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Brett Favre’s Broadcasting Debut [Video]

Former Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre made his broadcasting debut on Saturday.

Favre was the color man for CSS’s broadcast of Southern Miss vs. on Rice. Southern Miss is Favre’s alma mater.

What did we learn?

Well, Brett’s pretty stiff, but then, Deanna told us that years ago. He needs to work on his delivery a bit, too.

Other than that, he seemed to know what he’s talking about.

Favre hasn’t committed to doing any other games, but we’re sure he’ll be on ESPN soon enough. They’ve given every other former NFL player a job.

(Via Busted Coverage)

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Boston October 3, 2011

    Pretty good, with very little polishing he could be a legit color guy. Might be a good way for him to get back in the game without annoying us by, you know, actually getting back in the game.

  2. AZ Pack October 3, 2011

    ONE word… Douche.

  3. Paul Frank October 3, 2011

    Brett Favre ruined all our lives

  4. Cheese October 4, 2011

    Haha… “I still have the interception record and that’s one he probably doesn’t want.” Never a dull moment with good ol’ Brett around.

  5. Micheal John October 4, 2011


  6. doesnt matter October 4, 2011

    I give brett a lot of credit there…He didnt show Golden Eagles Nation his dick. I kind of expected not to see that but with that little smirk on his face in the picture from the telecast on the top of the page, you know he’s thinking “I wonder how many of these people watching wanna see my dick?” … “Yeah probably all of them I’m Brett fuckin Favre!”

  7. DD October 4, 2011

    1. I feel sorry for those of you who are still depressed Favre’s cock is bigger than yours. 2. At least Favre doesn’t fuck dudes in the butt like Rodgers.

    1. Derek October 4, 2011

      I’m sorry you’re twelve years old. Being a kid isn’t all that bad. Who do you cheer for? Does dad know you’re visiting these types of websites?

    2. Ed Gein October 4, 2011

      Farve probably does have a dandy wang, but I’ve seen Rodgers pictured with plenty of hot chicks. Post the pics of him banging dudes if you have them… unless it’s you he’s banging.

  8. iltarion October 4, 2011

    Double D has turned on us. WTF???? Hahahaha….

  9. king green n yellow October 4, 2011

    paul frank your pathetic. wat do you mean he ruined all our lives you [email protected]*&# idiot. i loved watchn brett finally come out to the public. love that. he looked a little nervous doind this analyst shit but i sure look forward to seeing him do it for nfl network or espn or sumthing related for the nfl. always will be a packer and im still rooting for you brett. except wen you wore purple of course i didnt. packers legend for ever and im thankful i watched you growind up since i was 9. im 27 now.glad that you single handedly put green bay back on the map.

  10. Madcity Packer Fan October 4, 2011

    Not bad. We will see Favre on one of the big networks soon enough. Probably Fox.

  11. FAVRE FAN October 5, 2011

    I like it

  12. Buddymobile October 6, 2011

    DD. Really?! You worship Brent Favre that much! You had to sink to Jr. High humor. I think you fantisize about A Rod, why else would you make such a comment. Too bad for you, he’s into primo hot chicks that regular dudes will never get. Sorry DD “Dick Dangler”

  13. PJD October 21, 2011

    He’s surprisingly better than Matt Millen, although that admittedly doesn’t take too much.