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Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

If ever there was a team coming into these playoffs under the radar, the Falcons are that team. Although the Giants are only tepid three-point home favorites, the coverage and media adoration would lead you to believe it’s a whole lot more one-sided than that.

The Falcons were upset as the No. 1 seed a year ago and they know it was an opportunity lost. Think back to the Packers of 2009 and how they lost at Arizona in the playoffs. Many Packers players have stated that game was a catalyst to last season and this season’s success. The Falcons know what’s in front of them, and they will be ready.

The question all year has been about the Falcons’ identity. When you mortgage the franchise for a player like Julio Jones, you’re expected to throw the ball around and this has been to the detriment of the Falcons all year long. In the Packers game early in the year they had us on the ropes and then for some unforeseen reason, the Falcons completely abandoned the run. Michael Turner carried the ball three straight times to start the second half, then saw only three additional carries the rest of the game, much of which the Falcons led or trailed by one score.

Instead it was Matty “freaking” Ice back there acting like Peyton Manning in the shotgun, with only one problem. Well, two problems actually. Number one, Matty Ice ain’t Peyton Manning and number two is RUN THE FREAKING BALL! It seems like some teams are more interested in being the Packers than beating them and the Falcons are first in line.

The Falcons win this game if Brent Grimes can control Victor Cruz after the catch, and Michael Turner gets 25 touches. If you stop Victor Cruz, the Giants are a lot less scary.

The Giants have been inconsistent most of the year and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of them laying a massive egg.

Falcons 20, Giants 17

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Oh someone please make it stop! Here’s an 8-8 team that supposedly has been throwing in packages for Brady Quinn this week because they’ve all lost the faith. Yay-es! Yay-es! Can I get an amen from the congregation? Yay-es!

Look, I like Tim Tebow. I think he’s a good guy who happens to love God and isn’t shy about telling people about it. I get it. But look, I’m just tired of it, okay? I honestly believe his teammates are probably tired of it, too. That’s why I think they’re going to lay down and lose. The Broncos defensive players are so scared of winning a 10-6 game and then having to endure another week of hearing how great Tebow is because he made three plays out of 60 opportunities, that they’ll give up a late drive that puts Pittsburgh up by two comfortable scores, thus eliminating all drama and the end of Tim Tebow’s season. Oh and the Broncos season, too. But no one cares about them anyway.

The Steelers are always a team to watch in the postseason, but man are they beat up. Big Ben has been limping around for weeks, they just lost Rashard Mendenhall for the year, and just like last year’s Super Bowl, All-Pro center Maurkice Pouncey is out with a high ankle sprain. Despite all that, one would have to believe the veteran leadership and experience in big games will benefit the Steelers in what promises to be a Sunday afternoon snoozer.

Steelers 17, Broncos 8



  1. Jason Arias January 8, 2012

    You’re the first person to agree with me that the Falcons will win this game because of Michael Turner not Matt Ryan, but I don’t think they will win. NYG plays to the situation and they need to win now. Also, I don’t believe the Denver D will lay down and die, I just don’t think they’ll be able to get more stops than the Pittsburgh D and Denver gets blown out. Should be two good games nonetheless.

  2. Kristofer from Oshkosh January 8, 2012

    Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants:
    If Giants D-line can control Turner and we all know the Giants pass rush will get to Matty “loser” Ice. Giants 24, Falcons 21
    Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos
    TEBOWED!!!?! nuf said.
    Steelers 28, Broncos 6

  3. WIT A BROKEN LEG DOE January 8, 2012

    …aaaaaand Atlanta comes out throwing. Their coach is a retard, Nicks and Cruz will have big plays and Matty Ice WILL turn the ball over. Giants 20, Atlanta 6.

    1. ay hombre January 9, 2012

      Pretty damn close.

  4. Vijay January 8, 2012


  5. iltarion January 8, 2012

    It is cheap talk now, but I would have picked the Giants and Broncos.

    The fact that Matt Ryan is not Aaron Rodgers and shouldn’t be throwing the ball 40 times a game is about the only thing from these predictions that I agree with.

    Obviously, Brent Grimes is going to have a hard time covering Victor Cruz from the sideline. No matter though, since Cruz was a non-factor and the Giants still won.

    The bottom line is that Matt Ryan is a fraud in the playoffs and their defensive backfield is still fatally flawed. Not having Grimes was just the nail in the coffin.

    My pick of the Broncos would have been more out of my desire to see the Steelers fall and to see the media look like idiots again, then anything based on the matchup.

    The Steelers myriad of injuries, especially to Big Buffoon, left them vulnerable to a solid defense and a QB capable of making plays.

    Denver also has the make up to give the Patriots problems. They can run the ball and dominate the clock, and they have a pass rush that can get to Brady.

    1. Andrew Chitko January 9, 2012

      Really well thought out and accurate. I guess I should have waited until after the game, too.

      1. iltarion January 9, 2012

        It certainly would have helped.

        But how could you pick the Falcons? Come on, man!

  6. Kozak January 9, 2012

    The reason the Falcons were below the radar is they were about to crash into the ground.
    Seriously their coach is a tard. They have that bowling ball Turner and they give little Matty Ice the ball on a sneak twice on 4th and inches.

  7. Buddymobile January 9, 2012

    All I know is that the Pack needs to manhandle these shit-bag Giants this Sunday. I want to see Eli get the stupid sacked out of him. Go Pack Go!

  8. ay hombre January 10, 2012

    I think there was some wishful thinking in that prediction, but I’ll never pick the Falcons again. For anything.

  9. tommygimler January 10, 2012

    Wow, Chitko! Incorrect. Incorrect on everything.