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Chastin West Is Gone

Chastin West

West didn't get a real shot to contribute in Green Bay.

[intlink id=”1238″ type=”category”]Chastin West[/intlink] was going to get his shot eventually.

Unfortunately it won’t come with the Green Bay Packers. The receiver announced Monday he was signing with the [intlink id=”281″ type=”category”]Jacksonville Jaguars[/intlink].

Despite a strong preseason, the Packers decided to try to stash West on the practice squad for the second season in a row. West showed quite a bit of improvement from his first to his second NFL season and many thought he did enough to make the active roster.

The team decided to stick with just five receivers, though, and after West cleared waivers, they re-signed him to the practice squad.

Practice squad players can be signed by other teams. Their current teams either have to add the player to their active roster or lose them.

West wanted a chance to play and the Packers decided not to make a play for him, even though they’ll have a roster spot when they put Nick Collins on injured reserve. West seemed to suggest via Twitter he didn’t think he got a fair shot with the Packers.

“I think a change of scenery is what we need sometimes to make things real. I just can’t wait to play again. It has been a long time coming”

The Jaguars currently have six receivers listed on their roster, but have some injury issues.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Xavier September 20, 2011

    Stupid move by TT. West could of been big for us!!

  2. Jack September 20, 2011

    Yeah…TT is clueless (eye-roll) and doesnt keep the right players….we will never win the Super Bowl that way……ohhhh wait….!

    But seriously; No way he was better then Driver, Jennings, Cobb or Nelson….Jones on the other hand……..

  3. Darrin September 20, 2011

    Trade James Jones for something, anything, and promote Gurley before the Bears wise up and sign him.

  4. Xavier September 20, 2011


    Just because we won the superbowl it dont mean TT can do no wrong. Letting Chastin West go is wrong!! Driver has about 1 more year and Jones doesnt offer much.

    1. Jack September 21, 2011

      Oh don’t get me wrong…TT can do wrong; but in this case he kept the best receivers (jury – again – still out on Jones) and got West and Gurley to stick around as insurance…now West is gone/Gurley remains….about Driver; maybe only one more year (don’t bet against DD) but TT is pretty good at finding new WR’s in the draft is he not : ) I – for one – am stoked on this season and I am still thinking “repeat” even without West hanging around (losing Collins on the other hand….that makes me a little nervous….)

  5. Madcity Packer Fan September 20, 2011

    ahhhhh shit! Cutting him was a mistake.

  6. greg September 20, 2011

    not a big deal…..just a product of the environment…best qb in the league, best offense. wont ever be much in the nfl….not worried about losing him one bit, who cares. Gurley is who we need to keep

  7. Vijay September 20, 2011

    Receivers like these are like RBs…dime a dozen these days. Look at all of the ‘come from nowhere’ guys out there making plays in Oakland, Buffalo, etc. We did not need him and he was good enough to play as a top 3 wideout elsewhere. Best of luck to C. West. WE NEED D. SHARPER!!!

  8. iltarion September 20, 2011

    Chastin West showed some promise, but he was clearly not as good as any of our 5 WRs.

    James Jones has made about 20 big plays in this league. West has made zero.

    The Packers need another WR like I need another loan. West will disappear in Jacksonville and never be heard from again. Bet on it.

  9. Brent September 20, 2011

    By this time next year West will be stocking shelves at his local Home Depot.

  10. Mark September 21, 2011


  11. Justin September 21, 2011

    FAIL, that’s all I have to say. it would have been smart to keep west over some of the garbage we did keep…oh wait, we need 100 tight ends…lame. I don’t know that West can do much in Jax, but he would have been a nice piece in this offense when Driver is gone. TT…between this and not getting some insurance in the form of Sharper is double-fail. TT came out looking real good last year, even though it took an Eagles miracle comeback against the Giants to get us in the playoffs…if that wouldn’t have happen, TT would have gotten crucified for not getting a RB when we needed one for 10 games.

  12. Greg September 21, 2011

    Read that Sharper comment, that makes too much sense….Helped NO win their superbowl…hmmmm

  13. iltarion September 21, 2011

    We use all 5 of our TEs. West would have been inactive for all 5 games.

    Sharper is old and has a bum knee. And he wasn’t that great with the Packers while he was here.

    If Peprah or Burnett get hurt, then we might give Sharper a call. Otherwise, get real.

    I am tired of people inaccurately referring to the Eagles game as the key in making the playoffs last year. If the Giants won, they would have won the division. The Packers win the tie-breaker against Philly because we beat them. So, at the time, we actually wanted the Giants to win. This all seems to have been forgotten thanks some predictable idiots in the media.

  14. trey williams October 9, 2011

    I dont think this kid is even good enough to be in the league… in college he barely did anything.. if chastin made the actuall team then seyi ajiratutu should definetly be playing. If this kid even thinks about seeing time on the field he is dreaming way to much. Best bet was to not sign this kid because some else is injured because chastin doesnt have speed, remeber his 4.6 to 4.7 40yard dash???