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Does Chastin West’s Boozing Mean He Made The Team?

Receiver Chastin West is one of the Green Bay Packers bubble players heading into Saturday’s final roster reduction.

After spending last season on the practice squad, West showed he’s ready to be an NFL receiver this preseason. The Fresno State product was 16th in the league with 153 yards receiving, highlighted by a five-catch, 134-yard performance against Arizona in week two.

The question is whether he’s good enough to make the Super Bowl champs.

The Packers are loaded at receiver. Seemingly, their top five is set, with rookie second-round pick [intlink id=”1616″ type=”category”]Randall Cobb[/intlink] occupying the No. 5 slot on the depth chart. Traditionally, the team hasn’t kept more than five receivers under [intlink id=”67″ type=”category”]Mike McCarthy[/intlink].

That could change with the emergence of West and undrafted rookie Tori Gurley, who’s also been impressive this preseason. It’s unlikely both players will make the active roster, but West didn’t seem too worried Friday night.

He was out with Cobb having drinks.

Around 9:30 p.m. Green Bay time, West tweeted the following message and photo.

My drink is on the right @rcobb18 drink is on the left….smh

Chastin West's drink

Obviously, he hasn’t been told to clean out his locker. In fact, maybe he’s been told the opposite and it’s a celebratory beer.

Those of use here at Total Packers would love to see West make the team. We’d love to see Gurley on the practice squad. Both players look like they can contribute and it would be a shame to see them end up in some shithole like Minnesota.

That being said, what the fuck is Randall Cobb doing drinking a girlie drink?

They make bourbon in Kentucky! Step up, man!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ben September 3, 2011

    Stupid article. You have to celebrate in order to have a beer on a Friday night? You’re a joke of a writer. Real writers use curses wisely and very rarely- not forced. You sound like I did in middle school..
    And ‘girlie drink’? Really? We still immasculate certain liquids because they taste good? Grow up
    There’s a lot of culture out there bro. Of course you may actually have to leave West Allis to find it..

    1. Monty September 3, 2011

      Actually, I live in Los Angeles you ignorant fuck. Don’t even mention culture to me, because you have no idea what it is. I’ll write a post however I like on my blog. If I sound like you in middle school, send me a recording so I can put a gun to my forehead.

      1. nurseratchett September 3, 2011

        give this douche bag hell, and keep on keepin’ on. Ben wouldn’t know funny if it bit him in the ass. I’m guessing you literarily nutted him while he was drinking a white wine spritzer.

      2. FerdaPack56 September 6, 2011

        Well said Monty. I stumbled across your site a year or so ago and now its my go to for Packer coverage. I’m stuck in this Wasteland called Minnesota so i appreciate the variety of topics and angles you take writing about Da Pack. Keep up the good work guys and don’t be discouraged by this asshole. (Was that well placed?)

    2. Jeff September 3, 2011

      Ben is douche. Maybe you should go back to ESPN and read some more cookie-cutter posts with no personality. Total Packers has found success due in large part to their mix of serious and intricate commentary as well as their humor and off-beat reporting of off-field issues. I doubt they are going to change their entire mantra because a douchey lady-boy like yourself comes along and bitches about it.

  2. travis steffey September 3, 2011

    Good article Monty…enjoy them all. Fuck this loser…us fans appreciate all the updates!!! I get on here and check it out every day…thanks!

  3. packerfan2008 September 3, 2011

    Me too. Fuck Big Ben lol.

  4. AZ Pack September 3, 2011

    Eat a D*ck, Ben! Monty good shit! Keep it up man. Us west coasters gotta keep the love goin’ for packer nation.

  5. Patrick September 3, 2011

    Not a chance Gurley is ends up on the practice squad if he gets cut. He’ll get signed somewhere. West is a less talented version of the other guys we already have. Gurley would be the only big, physical receiver that can actually go up and fight for the ball. Can’t coach size and athleticism. That being said, I like them both… just prefer Gurley because of the size factor. It actually wouldn’t surprise me to see TT cut Driver and keep one or both of West and Gurley. He’s proven that he doesn’t get emotionally tied to any player (Favre, Tauscher, etc.) regardless of their name or contributions to the team.

  6. Jordan September 3, 2011

    I actually like your blog. I find them all entertaining as f*ck!!

  7. packerfan2008 September 3, 2011

    When do they announce who has been cut?

  8. iltarion September 3, 2011

    I, too, am disappointed in Cobb’s drink. Perhaps this is why his knees bruise so easily.

    Maybe he is a screwdriver kind of guy. If that is the case, then disregard what I just said, or disregard what I just said anyway.

  9. Don’t immasculate[sic] my drink, bro!

  10. Dave September 6, 2011

    “I, too, am disappointed in Cobb’s drink. Perhaps this is why his knees bruise so easily.” ahaha, well said sir, well said

  11. Greg September 6, 2011

    West shouldn’t be too proud of his beer. I live in Portland and that is too light ( evenpossibly lite) to proclaim your manhood. lol. Ben drinks Hi-C