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Flynn Wants To Sign With Miami, But Dolphins Are Idiots

Matt Flynn

We’re pretty sure this is going to end badly for the Miami Dolphins.

They’ve emerged as the preferred destination for Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn, but they’re ham fisting the situation like Jerry Angelo or Matt Millen was running the organization.

Flynn is still visiting the Seattle Seahawks today, but reportedly won’t sign with anyone before visiting the Dolphins and his former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Obviously, Flynn, like the rest of us, thinks his best chance of success is with the guy who coached him the past four seasons.

He’s headed to Miami after he leaves Seattle and we’d suggest Flynn would be a Dolphin by the time the weekend was over, but — get this — the team is reportedly low balling him.

Matt Flynn still wants to sign with the Dolphins, but the team is low-balling the offer, thinking he’ll take it just to play for Philbin.

Brilliant strategy. Let’s go over this real quick.

You’ve got a team, in Seattle, that needs a quarterback and is desperate to make a splash in free agency. Your team has been rebuffed by Peyton Manning. You’re not going to get a starting quarterback in the draft unless you reach for one. Your starter from last season signed with another team. The free agent market for quarterbacks, after Flynn, is dry.

So the guy you want wants to play for you and you’re pretty much out of options after that. Better low ball him.

The Dolphins are going to end up with David Garrard at this point and they deserve him.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Peter March 16, 2012

    Wonder if Philbin is regretting his choice of joining an organization with shit-head owners. From what I’ve read Philbin wants Flynn but the owners don’t. Guess they are still hoping for Manning or Dan Marino to come out of retirement.

    Flynn should go to Seattle better chance to win in the nfc west.

  2. Keith March 16, 2012

    I hope Philbin fights for Flynn and gets him the money he deserves and ends up with a quality QB

  3. Vijay March 16, 2012

    They’ve got Matt Moore down there…he’s not the worst QB in the league.

  4. rick March 16, 2012

    How many games has this guy played. Oh yeah with a small sample size he was great. Philbin is involved in all the decisions, so if he with the other owners offered the kid a low ball contract. Maybe thats what the second stringer is worth. I thought people in Green Bay were football smart. With Cassle and Kolb you got a better sample size and he still turned out horrible. If he wants to run in a system he is familiar with, and could have imediate success come to Miami if not join Seattle, and fight for the job with lol… Jackson!! God nows Pete Carrol is a great choice of talent for QB’s

    1. Peter March 16, 2012

      The difference between Flynn and the Cassle and Kolb cases is Philbin has watched him practice and prepare over the years. He has a way better idea of the type of qb he is and going to be. Dn’t forget he also went toe to toe with Tom Brady in Fox Borough.

    2. Kozak March 17, 2012

      What was the sample size on Rodgers when the Packers decided to go with him over Faaaavvvvrrreee?
      Oh yeah, the coaches had watched him practice a couple of years. Kind of like Philbin and Flynn.

  5. Wibawa March 16, 2012

    The Phins have traded their best WR to the Bears. Flynn has more weapons and committed organization in Seattle. He should sign the contract now. Miami will lure Dan Marino from retirement as the article suggests.

  6. Jerry March 16, 2012

    Are you guys retarted? What makes you think Matt Flynn will be a good QB? 1 good game he had against a terrible lions secondary in the last game of the season. I really hope they dont sign this joker and draft kirk cousins in the second round. Much better option that Flynn.

    1. Zack March 17, 2012


  7. iltarion March 16, 2012

    To know what “low balling” means we have to first know what Flynn and his agent are asking for.

    No, Matt Moore isn’t the worst QB in the world. And it isn’t like the Dolphins are going to the Super Bowl if they get Flynn.

    Pay Flynn like $8 mil a year or draft a QB early in the 2nd and get by developing him at less than $1 mil a year? I don’t know. It is a reasonable choice either way.

  8. Jerry March 16, 2012

    What makes you think Matt Flynn will be a good QB? 1 good game he had against a terrible lions secondary in the last game of the season. I really hope they dont sign this joker and draft kirk cousins in the second round. Much better option that Flynn.

  9. Ron Mexico March 17, 2012

    Moore signed with Jacksonville. It’s Flynn or draft in the second round and resign themselves to “rebuilding.” or sign Gerrard or Collins or something equally awful.

    1. Dol-phan March 17, 2012

      No, Moore did not sign with Jacksonville, he is under contract with the Miami Dolphins. Chad Henne signed with Jacksonville. If the Dolphins do not get Flynn they still have Moore.

  10. Jacob March 17, 2012

    Henne signed with Jacksonville not Moore. As a Miami fan I think they should give Flynn a shot because he has at least been in the league and sat behind Rogers. Anyone in the draft wud be just as much, if not more, of a gamble but I’m not at all certain he’s gonna be the franchise quarterback we’ve been looking for since Marino.

  11. Robert March 17, 2012

    Moore did not sign with Jacksonville, Chad Henne did. IMO Moore Flynn are almost the same player

  12. B coe March 17, 2012

    @Ron Mexico No Henne signed with Jacksonville. Get your facts straight before posting comments…

  13. DJR March 17, 2012

    I know you folks in Green Bay are frozen solid nearly year round, so I can understand the great concern and fondness you have for Miami and South Beach, but we really don’t need your two cents worth.

    We think it is best to think things over before shelling out $10 million a season to a QB with TWO whole career starts. Focus on your brautwurst and snow shoes and we will focus on our hot babes and warm weather. Thanks.

  14. Apeshit March 20, 2012

    We’ll focus on winning super bowls n you guys can focus on David fucking Garrard!! Dickbags!