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Dom Capers

We told you earlier this week new Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie was likely to raid the Green Bay Packers coaching staff, but it looks like he’s interested in a candidate we didn’t consider.

In addition to looking at assistant head coach Winston Moss to fill the team’s coaching vacancy, McKenzie is also reportedly interested in speaking with defensive coordinator Dom Capers.

Capers name came up as a potential head coach last season, when the Packers defensive was actually good. His unit finished 32nd or last in the league this season. Still, Capers has head coaching experience, compiling a 49-81 with the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans.

That being said, we’ve detailed why Capers isn’t a good choice for a head coaching position at this point in his career. It’s possible McKenzie will see things differently, though.

Capers loss would be a blow for the Packers, but they have internal candidates to replace him should he leave. Moss, who also coaches linebackers, cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt or safeties coach Darren Perry could take the reigns as defensive coordinator.

The Raiders cannot interview any coaches on the Packers staff until their playoff run is over.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Kristofer from Oshkosh January 13, 2012

    I’m not worried about the loss of any coach because on defense: is it possible to get worse than last in the league in total defense? We can only go up. On offense: The Packers are set, considering McCarthy and Rodgers are going no where anytime soon. Go Pack!!

  2. darrin January 13, 2012

    Why would Capers give up what he has in Green Bay to move to a shit hole like Oakland? He’s proven himself as a coordinator, but some guys aren’t cut out to be the head honcho – Capers probably being one of them. It’s a young man’s game, and Dom is a little long in the tooth the be a head coach again.

  3. Vijay January 13, 2012

    Two Words – Marty Shottenheimer

  4. calipackfan January 14, 2012

    If Capers does leave I would like Kevin Greene to be defensive coordinator.

  5. nurseratchett January 14, 2012

    I’m not sure losing Capers would be that big a deal after this season. It almost seems that he plans the scheme without much thought to the strengths of his players. Matthews was much more productive last season, this season Capers moved Clay to the other side & production as far as sacks has dropped tremendously. The defense has seemed confused in more than one game.

    I’m finally convinced, based on our record & Iltarion’s stats-a-licious comforting posts, that the yards we give up are OK, its the points/takeaways that count, but I’m still a believer that defense wins championships. Here’s hoping this year the Pack proves me wrong!

    GO PACK GO!!!

    1. GreenAndYellow January 14, 2012

      personally i think the loss of nick collins was a far bigger blow than anyone seems to be talking about. on top of that, i read a quote from kevin greene the other day in which he said in his entire life in and around the NFL he’s never seen offenses scheme as much for a single player as they do for claymaker. i don’t think his drop off in production is really due to either matthews himself or the gameplan. obviously, we could use help at LB (which would take some of the attention off matthews and up his production) and there have been way too many blown coverages and big plays, but i dont think any of that fault necessarily falls on capers. he coaches an aggressive style which is why we lead the league in turnovers but when you miss it hurts and we’ve certainly seen that as well.

      i for one would be hugely disappointed if he leaves.

      1. nurseratchett January 14, 2012

        I agree with the Nick Collins loss. Didn’t he end up getting hurt & miss some games with the Bills?

  6. Apeshit January 14, 2012

    Not nick fagettte … Collins the FS with a neck injury in the Carolina game.

    Someone should lose their job for playing AJ Hawk, the tackling, and confusion… We need better players too!

  7. Savage57 January 16, 2012

    After the way the defense shit the bed against the Giants, I’ll pay for his ticket to Oakland.

  8. ktown January 16, 2012


    After the way the defense shit the bed against the Giants, I’ll pay for his ticket to Oakland.

    i agree he can go to oakland fuck him

  9. dirtyfivethirty January 16, 2012

    I’m a Raiders fan and I’m not really interested in Capers as HC- I believe a young hungry coach that can motivate these guys would be somebody like Moss and maybe he could bring Perry in as DC and Clements as OC and let them develop this squad and themselves as coaches. It’ll be a learning curve for a season, but I believe they could stay and have long-term success in Oakland.

  10. Richard January 17, 2012

    Why would anybody want Capers now??