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Surprise! Bears GM Under Fire

Jerry Angelo

Face of the franchise?

The Chicago Bears are 2-3 and effectively out of the NFC North race a year after winning the division and advancing to the NFC Championship game.

The team did little to improve their roster in the offseason. General manager Jerry Angelo’s biggest moves were signing receiver Roy Williams and safety Brandon Meriweather, both of whom were released by their former teams.

Those moves were, in our eyes, laughable, considering Williams is long past his prime and Chicago’s other major weakness — the offensive line — was hardly addressed. Drafting Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi was the only move Angelo made to improve the sieve-like unit.

Not that we’re rooting for the Bears to get better, but Angelo is a buffoon and it’s beyond us how he still has a job. According to Pro Football Weekly, others are starting to wonder the same thing.

Much of the blame for the Bears’ struggles is being directed toward GM Jerry Angelo nine months after the team made a surprising run to the NFC championship game. The high-profile free-agent additions Angelo was counting on to upgrade positions of need — WR Roy Williams and FS Brandon Meriweather — have been huge disappointments. There are significant deficiencies in the supporting cast Angelo has built for QB Jay Cutler, who continues to take a beating behind a porous offensive line after being sacked a league-high 52 times last season. Fans questioning Angelo have company from sources around the league. Angelo, in his 11th season as the Bears’ general manager, does not acknowledge mistakes or hold himself accountable for the team’s weaknesses when given an opportunity to do so publicly, and it isn’t enhancing his declining credibility.

Something tells us if the Bears keep losing and Cutler keeps getting killed behind that offensive line, Angelo won’t last past this season.

Unfortunately, that’s probably good news for Chicago.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. darrin October 14, 2011

    If the current McCaskey is worth a shit, he’ll fire the entire bunch and start over. But, these are the Bears we’re talking about so I wouldn’t expect much. This is the family that fired Ditka and hired “I’m embarrased, we gotta get better” Wannstadt. These clueless fucks were second only to Dollar-Bill Wirtz in cheap Chicago team owners. Not that I care, I love seeing the Bears piss away a great talent like Forte. This team is a complete mess. Good.

  2. iltarion October 14, 2011


    If only Angelo and Millen and Childress could have been GMs forever….

  3. jeremy October 15, 2011

    What about their idiot coaching staff that refuses to make any adjustments to the game plan?

    Can you imagine if Capers had not made adjustments against the Falcons?

  4. Jeff October 15, 2011

    Now, that’s BAD when a rivals newspaper calls you out like that. But not very smart either because what if this adds to the heat that Angelo is already under and it forces Big George to make that big decision.

    I’m not really happy with who they got lined up behind him (Tim Ruskell) so this article and many others like it may do nothing to make the Bears better.

    All I know is that I will stop watching the Bears if they are stupid enough to let Forte walk. Shoot, they did everything they possibly could to make Cutler’s life a living hell since he got here.

    They benched his favorite target Aromashadu and let him walk after the season. They traded away Cutler’s other favorite target in Olsen. Who cares if he lacked in the blocking department. At least he could catch!

    I want Urlacher to get a ring before he retires, but the FO and the coaching staff are not putting them in that position.

  5. Greg October 17, 2011

    Chester Taylor, anyone?