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The Greatest Green Bay Packers Player Of All Time Is…

Charles Martin

Charles Motherfuckin’ Martin!

We still applaud you to this day.

Enough said.

Suck a dick, Chicago!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Hendecahedron September 23, 2011

    The numbers on his towel are for the opposing players he’s tackled or what?

  2. Hendecahedron September 23, 2011

    I’m gonna answer my own question and say yes, those numbers on his towel were a hit-list of chicago players…. thinking of having a jersey made with his name, just to honor his memory…

  3. scott September 23, 2011

    I know it was wrong,but it felt so right.

  4. Jeff September 23, 2011

    No, just, no. Fuck the Bears, but no.

  5. Mike September 23, 2011

    After further review…..The bears still suck!

  6. Sisto September 23, 2011

    Charlie MF Martin great pick the guy was awesome he hit players like MF Mack Truck! Packers could use him now!

  7. ay hombre September 23, 2011

    Is that towel photo-shopped? I didn’t remember that at all. Awesome.

    1. Fritz October 10, 2014

      that towel was real. it was Martin’s hit list of jersey numbers of his favorite targets: all Bears. you can read about it on wikipedia, it is described in the wikipedia article for “jerry markbreit” the long time nfl referee, who btw, was from Chicago. the names of the bears players belonging to the numbers on his towel are also given in the wikipedia article. the original “terrible towel” lol.

  8. BuddyXLV September 23, 2011

    I’ll Fed Ex Clay Mathews a towel with the numbers (6, 22, 23, 13, and 18)

  9. Brad September 23, 2011

    The towel is real, for sure. I remember that from when he played.

  10. roger devenport September 24, 2011

    Wow. Charles Martin had one of the lowest IQs in all of pro sports.

    What does that say about some of the cave men makeing comments on this sight? Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

    This entire sight should be called Packer News for the low life fan!….. And writers!….No class

    1. jeff ircink September 24, 2011

      hear, hear! roger. though i do agree that the Bears suck.

      ahhh….as time goes by some things never change. like the classlessness of this site.

      1. ay hombre September 24, 2011

        If you really think any self-respecting football fan would call Charles Martin the greatest Packer ever, then you probably really believe Jay Cutler has a vagina, too.

        Sorry fucking Bear fans.

    2. ri September 24, 2011

      Hey Roger,

      Speaking of low IQ’s, I’m pretty sure you are talking about this web “site” not “sight.” In your defense, your spelling of makeing is correct though…in whatever moronic town you are from…

    3. BuddyXLV September 24, 2011

      We Packer fans like to joke about the Bears and their white trash fans. It is humorous to say we like a guy who beats the piss out of Bear players because we simply despise the Bears and their fans. The same goes for the Vikings and soon to be Lions (because they are actually becoming competitive). So kiss our Green and Gold asses if you don’t like this site, because it wasn’t designed for you mouth breathing Bear fans.

  11. Pack Morris September 24, 2011


  12. Daaaave September 24, 2011

    That Packers team was full of Forrest Gregg thugs, who could rape and pillage with the best of them…they just couldn’t play ball.
    Bringing this up makes the Pack and fans look weak and petty. Sorry.
    Prediction: Pack 17 Bears 3

  13. Kevin September 24, 2011

    Quick question-what was the rules back then when the defense intercepts the ball in terms of trying to “block” or take cheap shots against the offensive players? I seem to remember very clearly that Chad Clifton’s career was almost cut very short when Warren Sapp took the cheapest shot against Clifton after an interception and Clifton wasn’t near the ball at all!

  14. Randy R September 24, 2011

    Forrest Gregg hated the Bears almost as much as i do, Packer defensive players back then had a hit list with Bear #’s on their towels, remember Chuck “The hit man” Cecil ? The Packers back then were losers because of Judge Robert Parins, he didnt care if they won, as long as the stadium was full, all was good. After he retired, he admitted to knowing nothing about football. They would only hire coaches with history with Green Bay, Devine,Starr,Gregg,ect. Not hiring the best coaches available, it was a losing recipe for Packer football and horribly run football franchise untill Ron Wolf was hired by Bob Harlin. Thank Wolf and Harlan for turning this franchise around, and under further review, the bears still suck!!!.

  15. Randy R September 24, 2011

    Did i mention the bears still suck….ok,good…Pack by 14 tomorrow…at least.

  16. BinKee September 24, 2011

    When I first found this site I wrote a critisizing

  17. BinKee September 24, 2011

    When I first found this site I wrote a letter
    criticizing the language and I got a new
    hole reamed in my @ss by your posters.
    I don’t consider myself a prude, but this post
    is beyond anything that should be posted with
    any link to a class org. like the Packers. I have
    followed this site for months now and the only
    thing I can compare this to is Richard Pryor’s
    comedy where every other word was f**k, I
    didn’t see humor in that but his audience
    laughed their @sses off.Your posters/followers
    are just as sick as his audience was. I know
    they are going to ream me again. All I can say
    is adios to you and all the sickos that follow you and your crap.

  18. Big AL September 25, 2011

    Piss Off & goodbye BinKee you candy assed fucking cunt!!!

    1. Fritz October 10, 2014

      well said. and even tho i never curse. also, isn’t a little “diversity” supposed to be good for everybody including a sports web site??? lol. no rules, just right. think i’ll have a steak and lobster special for $14.99 at my local outback steak house in DC area to ponder that.

  19. jeff ircink September 25, 2011

    and, BIG AL speaks a mouthful! when is this site gonna have a get-together? invite me…i’d like to put a face behind the IQ.

  20. G July 2, 2012

    Hey asshole,
    I can tell you’ve never played a down of football in your entire life by how you think it’s cool that Charles Martin went out of his way to seriously injure another player and possibly end his career. He knew what he was doing and you can suck a bag of dicks. Fuck you, douchebag.