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Tauscher May Retire

Mark Tauscher

Tauscher may hang it up.

Even though he worked out with fellow Green Bay Packers offensive linemen earlier this month, right tackle Mark Tauscher isn’t sure he’s going to play in 2011.

“You know, I haven’t really figured out what I’m going to do yet,” said Tauscher, who’s playing in Greg Jennings’ golf tournament this weekend.

Tauscher injured his shoulder in October and was placed on injured reserve. He’s been rehabbing the injury since.

If he does decide to play, Tauscher is scheduled to make upwards of $4 million.

It’s questionable if the Packers will keep him around at that number. Although he could prove to be a valuable backup — Bryan Bulaga is entrenched as the starter at right tackle — the Packers may ultimately make the decision for Tauscher.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Taryn June 11, 2011

    The 4 Mil is hard to condone given his injury history of late but letting him go is a dangerous route to take.
    The OL is and has been a question for the Packers and TT would be wise to keep Tauscher in a player-coach capacity.How that could work with money being paid through coach contract and player is unknown or if possible but,he needs to be around this season in some capacity which is all the better for the Packers.

  2. iltarion June 11, 2011

    Yeah, this is a money issue probably first and foremost. I’m sure the Packers would love to have him around as a backup, but not at $4 million. If Clifton returns, which is expected, then we already have Sherrod and Lang as backup OTs at a much cheaper price (or a likely one in Sherrod’s case).

  3. Xavier June 11, 2011

    We just got Sherrod so let him go. If Clifton or Bulaga get injured Sheerod will be the replacement not Tauscher

  4. Xavier June 11, 2011


    Lang will be the starting LG going into the season opener so Lang wont be a back up LT. Unless we resign Colledge which is very unlikely, or we could go the free agent route, but thats probably more unlikely :D

    1. iltarion June 12, 2011

      Lang was the backup LT last year. Really, he is more physically suited to RT. He will get a shot at LG next year, but Nick MacDonald is someone that the coaching staff is really high on for that position. So, even if Lang ends up the starting LG, my point is that if Clifton and Bulaga were to get injured, Sherrod would be the first back up and Lang would be the 2nd.