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Bush Is Back In The Fold

Jarrett Bush

Pretty much just as soon as we were done going over cornerback Jarrett Bush‘s free agent options, news arrived he had re-signed with the Green Bay Packers.

Bush signed a three-year deal. Financials have not been reported.

The move is the first signing the Packers have made since free agency started and brings back the team’s best special teams player and one of their top defensive backups.

Bush tested the market — visiting the Jets and Arizona — before re-signing with the Packers because he wanted to see if he could find a starting job. He didn’t and ultimately received the best offer from the Packers.

“The only way he would have left the Packers was if there was a starting job and any big upfront money,” his agent Derrick Fox said. “He absolutely loves Mike (McCarthy), Dom Capers and the entire organization. This kid has a great personality and he loves it there.”

The Packers will now, presumably, turn their attention to replacing center Scott Wells.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Richard March 20, 2012

    I never understood the hate for Jarrett Bush. It’s not like he’s breaking the bank or anything. Compare his salary to A.J. Hawk’s…plus he did have an INT in the Super Bowl, even if he was in the wrong spot on the field at the time

    1. Asimov March 20, 2012

      Kudos to acknowledging the product of that INT. I like Bush as a ST’er, and a last ditch CB, but unfortunately he brings a lot of risk in his coverage. Sure that risk can be outweighed a bit with his athleticism, but until he has his head in the right places at the right time, I’d like to keep him on just ST as often as possible.

    2. peter March 20, 2012

      Have you watched him for 4 years? Yeah he made the play in the super bowl which I was happy about but that was the only play he had ever made before this season. And this season it was only on Special Teams. He is an awful corner no awareness of the ball, gets burned a lot and can’t cover. Bush was responsible for a lot of blown games in 2009 season. As long as he’s off the field during defense and stays to Special teams I’m fine with his mil a year contract.

  2. PackerBob March 20, 2012

    He wasn’t going to get starting gig anywhere else so it made sense to come back to GB. He’s a excellent special teams players, and a lot of that goes unnoticed.

  3. iltarion March 20, 2012

    Throughout McCarthy’s run here, he has mostly just blown smoke at a commitment to special teams.

    This might be the first instance where an actual commitment of sorts was shown. Bush has developed into an excellent special teams player, and it would have been a shame to see him go after suffering years of growing pains with the guy.

    He has the athleticism to do whatever he wants in the NFL. The problem is he would rather jump routes that straight cover guys.

    He deserves credit for that pick in the Super Bowl. He may have ignored his own guy, but he saw where the QB wanted to go with the football and jumped it. Like Woodson, he is actually a pretty dangerous guy when in the middle of the field. His problem is that he is dangerous to the defense when lined up on the outside.

    This contract pays him just above the veteran minimum. It is a good signing for the Packers.

    1. Dylan March 21, 2012

      Blown smoke? pretty sure our punter is one of the best in the league (set the Packers record for net avg. last year) not to mention Mason Crosby is very solid. What about Randall Cobb, overall our ST unit was in the top half in every aspect last year, I’ll take that any day.