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Howard Green

Howard Green: Not the best workout regimen.

Despite all the blather about players working out individually, being professional and staying focused during the NFL lockout, chances are some members of the Green Bay Packers will show up out of shape when training camp begins.

Here’s a look at who’s most likely to have been hitting the buffet instead of the weight room.

Howard Green — The big defensive tackle says he’s in shape, but also admits he hasn’t been doing a hell of a lot this summer. His training regimen has consisted of a little running, a little walking and being outside in the triple-digit southern heat. That doesn’t sound too promising for a guy who’s been cut 10 times in the pros, most recently by the Jets last season, because of weight issues.

Justin Harrell — You forgot this turd was even around, didn’t you? The former first-round pick and injury-waiting-to-happen may not even make it to training camp. The Packers have to trim some salaries to get under the salary cap and Harrell seems likely to go. With his rash of injuries — a bad back and the torn ACL he suffered last year — Harrell couldn’t have been training at full speed over the summer and may have added a layer of fat to debilitated carcass.

Ryan Pickett — There’s no reason to suspect the 11th-year defensive lineman will show up out of shape given his veteran status. Then again, we haven’t heard from Pickett all offseason and he’s listed at 340 pounds to begin with. His increasing age and interest in promoting religious activities could have kept Pickett out of the weight room more often than in the past.

Brandon Underwood — To put it mildly, the defensive back had more important issues to worry about than football this offseason. He’s had to deal with an arrest for disorderly conduct, the accompanying media attention and his marriage. His wife filed for divorce in May, but the couple are reportedly trying to work things out. We can’t imagine working out in the gym was Underwood’s top priority.

Lawrence Guy — We don’t know much about the Packers seventh-round pick, other than he’s a large man. The defensive tackle is 6-4 and north of 300. He hasn’t been through a typical NFL offseason, so he has no idea what’s expected or what it takes to play at the game’s top level. Like many large men, he probably enjoys food. Couple that with the fact he went to Arizona State, which is more known for their parties than their academics, and you can see how there might be a problem.

Andrew Quarless — The tight end was a character risk coming out of Penn State, where he was suspended twice for alcohol-related offenses. He showed next to nothing in his rookie season despite starting three games. Although there’s been no sign of trouble since he’s been with the Packers, this is the kind of guy you wonder about when he’s left to his own devices.

Quinn Johnson — Let’s be honest, guys from LSU have never been accused of being hard workers. See JaMarcus Russell. [intlink id=”84″ type=”category”]Matt Flynn[/intlink] is perhaps the exception to the rule. Couple that with the fact Johnson is the only fullback currently under contract with the Packers and you have to wonder whether he’s kept himself properly motivated this offseason.

Monty McMahon

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