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Packers May Open On Wednesday Night

Yesterday, the NFL announced they’ll open the season on Wednesday, September 5, rather than opening with the traditional Thursday night game. The move was made so the game didn’t conflict with Barack Obama’s address to the Democratic National Convention.

The teams for the game haven’t been announced yet, but we know the New York Giants, as the Super Bowl champions, will host someone. That someone may well be the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers are scheduled to play at New York in 2012 and of the Giants’ scheduled home opponents, they would appear to be the most attractive for a season-opening prime-time game. The then-defending champion Packers opened the 2011 season against the previous season’s Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, so there’s obviously some precedent.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see the attractiveness of the last two Super Bowl champs opening 2012. The game could also be billed as a revenge game for the Packers, who were unceremoniously ousted by the Giants in the divisional round of the playoffs last season.

Then again, the NFL isn’t run by brain surgeons, so anything could happen.

The only time the Packers have played on a Wednesday night was in 1938. The last time an NFL game was played on Wednesday was in 1948, a game where the Rams faced the Lions.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Shmoseph February 29, 2012

    Bring’em on! Lets set the tone for season, and make an early statement :) GoPackGo

  2. Savage57 February 29, 2012

    I hope that they get to play the G-men and CM3 goes all ‘Kevin Kolb’ on Eli’s ass.

  3. Ron Mexico February 29, 2012

    ehhh let’s not wish injury. Let’s just wish that the Packers come out fired up for the humiliation they suffered at the hands of a lesser team.

  4. iltarion February 29, 2012

    I also would be pumped for this match up.

    A defending Super Bowl champ has not lost this opening game since its inception. Making the Giants the first would be a fitting revenge.