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Brett Favre

Run the deep out to Chicago.

Word is, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre wants to try to stick it to his former team one more time.

Sources close to Favre say he would listen to the Chicago Bears if they contacted him about a return. The Bears have started Caleb Hanie the last two games while Jay Cutler is recovering from a broken finger that’s expected to keep him out for the rest of the regular season. He’s thrown six interceptions against only two touchdowns and the Bears put up only three points on Sunday.

The Bears don’t seem to have any interest in Favre, though.

“That’s our group,” Smith said of the three quarterbacks on the Bears’ roster. “We’re going to make improvements with our group. We’re not looking on the outside. We won’t have a quarterback tryout or anything like that.”

The Bears are still making a playoff push at 7-5, even though they’ve lost their last two games. What adding Favre would do, other than turn Soldier Field into a circus, is debatable. Favre isn’t familiar with Mike Martz’s offense — when he signed with the Minnesota Vikings, coach Brad Childress’ offense was very similar to the one he ran in Green Bay.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to try to teach a new quarterback a new offense with only four games left on the schedule. The Bears — or any other team, for that matter — aren’t interested in Donovan McNabb, who was cut by the Vikings last week and went unclaimed on waivers, either.

Receiver Devin Hester said it wouldn’t make sense to add McNabb or anyone else.

“It’s going to be tough right now to add a quarterback that hasn’t played in a Mike Martz offense,” he said. “It’s one of the more difficult offenses to run, so to get a quarterback that hasn’t been in that offense, right now it’s going to be a waste of time. I guess we’ll stick with the guys we have right now and hope we get better with those guys.”

So there you have it.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Savage57 December 5, 2011

    What a delightful present that would be to see Favre get beat like a rag doll on Christmas.

    Brett, you do know the Packers already clinched the NFC North, right?

    1. southern miss December 5, 2011

      fudge packers

      1. Kozak December 6, 2011

        AKA : Da Bears
        The GREEN BAY PACKERS are 12-0 and NFC North Champs.

      2. Savage57 December 6, 2011

        No, that would be MEAT Packers that the team is named for, as in packing some man meat into that toothless skank bitch mother of yours.

        In referencing fudge packers, you reveal your own raging, yet suppressed homosexuality and your dreams about your cousin, Cooter, piping your ass out good on a regular basis.

        So, they actually have Internet service in Backwater Fucks, Mississippi?

  2. jeff ircink December 5, 2011

    non-story. another rumor and you morons are already writing about Favre sticking it to his former team. dumb. just like your article previous to this one about the GB win last night. you posted it wayyy too late. nobody cares anymore by this time cause it’s been all over the news. you wanna be competitive you gotta get on the stick!

  3. PackerBob December 5, 2011

    I think I speak for all of us when I say…


    1. PackerBob December 5, 2011

      You sir, are a dick.

    2. southern miss December 5, 2011

      your better put your big boy pants on before you crap in them

  4. PackerFanInFl December 5, 2011

    hey irncest you enjoying your new team the vikings this year or like all favre fan sell out fuckers you’ve moved on to bigger and better things…I’m sure you were a heat fan last year sporting a lebron jersey…WTF you still check this site you lost and have nothing to gain

  5. Nick December 5, 2011

    ESPN will do anything for a fucking news story.

    Bears say they don’t want him.

    Favre says nothing and is out hunting.

    Wait for it. Wait for it.

    The infamous “anonymous source close to Favre” says:

    “he will listen.”

    How is this fucking news.

  6. BuddyXLV December 5, 2011

    – Brent’s washed up
    – Chicago’s washed up
    – Minnesota’s washed up & sucks a goats hairy sack

    – Oakland is on a downward spiral
    – KC does what Minnesota does except against washed up teams
    – Detroit ran out of gas and has two broken legs with the next gas station being 50 miles away.
    – Green Bay is 12-0 with four shit stains known as teams left on the schedule
    – Go Pack Go!

  7. iltarion December 5, 2011

    Between this and the McNabb hype this is just the media making news out of nothing.

    It is too late for the Bears to bother picking anyone up. By time another QB learned their system, they would be out of it. If, on the other hand, they manage to win one of their next two games, then they might as well stick with Hanie.

  8. Taryn December 6, 2011

    If any of this was true,the only reason Favre would come to the Bears is to attempt to stop the perfect season.
    He’s probably offering to play for free.

  9. Kozak December 6, 2011

    With the love the Bears feel for Farve, if he played for them the O line would probably play “look out” block all day just to watch his ancient ass get pounded into the Lambeau turf.

    1. nurseratchett December 6, 2011

      Webb & Williams to Matthews…”Clay–hit this bitch HARD. We’ll pay half your fine. Merry Christmas”