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Has Mike Neal Been Handed A Starting Job?

Mike Neal

Neal saw limited action last season.

Externally, there was some question about who would replace the departed [intlink id=”163″ type=”category”]Cullen Jenkins[/intlink] at defensive end for the Green Bay Packers, but apparently there wasn’t much debate internally.

If the Green Bay Press Gazette is correct, the job has already been handed to 2010 second-round pick [intlink id=”1033″ type=”category”]Mike Neal[/intlink].

Mike Vandermause listed four starting positions on the Packers that are being contested. Jenkins’ old spot was not one of them.

Before we tell you how many times the Press Gazette has been wrong or how many times they’ve blatantly copied something a lowly blogger has written, we’ll note that they’ve been spot on more than their fair share.

It’s still early in camp, but most of us have been hearing quite a bit about [intlink id=”1042″ type=”category”]C.J. Wilson[/intlink], another 2010 draft choice. Wilson started two games in 2010 in place of Jenkins and recorded 18 tackles and a sack on the season. He added five tackles and a sack in the postseason and looked fundamentally sound throughout.

Jenkins had only 18 tackles in eight starts in 2010. Neal, of course, was one of the Packers’ walking wounded. He played in just two games before hitting injured reserve.

The book on Neal is he’s strong as an ox and can get to the quarterback. This long-term potential may give him an edge over Wilson for the starting spot.

However, it’s somewhat surprising if the Packers have indeed already made the decision.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Fan August 8, 2011

    Both players seemed to be fundamentally sound. However, CJ Wilson has done a great job at proving he can play at this level, and yes start. Spectators can continue to write, however, at the end of the day its let the best man win. Don’t matter who start, it’s a win/win situation. CJ Wilson has the experience, if I can recall, he started in the Superbowl, while Mike Neal may have better pass rushing abilities, his injury has set him back in that regard. Time will tell though.

  2. Kirby August 8, 2011

    I’m not going to play favorites whoever can get the job done should be the guy to start the season!

    1. Farvedollarfootlong August 8, 2011

      Neal looks like a replica of Jenkins, probably a little bigger at the same age. Both have past injury issues. Neal looks the part, looks like Tarzan hope he doesn’t get injured like Jane.

  3. robbie August 8, 2011

    um do you have a thing against the JS or something? because i cant count the number of times ive seen a “lowly blogger” go almost word for word on an interview and story that a reporter did and printed…and also living in Racine its easy to see that all the Racine newspaper does is copy word for word the exact stories from the JS…well okay they might change like 5 words…and this includes 2 for the name of the writer

  4. TyKo Steamboat August 8, 2011

    YES!!!! Thank You!!! This is the strongest cat on the team (in the weight room). He will be better than Jenkins. This dude is gonna be one our our favs.

    1. TyKo Steamboat August 8, 2011

      *one of our favs.
      (sober and can’t even get this right…)

  5. iltarion August 8, 2011

    Neal is a beast, but it doesn’t matter who starts. There will be a rotation and Wilson will get his time. Whoever rushes the passer best will get the most time on passing downs.