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T.J. Lang

All eyes are on Lang at left guard.

Pro tip: If you’re new to training camp and want to know which end the majority of the action will be on, keep an eye out for the end zone that has the camera tower in it and sit closest to that side.

Tunnel of Finley
[intlink id=”209″ type=”category”]Jermichael Finley[/intlink] is a beast. Finley always seems to be open and [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] knows it, maybe to a fault. During practice today Finley caught three touchdowns and looked to be Rodgers first option on a majority of plays. He’s a matchup nightmare will often give Rodgers favorable pre-snap looks. I believe Finley’s dominance will go hand-in-hand with Rodgers’ tunnel vision towards him. It should be very interesting to see how the Packers’ offense operates with all the weapons it has this season.

Specialty players
Both special teams players enjoyed decent success Monday morning. [intlink id=”152″ type=”category”]Mason Crosby[/intlink] was a perfect six-for-six, with his longest field goal being 50 yards. During kickoffs, Crosby was a little less impressive, only kicking the ball to the goal line or shorter. With a leg as large as his, it seems noteworthy that he isn’t putting it out of the back of the end zone given the current placement of kickoffs on the 35-yard line. [intlink id=”791″ type=”category”]Tim Masthay[/intlink] also showed off his leg, providing a handful of quality kicks into a crosswind. It wasn’t a perfect day for punting though, as Tori Gurley snuck through and blocked one of Masthay’s kicks.

Don’t underestimate the farm boy
[intlink id=”22″ type=”category”]Jordy Nelson[/intlink] has shown he can do it all in practice. Nelson can be a possession receiver, catching balls on comeback and crossing routes. Nelson can also be a big-play threat, showing he can take a slant or post route deep, as well as being the Packers’ best player down the sidelines. Finley definitely had the most eye-catching performance of the day, but Nelson showed his ability to be a player the Packers can use for any play or formation set. How often can teams get burnt from a heavy run-orientated formation with a one-man route by Nelson? Apparently they underestimate Nelson’s ability, as well.

Quick observations

  • [intlink id=”1613″ type=”category”]Derek Sherrod[/intlink] was held out of practice and [intlink id=”583″ type=”category”]T.J. Lang[/intlink] started at left guard with [intlink id=”1037″ type=”category”]Marshall Newhouse[/intlink] filling in for veteran [intlink id=”225″ type=”category”]Chad Clifton[/intlink] much of the time at left tackle.
  • A couple injured players returned. [intlink id=”1038″ type=”category”]James Starks[/intlink], [intlink id=”442″ type=”category”]Brandon Underwood[/intlink], and [intlink id=”596″ type=”category”]Brett Swain[/intlink] all practiced on a limited basis.
  • The offense ran a no-huddle drill in practice and was pretty effective moving the ball, but neither the first or second team scored.
  • Vic So’oto is making a move up the depth chart. With Frank Zombo sidelined with a broken scapula, So’oto was on the second team unit at outside linebacker. So’oto was one of the interesting prospects coming into camp and he has been responding well, getting a quick sack on Monday.
  • Kick return direction call-words? Lombardi and Reno for left and right.
  • What did you do for your 21st birthday? If your name is [intlink id=”1616″ type=”category”]Randall Cobb[/intlink], then you sat out of practice with a thigh bruise.

Brady has lived in Green Bay for the majority of his life, mostly because the Packers also reside there. He decided to forgo city life and nice weather in favor of the smell of brats and the ramblings of a Packers armchair GM. To Brady, there is the big 3 -- Packers, beer, and more Packers.



  1. Irish Dan August 23, 2011

    Thanks for the report man, great job as usual!

    I’m delighted to have Finley back, but a little worried about Rodgers becoming too predictable in looking for him. How much of the ball was Jennings seeing with Finley taking away some of his throws?

    1. Brady August 24, 2011

      It looks like Jennings is still getting his in practice, but we will have to see when it comes to gametime. Nobody in the NFL runs routes as well as Jennings in my opinion so he should be open, getting the ball frequently.

  2. Cade Lawson August 23, 2011

    Awesome post as usual. I’ve come to like Brady’s post and in my opinion more Brady talking about football less Monty trying to be tmz.

  3. CaLIPACKFAN August 23, 2011

    Agree I’m worried Rodgers will look for Finley too much and be predictable for defenses.

  4. Randy R August 23, 2011

    Great post…Did any backs run the ball?..any defensive backs practice? How did O line do?..shall i keep going?…great report.

    1. Brady August 24, 2011

      Haters gotta hate. Thanks for checking the blog out. I’ll take your criticism as homage to my influence.

  5. MadCity Packer Fan August 24, 2011

    I hope defenses do focus on Finley so we can open up the match ups down both sidelines. Still go to Finley as much as possible though.

  6. ay hombre August 24, 2011

    Randy you’re a bitchy-ass cunt. Go find somewhere else to be a douchebag. Better yet go start your own site. Asshole.

    1. Dave August 24, 2011

      well said

  7. Ryan August 24, 2011

    Great post Brandy. Don’t let these obvious Packer haters get to you. How is starks doing? A write up on him and what he’s done at camp would be terrific. I really believe he’s the answer to our running game.

    1. Brady August 25, 2011

      Starks has easily been the most impressive running back at camp, showing burst and vision for making effective inside runs. If the guy can stay healthy and he runs as strongly as he did in the playoffs, he should comfortably get the most playing time.

      I don’t believe all of this silly talk about Grant’s job being in jeopardy this year, but at the same time I believe it is Starks’ job to lose.

  8. Randy R August 24, 2011

    Sigh…..Fans dont hate. real Packer fans want to know how the line is doing, how the backs are running, defensive backs?..Your report was real thorough. Finley,kickers, and Jordy….GEE..You must be tired after all that reporting. lol…homage to your influence?..Thats your response?…really?…..Get a job.