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Surprise! Story Changes In Erik Walden Case

As is often the situation in domestic battery cases, the story has changed in that of Green Bay Packers linebacker Erik Walden.

Walden was arrested early last Friday on a charge of felony substantial battery after his girlfriend called police. He was released on bond today and another hearing is set for December 7. District Attorney John Zakowski said there isn’t enough information to file a criminal complaint at this time.

So what changed? Walden’s girlfriend said the linebacker was merely defending himself.

According to [Zakowski], she said she hit Walden first and that he was defending himself. The accuser, Walden’s live-in girlfriend, received four stitches to her forehead at a hospital after hitting her head on the bedpost and also injured her thumb, he said.

“The question is really, who is the primary physical aggressor,” Zakowski said to reporters afterward. “If this is a case where it’s an argument where she struck him and he pushed her away, there’s no charge. If it’s a case where they’re arguing and he pushes her, initiates the contact and that causes injury then it’s a different situation. That’s what we have to try to piece together from these varying statements that were given to law enforcement as well as to the hospital.”

The initial story implied Walden initiated contact.

The argument reportedly stems from Walden’s decision to leave town on Friday after returning from Detroit, where the Packers played the Lions on Thursday. Walden was planning to go to his home state of Georgia.

“She didn’t want him to leave and then it led to this verbal disagreement and at some place there was a push,” Zakowski said. “The question is, ‘Did she strike him first? Is this when she injured her thumb?’ If she struck him first and he pushed her back, that’s not a case we will issue charges on. That’s what we have to determine, if that really took place. Even if it didn’t happen that way, can we prove what took place?”

Walden is forbidden from having contact with his girlfriend by the court. It appears he’ll be able to play this week when the Packers meet the Giants.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Hacksaw November 28, 2011


  2. iltarion November 28, 2011

    I would say I told you so, but I am too big a man for that.

    1. Ryan November 30, 2011

      I admit, as soon as I saw this story I thought of you and your post on the previous post regarding his arrest.

      You have every right to say “I told you so”… You were 100% right. Even if Walden does get charged, you correctly predicted that she would change her story.

  3. Madcity Packer Fan November 29, 2011

    They don’t have enough to charge him. Crazy bitches!

  4. Savage57 November 29, 2011

    The only reason for the recant is the bitch is seein’ her gravy train goin’ away.

  5. rebelgb November 29, 2011

    Dont be fooled, this is big money and celebrity status buying a break again. Thats how our society works.

    Its likely she punched the man, he pushed her and she fell. In that regard im glad the man is going free.

    However the truth is still this: in WI you dont need a cooperating witness in domestic violence cases to file criminal charges against an accused. If that had been you or I, the faggot Green Bay DA (who is a fucking douch bag by the way), would have thrown the book at us regardless of “WHO” started the fucking altercation.

    Rape 8 kids, have money and get out on 100k bond, aka Mr. Sandusky. Now tell me rank, money, privilege dont account for something in this fucked up society.

    1. iltarion November 29, 2011

      Ah… there is nothing messed up about that at all.

      That is the way a capitalist society works.

      Money = good.

      No money = effed.

    2. Packers for life November 29, 2011

      I would like to throw something that happend to a close friend of mine. His Women was at the bar all night about 3 years ago, he called the bar to she when she was coming home that started a verbal altercation – when she later arrived at the house they started bitching at eachother again.

      they then went inside and continued bitching she started to swing at him he blocked most of the punches (and did not swing back or push her). this then prompted her to grab a knife where she stabbed him 6-7 times in the arm and hand. he grabbed her arm to stop the stabbing (left a small bruise on her arm) he took the knife away.

      then the crazy cunt went and grabbed a 6 cell mag light and broke his right arm. the cops came arrested him, charged him for assult/domestic abuse. he got 2 years probation had to goto anger management she got nothing…

      P.S. I saw all the police photo’s and statements as well as what he was treated for in the hospital (multiple stab wounds). I couldnt agree more about how shitty american society is.

  6. PackerBob November 29, 2011

    Fuck da Bears!

    1. Harry Hood November 29, 2011

      I like your attitude .

    2. Zack November 29, 2011

      Hear, hear!

  7. Nate November 29, 2011


  8. wisconsinfan November 30, 2011

    ya fu k da bears

  9. Laura November 30, 2011

    Why, if she started the altercation, would there be no charges. Shouldn’t there be charges against her? I guess he’s declining to press charges?

    If they know or suspect that she began the physical altercation, why isn’t she being charged with felony substantial battery? what else can I get away with because i’m a woman?!