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Chris Myers

Things have slowed on the free agent front, but there have still been some notable developments over the past two days. Most notably for the Green Bay Packers, is center Scott Wells signed with the St. Louis Rams, getting a deal that averages more than $6 million a season over four years.

Master of Disaster, Ted Thompson, obviously has some top secret play for replacing Wells that involves sitting around and doing nothing. Just take a look.


Houston re-signed center Chris Myers, who had been continually linked to the Packers, to a four-year, $25 million deal with $14 million guaranteed. Myers was the top center on the market, but received almost the exact same contract Wells got in St. Louis. It seems pretty obvious the Packers don’t want to pay any center more than $6 million per season.


The Peyton Manning Derby is down to three teams — Denver, Tennessee and San Francisco, with the 49ers being a last-minute surprise entrant. The Niners watched Manning throw on Tuesday and there has been at least one report that they’ve emerged as the favorites to sign Manning.


Remember Atari Bigby? He played last season in Seattle, started two games and totaled 18 tackles. The oft-injured safety actually managed to play in 15 games for the Seahawks. He’ll play this season with the Chargers after signing a two-year deal for $2.5 million that could increase to $4.5 million with incentives.

The Bolts also added another speed receiver, signing Eddie Royal away from division rival Denver. Royal got a four-year deal.


The Raiders continued to drop big contracts, cutting linebacker Kamerion Wimbley. If the price is right, we’ve surmised the Packers might actually kick the tires on Wimbley. He had 16 sacks over the past two seasons and would provide a pass rush threat opposite Clay Matthews. Of course, we’re pretty sure Ted Thompson’s thumb is surgically glued up his ass.


We’ve also discussed the possibility of Levi Brown coming to Green Bay to handle the left tackle spot. Brown was released by the Cardinals, but they quickly re-signed him, making such speculation moot. Brown got a five-year deal to stay in Arizona.


The Chicago Bears quietly re-signed veteran defensive end Israel Idonije. He only got a one-year deal, which is a good sign the Bears are trying to replace him. They reportedly coveted Mario Williams, but didn’t get a chance to court him.


The one guy the Packers actually inquired about, defensive end Kendall Langford, signed with St. Louis today. Langford got a four-year, $24 million deal. The Packers called Langford’s agent, but didn’t bother to set up a visit.


The Falcons, who have been doing about as much as the Packers in free agency, re-signed veteran pass rusher John Abraham. He got a three-year deal he probably won’t play out. Abraham is 34 and only plays on passing downs, but had 9.5 sacks last season and 13 the year before.


New England looks like they’re about to land one of the top receivers on the market — Brandon Lloyd, who spent last season with Denver and St. Louis. This could end Chad Ochocinco‘s time with the Patriots.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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  1. Vijay March 17, 2012

    Wimbley and Satele would both be good value signings for the Packers (both from the Raiders). Satele is an upgrade in run blocking and size over Wells but is not as smart or scrappy in pass protection. He can pull and bury opponents at times but he struggles getting to the 2nd level blocks at times.

    Wimbley would be a great option IMO, however, don’t count on him to be anything more than serviceable in pass coverage (gets abused by elite TEs). He is not a one trick pony because he is fairly stout against the run but his main claim to fame is his relentless pass rush capability. For the right price, he would be a good, young FA signing because you could stick Clay on the stud TE in coverage schemes and let Wimbley pin his ears back and apply the pressure. Also, he has played mostly in the 4-3 system with his hand in the dirt. He does project to standing up in a 3-4 but would need some time (training camp) to adjust.

  2. Kevin March 17, 2012

    Vijay, would it be better to stick Clay on the stud TE or Woodson? I’m thinking if we can generate any sort of pass rush, then our DBs will have a much season. I really like Williams and Shields at the corners with Woodson playing the roover/nickel position where he can cover a slot WR or TE or blitz from anywhere on the field. Of course this only works with some pass rush, which is why I would love Wimbley but feel that his contract will be too rich for TT’s blood

  3. iltarion March 17, 2012

    Monty, for a guy who hates Bert Favre so much, your thinly-veiled contempt for TT is quite strange.

    I know, everyone would like to have a GM like Dan Snyder minus the idiocy. But everyone also likes to overlook the fact that the 4 teams with the highest winning percentage in recent years: the Patriots, Colts, Steelers and Packers never spend big money on other team’s free agents.

    I safely assume TT has prepared for the contingency of Wells leaving. Centers are readily picked in the late rounds of the draft. Wells was a late round selection himself. There are also a bevy of veteran centers available, likely at around the league minimum.

    The Packers didn’t push for Langford because his agent was asking for too much for a guy that doesn’t rush the passer.

    I also believe that Wimbley would be a great addition for the Packers, but I still doubt that TT will spend the money to get him. He likely will get at least $7 million a year; whereas, the Packers can use their 1st round pick on the same position and pay him less than $2 million.

    It is actually nice to see the bottom feeders of the NFL making all the big signings.

    People can complain about the Packers not signing anyone, but neither has any of the Packers’ main competitors.

    1. peter March 17, 2012

      As the saying goes those who play in March don’t play in January

  4. E. J. March 17, 2012

    I agree with Iltarion for the most part. Most of these guys are over-payed, and the draft is the best way to go. BUT , when a guy like Cullen Jenkins gets away, he needs to be replaced. TT seems to be stubborn sometimes, and the D line was NOT championship caliber last year. This is our window… let’s DOMINATE. It only takes one guy here and there. Let’s get Bunkley or Wimbley. Not both.

    As far as center goes, it’s too bad Scott had to leave, but we’ll find someone. Dietrich-Smith looks good, and I was impressed with Sampson Genus last pre-season as a potential backup. The fact we lost Wells is more reason that we should sign Bunkley or Wimbley. How about it, Ted ?

  5. I Got Woodson March 17, 2012

    Are you seriously shitting on Ted Thompson a year after a Super Bowl win? Free agency is a piss-poor way to build a team — a significant number of FAs don’t pan out with their new team and the ones who do are very expensive. The Packers don’t have a ton of cap space anyway and want to be able to resign Matthews and Jennings and re-up Rodgers.

    95% of the time you guys do a fantastic job with this site. But when you shit on TT for being patient you sound as ignorant and short-sighted as Vikings fans.

    1. Kristofer from Oshkosh March 18, 2012

      I agree. Back off TT and be more of a Green Bay Packers fan- as I hope you are. ferfuxsake man

      1. Kristofer from Oshkosh March 18, 2012

        I definately read this site less and less because of things you write Monty. You just have some arbitrary ideas. Maybe you do it to spark poeple’s comments?

  6. Apeshit March 17, 2012

    And bears fans… Nice pick up with Marshall …tick toc tick toc

  7. ay hombre March 18, 2012

    The Apollo Creed comparison is a little out there but Ted typically does have his thumb up his ass in free agency. Usually it is with purpose and I think Monty gets that as well.

    It’s a big joke on Twitter that there are Green Bay football writers taking their vacation time during free agency week. Except it’s not a joke….they really do.

    I take (most of it) Monty’s comments with a high level of “it’s fun to rip on the boss no matter what.”

    In my opinion if we don’t make a big move up in the draft and get some pass-rushing help, next season’s defense will give up more yards than last.

    I have nothing but respect in Ted…but he seems to be digging a bit of a hole in my opinion.

  8. PackerBob March 18, 2012

    Fuck da Bears!!

  9. mxz600 March 18, 2012

    #5 written by I Got Woodson
    03/17/2012 – 12:52 pm
    Are you seriously shitting on Ted Thompson a year after a Super Bowl win? Free agency is a piss-poor way to build a team…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Were not building a team, were plugging holes, or trying to…Before free agency we had 3 holes, pass rusher, safety?. and LT…Sorry Boys…Newhouse has feet dried in cement, and Sherrod couldn’t beat out Newhouse. So now, we need a center (who TT knew would probably be gone 2 years ago. Bad planning?….Bad OL draft picks? Bad development of back up players not getting it done…whatever, you cant fill all those holes in 1 draft year. Without free agency, and Reggie White, We may not have won the 96-97 SB. Anyone recall a free agent signing of Charles Woodson…..Your right, free agency isn’t the way to build a team….But J C…TT?….Show us your still breathing……..SAY something, to anyone, anywhere.

  10. Savage57 March 19, 2012

    It’s easy to second-guess TT, but he’s got AR, CM3 and GJ contracts to re-do this season. Would anyone like to see an unknown FA be signed, overpaid (as most FA’s are) and then not have the cash or the cap space to do the contract to keep one of the big 3 around?

    The guy knows what he’s doing and there’s a reason his fucking hair is white.

  11. iltarion March 19, 2012

    I would like to point out again to the naysayers that the Packers had all these same “holes” last season and went 15-1.

    TT can only build a team capable of winning a championship. He can’t do the coaching or playing that it takes to get there.

    Obviously, the Packers were plenty capable of winning it, and will be again this year.

    The reference to Reggie White is comical. Free agency was a completely different animal back then. Nearly all of our free agent pick ups were veterans nearing the end of their careers. Reggie was also in his 30s, though in today’s market he still would have broken the bank.