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See Ya Later Chicago!

James Jones

The Green Bay Packers did the lord’s work on Sunday, clinging home-field advantage for the playoffs and kicking the Chicago Bears’ asses out of the playoff picture in one swoop.

Aaron Rodgers turned in a workman-like 283 yards and, oh, five touchdowns in the 35-21 beatdown. Two of those went to Jordy Nelson, who piled up 115 yards, and two went to James Jones.

The Bears probably never really had a chance against Rodgers. While he was carving up their secondary, they were trying to make a go of it with Luke McCown behind center in place of Jay Cutler. That didn’t go so well — McCown threw two picks, although the Packers defense was far from stellar.

Running back Kahlil Bell, who is certainly no Matt Forte, ran through the Packers defense for 121 yards on 23 carries. Nice work guys!

Although they threw plenty of guys at the problem, the Packers weren’t able to generate much of a pass rush. They recorded zero sacks for the second week in a row. Maybe the one bright spot there was the return of linebacker Desmond Bishop, who recorded 12 tackles.

The Packers lack of playmakers in the front seven is beginning to look like it may be a major problem in the playoffs. This looks like a team that Rodgers is going to have to hoist on his back and carry all the way through the Super Bowl.

At least he’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting at Lambeau.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ed Gein December 26, 2011

    Im very concerned that the field will be frozen and choppy by the time they host some games here. This will disrupt the packers precision passing game and favor the 49ers running attack and defense. In a weird way I think they would be better off going to play in a dome. Either way I’m not giving up on them, just a little worried about the defense. GO DOM!

    1. DevilDon December 26, 2011

      Hey Ed, why does a frozen and choppy field disrupt the precision passing game and favor the 49ers running game?
      The ball is caught in the air, doesn’t matter what the ground is like, also, the sharp cuts and precise routes favor the offense, either running or passing.
      As far as I can surmise, only a really windy day slows down the passing game and favors the run. I have never understood why people say any different.
      Either way, fuck the 9ers and their defense. You scared of the new bullies on the block Ed?

    2. Kristofer from Oshkosh December 27, 2011

      Lambeau Field can’t freeze. The Packers installed heaters/ warmers under the field so it will never be frozen. Go Pack Go!

  2. Kozak December 26, 2011

    Ah yes. Four beatdowns of the Bears in 1 year.
    Never been done before. Now THATS a perfect season.

  3. Kojack December 26, 2011

    Lack of playmakers in the front seven??
    Ummhhh…..where does the Claymaker fit in then? Not suggesting that Raji is cannon fodder either, right?

  4. iltarion December 26, 2011

    Clay Matthews is in the Packers front seven, right? Just checking.

    The Packers were in the nickel for the majority of snaps this game even though it was obvious that the Bears wanted to run 2 outta 3 downs. Obviously, Capers was concerned with the health of the D-line and didn’t want to over work Raji.

    By now we know what this defense is- a soft one that relies on turnovers for stops. In other words, a similar defense to what the Saints won with in 2009.

    Nice to see So’oto healthy enough to get about a half worth of work. He came the closest to a sack of anyone, missing on a dive after a good inside move.

    The offense showed that KC was just a bump in the road for them. Everything turned when Rodgers hit Jones over the middle for 32 yards. It was like something clicked for Rodgers again and he was back to playing MVP ball from there on out.

    Sounds like Clifton and Bulaga could be back next week. That should mean the offensive line is no longer a weak spot.

    Props to TJ Lang for holding down the fort in the meantime.

    Regardless of the defense, as long as Rodgers is playing at the level he was in the 2nd half last night, the Packers are the favorite to win this again.

  5. Joe December 26, 2011

    Our pass rush/run D is scary.. kinda like a fat man in a plastic chair… you never know when its going to snap.

  6. WIT A BROKEN LEG DOE December 26, 2011

    The cold will turn a receiver’s soft hands into Jermichael Finley brick hands, so it’s a concern. The 9ers aren’t so scary; they’re the team I think we’d most like to face. But with the way put D has been playing, it’s New Orleans and to a lesser extent the Lions who could give the Pack a run for their money. Brees is a goddamned machine and Stafford can sling it up to Megatron all day. We’ll see how those teams fare outside their domes and in the cold weather, but I sure hope the Pack are practicing outdoor in the elements from here on out. Go pack go.

  7. Ed Gein December 26, 2011

    DevilDon,Naw, I’m not scared of the 9ers. Wasnt scared of the fukin Chiefs either (oh shit). All I’m saying is rodgers would probably sling it better in a warm dome then -8 and windy. Remember when Edger Bennet used to run all over the bears when it was shitty conditions. I can see that happening with Frank Gore on the packers weak ass run-d. Dont get me wrong we have tickets so I’ll be there rootin them on, just like 07, when Farve pissed it away, I was there cheering them on too. Concerned not scared.

  8. Andy December 27, 2011

    yeah brees will be slowed down by not being in a dome, and the 49ers simply dont put the ball in the end zone enough to beat the packers. My biggest concern would be the giants if they got in, in that you dont know which giants team will show up, the one that took us as close to the wire as anyone this season or the one that choked to teams with losing records.

  9. PackerBob December 27, 2011

    Fuck Da Bears!

  10. ay hombre December 27, 2011

    One game at a time people. Let’s focus on gearing up for the 4,5 or 6 seed. Getting by that game is not a given and if the players are thinking about the Saints and/or 49ers, there’s an excellent chance they never get there.


  11. darrin December 28, 2011

    Wasn’t it Josh McCown? I guess it doesn’t really matter either way. Whoever it was he wasn’t all that bad.

  12. Bears Fan December 29, 2011

    Why no posts about the arrests at Lambeau? Another off-the-field black eye for “America’s Team.”

    After the woman choked out her daughter, the domestic thing on Thanksgiving day and how the judge chose a court-date 11 days after the Super Bowl… what a great organization and amazing fans. Way to keep it real, Total Packers!

  13. Mike Ditka January 15, 2012

    CHOKE! Total Fudge Packers!

  14. BLACKHAWKFAN January 18, 2012