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Final Roster Cuts: List In Progress

Here are the Green Bay Packers final roster cuts we know of right now with commentary.

If only someone could gather the Press Gazette’s cuts together with the Journal Sentinel’s so we could have a comprehensive list…

  • Caleb Schlauderaff, guard, 6th-round pick in 2011 — He was traded to the New York Jets.
  • Brandian Ross, cornerback, undrafted rookie in 2011 — no surprise
  • Diondre Borel, undrafted rookie in 2011 — Might have had a chance in a different season.
  • Sampson Genus, guard, undrafted rookie in 2011 — no surprise
  • Brandon Underwood, cornerback, 6th-round pick in ’09 — His injury didn’t help the fact he was arrested in June. He might have played his way onto the team under other circumstances.
  • Joe Hoese, fullback, undrafted in 2011 — Really, another fullback? No shot to make the team.
  • Kerry Taylor, receiver, undrafted in 2011 — Didn’t play poorly, but the Packers are loaded at receiver.
  • Chastin West, receiver, undrafted in 2010 — This is a disappointment for a lot of people and here’s the kicker. The Packers will only keep five receivers because…
  • Tori Gurley, receiver, undrafted in 2011 — Gurley was a special teams ace and showed promise as a receiver in the preseason. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to make the best team in the league. In fact, you have to be a tight end to make the Green Bay Packers. Odds are, they’ll keep five and hope Gurley makes it through to the practice squad.
  • Anthony Bratton, safety, undrafted in 2011 — no surprise
  • Jay Ross, nose tackle, undrafted in 2010 — Uh… who the hell is this guy?
  • Lawrence Guy, defensive lineman, 7th-round pick in 2011 — Was put in injured reserve.
  • Anthony Levine, safety, undrafted in 2010 — We thought the coaching staff liked Levine to stick behind Collins. Apparently not.
  • Graham Harrell, quarterback, undrafted free agent 2010 — Total fucking surprise. Everyone thought Harrell would be on the active roster. He played well enough, but McCarthy has always had a habit of keeping only two quarterbacks. Probably so he can make room for eight fullbacks.
  • Nick McDonald, center, undrafted free agent in 2010 — McDonald was supposed to be the heir apparent to Scott Wells, but a terrible performance in the final preseason game probably cost him his spot.
  • Shaky Smithson, receiver, undrafted in 2011 — Was put on injured reserve.
  • Chris Campbell, tackle, undrafted free agent 2010 — Didn’t play badly, but still a little raw.
  • Chris Donaldson, nose tackle, undrafted in 2011 — Never heard of this dude.
  • Ricky Elmore, linebacker, 6th-round pick in 2011 — Didn’t really show anything.
  • Josh Gordy, cornerback, undrafted in 2010 — Showed improvement, but plays a tough position to make the Packers.
  • Cardia Jackson, linebacker, undrafted in 2010 — Who the hell is this guy?
  • Eli Joseph, defensive end, undrafted in 2011 — Meh.
  • Elijah Joseph, linebacker, undrafted in 2011 — Twin meh.
  • Dmitri Nance, running back, undrafted in 2010 — Essentially lost out to Ryan Grant.
  • Brandon Saine, running back, undrafted in 2011 — Showed some promise, but the Packers have a crowded backfield.
  • Quinn Johnson, fullback, 5th-round pick in 2009 — Johnson was traded to Tennessee.
Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre September 3, 2011

    I heard West and Gurley have gotten word…Pack only keeping 5 wideouts.

  2. ay hombre September 3, 2011

    Anthony Bratton is gone via Rob Demovsky.

  3. AZ Pack September 3, 2011

    Gurley will be picked up by someone real quick. He won’t make it to our PS. The Viqueens will probably pick him up. West should make it to the PS though.

  4. iltarion September 3, 2011

    I never saw the promise in Gurley that others apparently have. The Packers have big WRs in Jordy Nelson, James Jones and then there is Finley and Quarless.

    The skill set the Packers are missing is that quicker, shiftier guy to play the slot. Cobb was supposed to be that, but I haven’t really seen that much from him either.

    I’d take West’s speed over Gurley’s size. No surprise both were cut though. 5 WRs is enough, especially when you have 5 TEs, and at least one or both of them will remain on the PS.

  5. iltarion September 3, 2011

    Schlauderaff is a PS candidate 100%. Dude was TERRIBLE during the preseason. McDonald should be cut too for how bad he was.

  6. Matt September 3, 2011

    that is crazy they dropped harrell. i hope he can stay on our practice squad

  7. ron m September 3, 2011

    6:16pm you list 13 cuts. packers.com lists roster of 53. should be able to figure out the last 10 cuts.

  8. Boston September 3, 2011

    I’m kind of doubting Harrell will clear waivers. The league knows about QBs coming from the McCarthy system now, with Rodgers obviously and Flynn getting some publicity as well. If I’m some team with nothing at the QB position (looking at you, San Fran, Cincy, Buffalo) I’d take a flier on Harrell.

  9. Abe Frohman September 3, 2011

    Schlauderaff was traded to the Jets.

    Harrell is a victim of the 3rd string qb rule change. I read on jsonline that they want him back to the practice squad. Let’s hope he clears waivers. He was the backup for next year.

    As per usual TT and MM know what they’re doing.

  10. DevilDon September 3, 2011


    I never saw the promise in Gurley that others apparently have. The Packers have big WRs in Jordy Nelson, James Jones and then there is Finley and Quarless.
    The skill set the Packers are missing is that quicker, shiftier guy to play the slot. Cobb was supposed to be that, but I haven’t really seen that much from him either.
    I’d take West’s speed over Gurley’s size. No surprise both were cut though. 5 WRs is enough, especially when you have 5 TEs, and at least one or both of them will remain on the PS.

    I wonder why it keeps coming up that Jones is a tall WR. He’s 6’1″
    Agreed that Finley and Quarless are like tall WRs though so your point is valid that you’d like more speed than height.
    I think of all those TEs as hybrid WRs in this system, so yea, 5 WR is enough.

    1. iltarion September 4, 2011

      James Jones is a big body even though he isn’t particularly tall. He is capable of making catches over guys, as he did against Brent Grimes of Atlanta.

  11. Donny Hunguss September 3, 2011

    I really like the final 53. It was obvious at beginning of training camp that O-Line wasn’t going to be a strength this season. With 2 Tight end sets it becomes less of a problem. Aaron Rodgers will not need more than 3 seconds to get rid of the ball. There will be fewer sacks this season which means less chance of getting hurt. No need for 3 QBs or 6 WRs. Packers TEs are so talented that the team would be fine with 4 WRs. Not worried!

    1. Donny Hunguss September 3, 2011

      Also, going heavy on TE and LB will also improve our special teams from last year. More athleticism and versatility at these positions. There is concern about keeping only 8 offensive linemen. If the injury bug hits this unit I’d say that people of equal talent of those that were cut can be picked up.

  12. Xavier September 4, 2011

    Why didnt Brad Jones get cut? The guy is a waste of space!!

    1. Abe Frohman September 4, 2011

      I hear he has his own table in the PT area.

      1. nurseratchett September 4, 2011


  13. Donny Hunguss September 4, 2011

    Packers sign 8 to practice squad:WR Diondre Borel, T/G Ray Dominguez, C Sampson Genus, WR Tori Gurley, QB Graham Harrell, CB Brandian Ross, RB Brandon Saine and WR Chastin West.

  14. Vijay September 4, 2011

    The 8 they placed on the PS are quality players for sure…too bad they couldn’t keep or find a spot for Kerry Taylor or Josh Gordy–thought they showed enough to make it. Hey, its a numbers game and the practice squad has never looked so formidable!

    1. Donny Hunguss September 4, 2011

      Indeed. Had these guys been with some other club during training camp they would likely be on an active roster.

  15. Xavier September 4, 2011

    Glad that West, Harrell and Gurley all made it past waivers!!

  16. iltarion September 4, 2011

    Yeah, I was pretty shocked that Harrell was let go. If Harrell was picked up and Flynn gets offered a starting gig somewhere else next year, then what the hell would we do?

    However, once again TT and MM show that they know what they are doing as everyone important cleared waivers, including Harrell. Thank God.

    1. nurseratchett September 4, 2011

      I was actually a little surprised no other team expressed an interest in Flynn this off season considering how many teams are pathetic at QB. However, since MM&TT historically do such a good job in the draft, the Pack wasn’t really looking for any position for a trade. I’m sure he’ll want a starting gig soon. Not like Rodgers is going to retire in the near future.

    2. Donny Hunguss September 4, 2011

      What is great about this year’s practice squad is that they can immediately contribute if they get called up to active roster. Next man up and the Pack won’t miss a beat!

  17. nurseratchett September 4, 2011

    So’oto impressed me in the final preseason game; happy he made the cut. Not really surprised at Dmitri Nance being dropped.


    GO PACK GO!!!!

  18. Xavier September 5, 2011


    The problem is only one of them is a defensive player. Whos going to play ILB if Bishop or Hawk get injured? What if Charles Woodson gets injured then we only have 4 corners? Gordy should of been on the PS over Borel!!

    1. Donny Hunguss September 5, 2011

      We currently have 26 dudes on D-fence compared to 24 on O. So it makes sense that PS is mostly offense. This season’s team would survive without the 2 PS receivers but do you really want them to get picked up by a division rival? Not to mention those guys are the future DDs and G. Jennings for the team.

      I’m conflicted about Gordy. He was decent in training camp but his hesitation/lack of aggression against KC did him in. I’m sure he’s a smart player and has the physical ability but you can’t teach instinct and aggression. D. Bowe would be a 3rd stringer on our team and Gordy was going up against the same level of talent from Pack receivers all through training camp. So just because Bowe starts for KC doesn’t give Gordy excuses. He was in position to defense both passes and blew a great opportunity to make the team like So’oto did. And now he isn’t even on practice squad.

      Not worried about Bishop or Hawk going down. LB is our deepest position. We have 10 LBs on the roster and I’m positive the play maker who’d step in is on the team already. If the Pack can’t find a suitable replacement from the 6 “backup” LBs then TT and MM aren’t doing their jobs.