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T.J. Lang

Lang has a real shot at left guard.

Welcome to the a.m. edition of Green Bay Packers training camp observations. I’ll wear my sunburn like a badge of honor.

Lang in the mix
The race for starting left guard has become more interesting and less certain. [intlink id=”583″ type=”category”]T.J. Lang[/intlink] graded out as one of the top linemen from the Browns game and has been given the opportunity to win the starting left guard position. Today the Packers rotated [intlink id=”1613″ type=”category”]Derek Sherrod[/intlink] and Lang at starting guard with Lang getting the majority of reps. [intlink id=”225″ type=”category”]Chad Clifton[/intlink] is being rested the and Packers used Lang at guard with Sherrod at tackle and flip-flipped positions when Sherrod got his chance at guard. It looked to me like Lang held his own at both guard and tackle so it will be interesting to see the number of reps each player gets as training camp goes on.

Hot routes
[intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] and the No. 1 offensive unit had a much more successful time against the blitz today. Rodgers was able to quickly identify where the blitz was coming from and hit hot routes by [intlink id=”138″ type=”category”]Greg Jennings[/intlink] and [intlink id=”76″ type=”category”]Donald Driver[/intlink] for big gains. Both plays would have resulted in gains of at least 20 yards. There isn’t much to worry about with Rodgers’ play, but it’s positive to see him on the same page with the receivers. It appears that a back-shoulder throw to [intlink id=”204″ type=”category”]James Jones[/intlink] is almost always available to him.

Quick observations

  • Jennings made a nice adjustment on a deep ball where he ended up wide open. All he does is make plays.
  • Seventh-round pick [intlink id=”1629″ type=”category”]Ryan Taylor[/intlink] showed great awareness, making a back-shoulder catch near the sideline on [intlink id=”1061″ type=”category”]Sam Shields[/intlink].
  • [intlink id=”791″ type=”category”]Tim Masthay[/intlink] followed up his strong preseason debut with a nice day punting. Only two of his four punts out of the end zone under heavy pressure were good, but the rest of his punts showed great hang time and distance. Highlighting his day was an Aussie-style punt from the 46 that hit on the 5, but the backspin caused it to bounce straight up and it would of been downed inside the 1.
  • More from the look team as the Packers prepare for the [intlink id=”174″ type=”category”]Arizona Cardinals[/intlink].
  • Chastin West had a spectacular catch on the day. West was going down the sideline with [intlink id=”157″ type=”category”]Pat Lee[/intlink] in coverage and the ball wasn’t thrown high enough for a fade route. With Lee still looking toward West and unaware the pass was coming, West leapt and caught the ball over Lee on the 22 of his back.
  • Tori Gurley had a couple nice catches on the look team against no. 1 defense.
  • [intlink id=”1616″ type=”category”]Randall Cobb[/intlink] looks like he needs some more time to polish his route running. But in typical Cobb fashion, he ended the day by making a tough catch down the seam and taking it the distance causing the whole no. 1 offense to run down and celebrate with him. I’m not positive, but I think [intlink id=”525″ type=”category”]Charlie Peprah[/intlink] would of put a stop to the play shortly after Cobb caught it, but I love the enthusiasm for the rookie.
  • It appears [intlink id=”209″ type=”category”]Jermichael Finley[/intlink] is always open. To state the obvious, if the guy stays healthy he will be a monster.
  • Parents, you may not notice it, but your kids are probably annoying. Please be courteous to those around you and keep them in check. I’m all for the kids having fun, but using the railing in front of me like a jungle gym can be quite annoying.

Brady has lived in Green Bay for the majority of his life, mostly because the Packers also reside there. He decided to forgo city life and nice weather in favor of the smell of brats and the ramblings of a Packers armchair GM. To Brady, there is the big 3 -- Packers, beer, and more Packers.



  1. Dave August 16, 2011

    i love reading these updates, thanks Brady!

  2. iltarion August 16, 2011

    Yes, continued great job.

  3. Chris K August 16, 2011

    Haha. like the Kids’ update!

    Best chance to make the team of these: OLB-So’oto, G-Schluaderaff or T-Campbell, DE-Lawrence Guy, or WR-Chastin West or Tori Gurley?

    1. Brady August 19, 2011

      Of the choices you selected, I would say that Schlauderaff has the best chance to make it. I haven’t seen a whole lot of eye catching moments from Caleb and I think he has a poor record in his one-on-one’s, but he was a draft pick and has been entrenched with the no. 2 units so he probably has a decent chance of making the team.

      Next closest would probably be So’oto since he has moved past Elmore and Lattimore in the depth charts. He is a raw talent but is very physical (which the Packers seem to like) and would be an easy candidate for the practice squad if he doesn’t make the final roster.

      West looks like he is 6th on the WR depth chart, just ahead of Gurley. Hard to say if the Packers would keep a 6th wide receiver.

  4. LiquidJakeFace August 16, 2011

    Best one yet Brady. I get sick of stereotypical sports articles that provide very little actual insight. Every article you have written has been informative and humorous. Well played.