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Suh Gets Two Games For Stomping Dietrich-Smith

Detroit Lions defensive tackle and all-around fucktard Ndamukong Suh received a two-game suspension for stomping Green Bay Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith during the teams’ Thanksgiving game.

The incident, which you’ve probably seen 1,000 times by now, happened during the third quarter of the Packers 27-15 victory.

Suh is not allowed to practice or participate in team activities during the suspension. Nor will he be paid. The suspension will cost him $164,000 in game checks and the Lions are also expected to fine Suh an additional $25,000.

Although shitbrick can appeal the suspension, the NFL has said it will expedite any appeal and conclude the matter before week 13. It’s doubtful an appeal will result in anything other than the current two-game ban.

The Lions play the Saints this week and the Vikings next week. They’re currently on the outside of the playoffs looking in, with the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons holding down the conference’s two Wild Card spots.

I’d suggest this would be a huge blow to the Lions, but Suh hasn’t been impressive at all this season. He has only 31 tackles and three sacks through 11 games. He had 66 tackles and 10 sacks last season, so even if he somehow doubles his numbers in the final five games of the season he won’t reach last year’s level of production.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Jack November 29, 2011

    …maybe he can join “Lords of the dance”…? God knows the kid can stomp!

    Lets see now…we good the Lions falling apart, the Vikings suck (again) and the Bears….suck the lions and don’t have a QB…..hell, lets forfeit the last games all together….P.O’s here we come!

  2. TPS November 29, 2011

    See you January 1st Ndawhatever the fuck your first name is Suh.

  3. PackerBob November 29, 2011

    Fuck you Suh!

  4. PackerBob November 29, 2011

    I also heard that he will appeal the decision. I guess he either still doesn’t feel he did anything wrong (and all the apologies are just bullshit) or he think it’s unfair (and he knows the Lions are trying to get a wildcard). Either way, he’s a dirty douche.

  5. Savage57 November 29, 2011

    What a cunt. First he denies, then he whines, then he sucks the commissioners ass, then he says he’ll appeal.

    Wrong – Guilty! I say the Packers activate a couple of PS linemen for the last game, send them in to chop block this prick and take this asshole’s knee out and get his fat, psychotic ass out of football for good.

  6. DevilDon November 29, 2011

    I wasn’t outraged by the incident but I was by his post game comments.
    It kind of answers the question does a fucktard really know how fucktarded he is or does he think the rest of the world is as fucktardy as he is.
    “N”-Damn-I’m-Kong Sue has issues. I relish the thought of the once proud Lions (5-0) and talking like they were the next best thing missing the playoffs. It’s justice I tell ya!

  7. nurseratchett November 30, 2011

    What a douchebag. Appeal? He got a 2 game suspension and apparently no fine; if the Lions were going to fine him, why hasn’t been done already? Count your blessings, asslicker, & be glad the NFL is loving the ratings.

    Well, actually as you can see, I’m trying to take myself out of this situation. I wasn’t going to call the Boy named Suh a doucebag asslicker, as you can see I did not. I apologize to my Total Packers teammates for putting myself in a situation where everyone can see I’m a lying twat.

  8. wisconsinfan November 30, 2011

    i like savages idea