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Vic So'oto

So'oto has been doing his best Clay Matthews impression.

The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 20-19 on Thursday night in both teams’ final preseason game.

Here are my initial reactions.

  • Undrafted rookie linebacker Vic So’oto earned his roster spot with 1.5 sacks, an interception that he returned for a touchdown, and a forced fumble. With improved coverage skills, he could become a starting outside linebacker.
  • Defensive lineman [intlink id=”1337″ type=”category”]Howard Green[/intlink] was impressive in beating a double team to sack quarterback Matt Cassell.
  • Rookie [intlink id=”1626″ type=”category”]D.J. Smith[/intlink] and veteran Robert Francois are going to be solid backups at inside linebackers.
  • The Packers may really carry five tight ends. [intlink id=”1236″ type=”category”]Tom Crabtree[/intlink] earned his roster spot with two catches for 13 yards and a touchdown. Rookie [intlink id=”1624″ type=”category”]D.J. Williams[/intlink] had two catches for 12 yards.
  • Cornerback [intlink id=”157″ type=”category”]Pat Lee[/intlink] may have saved himself, leading the team with nine tackles, two fumble recoveries and one forced fumble.
  • Wide receiver Tori Gurley impressed with two catches for 12 yards. If the Packers keep a sixth receiver, it’s a tough choice between Chastin West and Gurley.
  • [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] looked great leading a scoring drive and completing 3-of-4 passes and throwing a touchdown in his only series. Unfortunately, the Packers backup quarterbacks, [intlink id=”84″ type=”category”]Matt Flynn[/intlink] and [intlink id=”1102″ type=”category”]Graham Harrell[/intlink], were embarrassingly awful. They combined for three fumbles and an interception.
  • Most of the starters only played one series.
  • It was a typical preseason game. The Packers won 20-19 to go 3-1 in the preseason.


  1. Rob September 1, 2011

    Okay, time for some real &$#*(*&^ football already. GO PACK!

  2. DevilDon September 1, 2011

    I think the impression I carried is that you can have alot of “name” players and still be just okay. To be the champions, you need the kind of depth that will beat a playoff-caliber team’s first strings.
    It makes me sick to think of the talent the Packers will have to cut.

  3. tequila September 1, 2011

    Keep Gurley, he’s big and a redzone threat. He also has a cool name.

  4. Randy R September 2, 2011

    I think Gurley has earned a spot, he makes plays, not sure the name is cool though…lol…Pat Lee should be cut. i still think he’s awfull. I’m gonna give Harrell, and Flynn a pass citing the Chiefs played most of their starters almost the whole game. (who does that in the 4th preseason game…wtf was that?…lol) Sherrod got beat alot. I hate judging these guys because of Chiefs starters in, but….Was that flynn who lost the ball going back to pass?….Did that remind anyone of a QB that used to play for us?…he used to do that too.

  5. packerfan2008 September 2, 2011

    lol Flynn had a ghastly game…I’ve never seen a QB obtain a 0 passer rating before. i guess being 2/10 for 12 yards with 0 tds and 1 int will do that. I’m sure he’ll bounce back though like Clifton.I’m assuming Clifton had a reasonable series since Rodgers wasn’t sacked. but i think we are definitely going to kick the saints ass!! go pack go!!

  6. peter September 2, 2011

    I’m pretty worried about that left side of the o-line they need to figure out how to move their feet and block.

  7. FrozenFanatic84 September 2, 2011

    If Vic So’oto does not make the team I will sh*t myself!

  8. Verona September 2, 2011

    As much as I love Driver, I really think the Packers should keep 6 WRs NOT named Donald Driver – I’m surprised, given the TT way, it isn’t a done deal. Gurley and West are both cheap prospect with real potential upsides, and if Cobb can stay healthy, he looks to me like a faster Driver.

  9. Randy R September 2, 2011

    You said it Peter….frozen..If So’to doesnt make the team, i’ll become a (cough) bear fan. Also agree verona….I’m concerned about the (not discussed too much) injurys to Neal and Cobb…whats going on?..Day to day, has turned to week to weeks.