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Tim Tebow Gets Tebowed After Sack

Stephen Tulloch Tebowing

While the Denver Broncos were getting blown out by the Detroit Lions and folk hero Tim Tebow was playing quarterback awfully, he got sacked by Stephen Tulloch. Tulloch then did the whole Tebowing thing over the fallen quarterback.


If you don’t know what Tebowing is, it’s pretty much a dumber form of planking. People randomly drop to one knee with their elbow rested on their knee and head rested on their fist like they’re praying. Someone then snaps a picture and everyone has a laugh. It’s called Tebowing because its’s the post Tebow struck after the Broncos beat the Miami Dolphins last week.

Jesus Boy had to get his praying in. And now he’s an Internet joke.

That’s okay, though. He’s always been a joke to us.

By the way, Tebow was 4-for-15 for 37 yards halfway through the third quarter.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Vijay October 30, 2011

    This guy sucks the BIG ONE! Pray he’ll get better at this…LOL

  2. Randomacity October 30, 2011

    Hmm… Newsworthy!

  3. Rob October 30, 2011

    I live in Colorado and the fans here worship him. I guess they’re so desperate for another Elway they’ll drink the Tebow Kool-aid no matter how bitter it tastes. They even put billboards demanding the Bronocs start him. Sure, he had that comeback last week, which was preceded by so meof the worst QB play I’ve seen in a while. Guess you ought to be careful what you wish for…

  4. iltarion October 30, 2011

    You can always count on a classy Lion to taunt in the classiest fashion.

  5. Phillthy October 30, 2011

    TEEEEEEEBLOW, I love pompous Bronco fans eating there words, anytime, everytime.

  6. Randy R October 30, 2011

    I never got the Tebow “craze”. Billboards, jersey sales…Chanting we want Tebow!!!! Whats in the kool aid their drinking, he has done nothing in the NFL. Soooooo…Now what do the fans do?…Suck For Luck chants?

  7. darrin October 31, 2011

    “TEBLOW” Awesome.

  8. FrozenFanatic84 November 1, 2011

    The TEBOW will rise again!!!

  9. Ryan November 1, 2011

    As a UF student, it pains me to see all of this hatred for Tebow. The guy has done nothing wrong. Has he played well? Absolutely not. But he is not the first player to play horribly nor will he be the last. So why is he hated? He has said all the right things and made all the right moves. (Well, except on the field.)

    Further… Why is this appearing on Packers blog?

    1. nurseratchett November 1, 2011

      I wouldn’t say he is hated; people (like me) who poke fun at say, Mark Sanchez is because he’s overblown, overtalked about, and overrated. (Plus Sanchez’s photo spread in GQ…..still makes me pee my pants laughing) I know Tebow can’t control when sports media talking heads talk talk talk about him, but he contributed to the media attention a little in his first season therefore bringing some of it on himself. Plus, the desperate Broncos fans acting like all that’s wrong with their team is that Tebow wasn’t starting….it was just too hard to resist.

      It’s on this particular Packers page because of the funny…we all about the funny up in here!!!!

      GO PACK GO

      1. Ryan November 1, 2011

        I’m sorry, but I think hatred is the right word. The disdain for this kid is incredible. I’m still waiting to hear what he has done wrong. How did he “contribute to the media attention?” How did he “bring some of it on himself” other than playing poorly on the field.

        I just don’t get it. Poking fun of Mark Sanchez is easy, just ask Aaron Rodgers. (The man posed for GQ in questionable outfits.) Tebow gets hated because he wears his faith on his sleeve and because he is too good of a person. (I guarantee people will disagree with me, but I still haven’t heard why someone would dislike him.) When he was at UF he went through the same thing. The difference was, he performed so well on the field.

        1. jeremy November 1, 2011

          I think one reason some people hate Tebow is his insistance to drag God into football. I don’t hate Tebow but I also do NOT want to hear about God when I’m watching Football. Our society created a place to talk about God; called Church. Go to Church and talk about God there please. God is not a conversation for Football, or Politics.

  10. Satan November 1, 2011

    I agree with Ryan, why is this on a Packer blog?? And why do people hate him so much.. it can’t all be bad play because I think the vitriol he’s gone through is far too harsh to be just about play.

  11. Brian November 1, 2011

    I think he is overrated and sucks as a qb, but all these assholes mocking him are doing it because of his religious beliefs. And since theres no place in football for god, why do all of these assholes point to the sky whenever they do something like make a tackle, especially since thats the whole reason theyre on the field in the 1st place

  12. Ryan November 1, 2011

    I don’t feel like he “insists” on bringing God into football. In college he wore John 3:16 on his eye-black… Big deal. He prays after games, including when he wins. He always thanks God for his play, as many players do.

    He wears his faith on his sleeve. That is no reason to hate the guy. I’d much rather a guy talk about how thankful he is for all that God has given him than hear someone say something truly stupid.

    Again, I wait for a legitimate reason for the hatred of Tebow that HE actually caused.

  13. Buddymobile November 1, 2011

    Who hates Tebow? If someone does it’s new to me. He is, however somewhat of a clown. I guess you can blame to Tebow chanters and the coaching for that. Anyhow if you don’t like what is said on this site then you are a thin skinned little man. Go to a church site if you don’t like it. Oh, and by the way I now hate Tebow because of you insecure men who can’t take ribbing.

  14. Buddymobile November 1, 2011

    Also Ryan from U of Florida I hate you to. Go un fuck yourself you pussy. Man up!

  15. Ryan November 2, 2011

    I never said that what was said “on this site” was bothering me to the extent you are implying. In fact, most of what I am talking about does not come from this site. All I said was I simply do not understand where the hate from Tebow comes from as I have yet to hear a legitimate reason. I don’t need to “man up.” I’m not upset – I just don’t think the hatred has any merit.

    Instead of resorting to personal attacks why don’t you spend time actually reading what I wrote.

    I questioned why this was on a Packers blog because it has nothing to do with the Packers and seems to be minutia compared to other NFL news.

    I also will never understand why Packers fans attack other Packers fans like that…