusty-Top McGraw.

        1. E. Wolf March 7, 2012

          No, he’s THE POLAR BEAR. He has a thick white coat, like A POLAR BEAR.

  5. MC March 6, 2012

    In reality the Packers probably only received a 3rd at best or 4th round pick. That is why Ted did not tag Flynn. Two games does not justify a second round pick.