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Brett Favre: Everybody Hates Me

Brett Favre

We're sure they're chanting 'one more year' somewhere.

Poor old [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Brett Favre[/intlink], rotting away in retirement. What’s an old gunslinger to do?

Who knows, but playing football doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the former [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink] and Green Bay Packers signal caller.

Favre says he no longer has the motivation to play and the only reason he could find motivation to come back is because everyone hates him.

Great reasoning, Brett. Everyone hates me. Let’s make them hate me more by coming back again! I’ll show them!

“I could easily talk myself into that chip on my shoulder like, ‘Hey everybody hates you . . . .’ and I could motivate myself,” Favre said.  He then said that, now that he’s older, he simply doesn’t have the fire to do what needs to be done.  “It’s that edge that makes the great players great,” Favre said.

So, while we may be able to finally close the door on Brett Favre’s career, just remember one thing. If Brett Favre wanted to come back and play again, Brett Favre could come back and play again, goddamit!

In fact, by his reasoning, when he comes back to spite us for our hatred of him and we grow to hate him even more, it will just drive him to play longer.

He’ll thereby become the only player in NFL history fueled entirely by hatred and be able to play until he dies. When they finally scrape his rotting carcass off the field and throw him in a dirt hole, the concrete marker above him will read: Brett Favre — would have been nothing if it weren’t for spite and revenge.

Oh, I forgot. He just loves to the play the game!

That’s all. Right, Jon Gruden?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Bob August 13, 2011

    Hideous post.

  2. tequila August 13, 2011

    Spot on, Monty.

  3. BB August 13, 2011

    At least he doesn’t let guys screw him in the butt like Rodgers.

    1. Rob August 14, 2011

      Uh, what?

  4. f U August 13, 2011

    PLEASE Stop with the worthless stories, It makes you look like an idiot

    1. Rob August 14, 2011

      If they are so worthless why do you read them?

  5. bzbz August 13, 2011

    What great writing this is, good God man. Favre ANNOYED you, has had no personal impact on u at all other than fantasy football yet you write about him like he’s the fucking anti-Christ or something what does it to you if he plays again besides the second sentence up there? Go get your mom to make you some meatloaf and when you shit it out, put your writing “skills” and high school diploma in with it

  6. BB August 13, 2011

    As I’ve said before, Monty is fueled with spite because the (alleged) sext scandal revealed Favre’s cock was bigger than his.

  7. Randy R August 13, 2011

    Gee bzbz, and BB…I guess know one can have an opinion huh? Truth hurts?…let screw him in the butt like Rodgers BB?…That sounds grown up…Why dont both of you hillbillys stop whining and crying, and if you cant, just become Bear fans, if you aren’t already.

  8. Shannon August 13, 2011

    Sure, he could motivate himself into coming back by saying everyone hates him. Is that surprising? Anyone can motivate themselves into doing something, just to prove to those who hate them that they can still do it.

    But Brett isn’t going to do that. He’s done. He’s admitted the writing was on the wall.

    On a side note: The reason for the interview was because Brett called in to Jim Kelly’s Hunter’s Hope radiothon to encourage people to donate for better medical newborn screenings.

    He didn’t call to talk about his football career, the radio host said (laughingly) that he’d lose his job if he didn’t ask him if he was truly done with football at the end of the interview.

  9. Strange1 August 13, 2011

    I just don’t get all the Favre hatred. I’ve been a Packers fan as long as I can remember which includes all the Lombardi teams as well as wilderness years. Favre brought a real excitement to the game and you could sense that he really enjoyed the game. When it came time for he and the Packers to part ways they should have just given him an outright release. The entire episode felt like a wife that found a new man, but tried to dictate who her former husband could woo. You know, regardless of the uniform, I miss seeing the old man that was once a boy play. I’m sure after all those seasons he had to find something to motivate him and all he said was that the fire to either “prove you wrong” or to “stick it to you” was gone. Why should that generate such vituperation? We all get old and if you hang around long enough a new management will always want the new guys and not the old ones. I’ll even bet that some of you Favre haters have been rif’ed by a former employer under new management – even after giving that company your very best years. That didn’t make you feel all that warm and fuzzy did it? So lighten up. Even Rodgers will get old one day and, who knows, he could be like Lynn Dickey wasting his aging body on a deteriorating and aging team. Favre deserves to be respected for the player he was and the contribution he made to a long period of Packer success.

    1. iltarion August 15, 2011

      Strange1, fortunately, you were not GM of the Packers at the time to give away a viable starting QB for free.

      Our GM needs to do what’s in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers, not the best interest of the player. The Packers, both fans and organization, owed nothing to Brett, having already made him rich, famous, and a champion.

      As Packer fans, the difference between us is simple: you blindly forgive Brett for his transgressions post-tearful-retirement, while we do not.

      1. BB August 15, 2011

        Which makes you a pretty big loser. You either have to say you hate Favre because he was such a great QB it pissed you of that he didn’t play for Green Bay anymore, or you have to say he was old and sucked and you don’t care. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say he was old and washed up, AND you have an obsessive hatred for him. It makes no sense, even though every obese, illiterate Wisconsinite thinks it does. Regardless, the fact that Thompson shit his pants at the thought of having to play Favre twice a year and traded him to one of the worst teams in the league behind his back tells you all you need to know.

        1. iltarion August 15, 2011

          Well, I seem to remember we played against Favre twice last year, and we kicked his ass both times, including a 31-0 complete fricking embarrassment. So, not exactly sure what we were allegedly so afraid of.

          Trading Favre outside the division was more of a PR concern, then anything else.

          It is the Viking fans and their ilk who should be really bitter about the whole thing. If McCarthy and TT don’t have the balls to stick with A-Rodge, he could be a Viking right now.

  10. Phillthy Phill August 13, 2011

    Loving the spite filled rage attacking someone else’s spite filled rage about a spite filled raged persons spite filled rage, stay classy Vikings fans ; J

  11. Derek August 13, 2011

    haha, you guys take this bullshi**ing website WAY to seriously. Get over it.

  12. Tony August 15, 2011

    Brett proved so many people wrong after they said he was too old to play by:

    – coming back for his last season with the Pack and going 13-3
    – Having a great next season with the Jets until the arm went, then
    – Having his best statistical year ever while taking the Vikings to the NFC championship ( all this after he was “supposedly too old”

    Brett is an old school warrior – just give him another reason to prove you wrong again !!

    1. iltarion August 15, 2011

      Tony, you are living in the past. It is unhealthy. The only place Brett will be proving anyone wrong now is the golf course.

  13. Shannon August 15, 2011

    I can see not trading Favre to the Bears or Vikings due to PR concern, but they could’ve traded him to the Lions and nobody would’ve cared. IMO Could be wrong on that, but who cares about the Lions? The fact that they wouldn’t even trade him to the Lions makes me think they were afraid to play against him.

    Shoot, they could’ve traded him to any other team in the NFC except the Bears and Vikings for that matter. How could PR hurt them if they’d done that? Instead, they trade him to an AFC team.

    True, the Packers beat the Vikings twice last year. No disputing that. But the Vikings did win the first 2 games, so it’s a tie.

  14. Sol August 16, 2011

    I dislike Favre because for four years straight i did everything in my power to go to the last game of the year to ensure i was there to see Favre play for the last time. Drove 10 hours each time slept in my vehicle in January only to have Favre take a big steamy dump on the fans and team after he didn’t get his way and get handed his starting spot after RETIRING ON HIS OWN ACCORD. Its not that i hate him but i I lost a lot of respect for him. Still all will be forgiven when he puts on the Green # 4 and comes back to Lambeau

  15. Ben August 16, 2011

    This is crap. i was a packers fan for most of my life..but a brett favre fan for ALL of my life. when he got traded to Minnesota i became a die-hard Vikings man. You people are crap for the way you treat the man who gave you the greatest seasons of Packer football. SKOL VIKINGS

  16. Bryan August 17, 2011

    How are you a die hard Vikings fan, if the only reason you supported them was because of Favre? I guess you were a die hard Jets fan as well. I think it’s crap how people like put one player over the welfare of the entire team. You would rather have the Packers appease Favre’s ego by giving him everything he wants, then by building a championship caliber team through the draft.
    That’s essentially what happened in the Mike Sherman era, instead of building for the future, the Packers kept getting free agents to make Favre happy, and the Packers always made an early exit from the play offs.
    Enjoy watching the Vikings lose for the next decade, thanks to your boy Favre.

    1. BB August 17, 2011

      Or maybe the dude lives in Oregon and he doesn’t have an NFL team to cheer for, so he’s a fan of Favre. It’s only football. Get a life.

  17. Pack66 December 11, 2011

    Iltarion..you are a piece of shit…and deep down, you must know it to be AROD and TT’s little asslicker and so full of hate…

    Favre had that asshole Sherman to deal with who couldn’t even get a college team to a winning record.

    Favre went to two other teams and had success…something I highly doubt Rodgers could do from year to year…

    Rodgers is a fucking game manager with the best WR’s in the league…If Favre would have stayed in GB, he would have had a SB or two by now as well….

    Rodgers can’t win the big game by himself..he has to have everything go his way, or he falls apart. You will see as the talent starts to decline on the Packers over the years…AROD’s WR’s are making him look better than he is..

    Packer fans who hate Favre are the most pathetic, human beings on the planet….that’s why it’s going to be so cool when the Packers finally come down to earth and lose in the playoffs.

  18. toolkien December 12, 2011

    Stone cold thread, but anyway….

    People just don’t seem to grasp that the hatred of Favre isn’t based on that he wanted to still play and he went somewhere else, it’s based on the years of bellyaching and ultimatums and trying to dictate to the team how to conduct its business (player retention, coaches, free agents to sign) which was all white washed as “waffling”. If Favre had trouble making up his mind and made a wrong decision, that would be one thing. Trying to be the de facto GM, “retiring” which was apparently only more game playing posturing, and then only “committing” to reinstatment after the Pack front office complete its off season cycle (including allocating Favre’s salary cap) and headed off on vacation. Favre simply didn’t “retire too soon and only wanted to come back”, his retirement was a continuance of childish behavior and had decided (after Thompson drafted two QB’s) to gain his release to stick it to Thompson. As this article says, Favre could only motivate himself based on hatred and negative emotions. He no longer could simply try and be the best QB for the Pack he could be, he had to do so only from the Dark Side. It led him burn his legacy.

    To be clear, my hatred didn’t coalesce until a watershed moment – in 2009 when Favre was being interviewed post 2008 Jet season, and touched on what McCarthy said about Favre not being of the right mindset to continue playing, and that it was Favre’s hatred of Thompson at the center of that mindset, what EXACTLY was the center piece to Favre’s inability to forgive Thompson, and Favre said OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH, it was when Thompson drafted two QB’s and “closed the door on me”. That was it. ALL THE 2008 DRAMA AND PAIN was due to Thompson not quarduple checking with the RETIRED Favre who he should or shouldn’t draft. Favre, some we learned from the classless Greta interviews, wanted to dictate player retention (Whale, Rivera), who should be coach (Sherman- because Favre didn’t want to have to learn a new playbook, Mariucci -well, because he was a buddy), which players to sign in free agency TWICE (Moss, a Bus Cook stable mate), and NOW, FROM RETIREMENT, Favre wanted to dictate THE DRAFT. And when Favre, some odd reason, was denied being the de facto GM, he decided to wallow in his hate and use it to direct his behavior. Favre HATED FIRST. And he is now, in perpituity, reaping what he sewed. Thompson was simply doing his job the best way he knew how, and Favre HAD THE RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL for he Quarterbacking job through the entire off season. But he never committed. He only “committed” after his cap space was allocated which would force the Packers to release him (which was defused when Goodell gave the Packers an extra week to find a place for Favre to go via trade). And all because FAVRE HATED THOMPSON. Long story short regarding HATE – FAVRE STARTED IT FIRST.