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They Love Matt Flynn In Seattle

Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn is likely to be in demand when he becomes a free agent. Unless something unforeseen happens and the Packers re-sign him, Flynn has likely seen his last game as a member of the Packers.

While there are a number of potential landing sports for Aaron Rodgers‘ backup — Miami, Washington, Cleveland — they’re already clamoring for Flynn in Seattle.

Since he gave presumptive league MVP Rodgers an afternoon off on New Year’s Day, and threw for 480 yards (a team record) and six touchdowns (another team record) in a meaningless season-finale victory over Detroit, Matt Flynn has become to the Pacific Northwest what Tim Tebow is to the world.

The sports talk shows on Seattle radio stations are in an all-Flynn, all-the-time mode.

The move makes some sense. The Seahawks are sitting around with Minnesota castoff Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback.

Jackson threw for 3,091 yards with a whopping 14 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his first season in Seattle. Even with that, if you recall his time in Minnesota, you know he pretty much sucks. So what would the Seahawks have to lose by throwing some money at Matt Flynn? Not a hell of a lot.

The other thing connecting Flynn to Seattle is their general manager, John Schneider, who was with the Packers when the team drafted Flynn in 2008. Certainly, he probably knows more about Flynn than most general managers around the league and also knows he needs a solution not named Tarvaris Jackson.

Also notable is both Washington and Cleveland are expected to consider drafting a quarterback, which could leave the market for Flynn relatively small.

The Packers may just see him leading an opposing playoff team in Seattle next season.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Richard January 18, 2012

    Great, now Flynn will have a chip on his shoulder and GB will end up losing another Lambeau game in the playoffs, this time to the Seachickens, who up til now have been the only team to play worse playoff football at Lambeau than the Packers over the last 10 years.

  2. tkhelland January 18, 2012

    Hes going be the next hasselbeck, a packer back up that will lead the ‘hawks to the playoffs though I was hoping he’d end up somewhere in the afc

  3. calipackfan January 18, 2012

    Flynn will be sleepless in Seattle

  4. Walter January 18, 2012

    We need to keep Flynn. He was undefeated at Lambeau this year when he was the starting quarterback.

  5. Richard January 18, 2012

    Is it true that Flynn is only the 3rd QB besides Marino and Warner to throw at least 3 TDs in his first 2 starts? Add in the Packer single game records (and the fact that he did it at cold Lambeau against a team with a good 4 man rush) and its starting to sound like might be pretty good if given a chance.

  6. whatusaid January 18, 2012

    packers have to get something for flynn. QB’s don’t grow on trees.

  7. Dave January 18, 2012

    Flynn’s awesome I’ll be on his side as long as he’s not playing the pack. Definitely wish him the best, and I’m sure he’s thankful for what he learned in GB. Doubt he has a chip on his shoulder knowing Arod is in front of him…

  8. Richard January 18, 2012

    Good point Walter. I guess Matt Flynn and Eli Manning will always have that 2011 connection in common.

    1. iltarion January 18, 2012

      1-0 or 7-1?

      Yeah, I’ll take the 7-1 any time.

  9. robbie January 18, 2012

    we should trade rodgers and keep flynn then…wtf…lol…they cannot let him just walk away, they should do wat New england did with matt cassell franshice him and then trade him, as far as we gotta use the tag on finley fuck finley dude is such a fucking chump they should cut aj hawk to he fucking sucks, the packers shoulda drafted vernon davies instead of him and wth was TT thinking when he kept hawk instead of barnett? idk…oh and let cullen jenkins go another dumb move f em

  10. Vijay January 18, 2012

    We better not catch Flynn declaring ‘we want the ball, we’re gonna score’ in a playoff game…that would just be too weird.

  11. iltarion January 18, 2012

    Matt Hasselbeck 2.0? Come on, that’s too weird.

    Why the eff would anyone give the Packers crap for Flynn when they know the Packers have to trade him?

    Matt Cassell was a totally different story. He had played an entire season and was 11-5. Matt Flynn has played 2 games and is 1-1.

    Tom Brady was coming off of major knee surgery. It was possible that the Patriots needed to keep Cassell around.

    Yet, even with all that, the deal never gets done if the Patriots didn’t have personal relationships with the front office of the Chiefs.

  12. Richard January 18, 2012

    Matt Flynn was only 1-1? That stinks, except that one loss was against a 14-2 Patriots team at their place. There aren’t many who have looked better after only 2 starts.

  13. Walter January 19, 2012

    We need to keep Flynn. Is everyone forgetting about Flynn’s moxie?

  14. NickVick74 January 19, 2012

    I hope they franchise him and get something back in return. He doesn’t have a lot of on field experience but has looked great when he gets a chance.

    I would hope he doesn’t go to the Seacocks, but if the price is right why not? He’s played well enough in limited time to at least get a shot at leading a team.

    I say package him and Finley to and AFC team with a top ten pick and grab Trent Richardson! It’ll never happen… but we can dream!

  15. Lovan Green February 1, 2012

    Why does everyone hate on the Seahawks what the problem we played some good football this year I would love to have Fynn but i still think that we would be fine with T Jack we went 7-9 with a hurt Quarterback and serveral Rookie playing we were not that bad we had 5 pro bowls. 3 members of our secondary went to the playoff it would have been four if Sherman played the full seasob come on give me a break with the trashing the seahawks how many teams have 3 pro bowler from the secondary. come on we are getting good.