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Guns In Lambeau Field – Yeeeeehaaaaaw!

Lambeau Field

Theoretically, you might be able to go Bear hunting at Lambeau.

Wisconsin’s expected new gun law, which will allow adults with a permit and proper training to carry a concealed handgun, has people wondering if fans might be able to bring guns into [intlink id=”183″ type=”category”]Lambeau Field[/intlink].

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the issue at the moment.

The NFL does not permit guns in any of their stadiums, but Lambeau is owned by the city of Green Bay, which may override NFL rule. Additionally, the bill does not permit concealed carry in buildings owned or leased by the state.

“The building itself is a government-owned building, but whether it’s considered a government building for the definitions of any kind of law, I don’t know that at this point in time,” said Stadium district Executive Director, Pat Webb.

The uncertainty has everyone scrambling to figure things out.

“Right now we’re dissecting the law. We are reading it. We’re going to consult with the city’s attorneys, with the Packers organization,” said Green Bay Police Captain Paul Ebel.

“I think common sense will prevail in something like that.”

I say let people carry concealed handguns into Lambeau. It might dissuade some of the Chicago riff raff from coming up.

I’m kidding, of course. I think no matter where you stand on gun rights, you can see weapons of any kind in Lambeau Field is a bad idea.

We all know how many people get thrown out of there for being drunk and disorderly every Sunday. Adding guns to that mix won’t turn out well for anyone.

I suspect common sense will eventually prevail here.

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Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Devildon June 30, 2011

    Common sense usually does prevail in the case of concealed carry. Don’t equate concealed carry with a necessary increase in violence. The bad guys know you might be packing so it behooves them to play nice. Contrary to popular opinion.

  2. Tobias Funke June 30, 2011

    You mean like the guy who almost blew the head off of an innocent bystander during the Arizona shootings?

    1. Devildon June 30, 2011

      Yea, like that but countless others that never get reported. You know, the ones where concealed carry save lives? 48 states have concealed carry. Wanna give me 47 more bad ones?
      Who you kidding with your political rhetoric? It’s not like things are suddenly going violent in Wisconsin because of a bill that most other states have. Get serious dude.

  3. Mick June 30, 2011

    This isn’t about “bad guys” like we’re talking about the law for a city or something. We’re talking about a large gathering of drunk people at a sporting event which turns emotions and tensions high. Recipe for disaster

    1. Devildon June 30, 2011

      So you surmise that all the law abiding people who apply and are granted concealed carry permits will bring a gun to a party? If it’s not about the “bad guys” what the hell is it about?
      Good guys don’t commit violence Mick. Maybe your emotions and tensions run high during a sporting event, in which case, I’d say you should never, ever be granted a firearm license. You’re a ticking time bomb.
      It’s a game dude, entertainment ya know?

  4. Phillthy Phill June 30, 2011

    Im pro gun, I don’t see this as a good idea. Mixing the emotions of a jam packed stadium, let’s just keep em out of here. The front seat is another place though….

    1. Devildon June 30, 2011

      Like I said to Mick. Emotions run high? You mean it’s enough that your football team loses or wins that you might pull a handgun?
      You might be pro-gun but you’re scary as hell. Where do people come up with this stuff?
      I just have to ask, when was the last time you got in a fistfight at Lambeau? Or witnessed one?
      But yea, just keep one in the front seat for the next passing Bear’s fan right? Ridiculous.

      1. Mike R July 1, 2011

        Devildon, you need to take a deep breath dude. You need to realize that your extreme views are the vast minority. I am also conservative, pro-gun, and own several of them. There is a big difference between believing in the 2nd Amendment, and being a gun freak. Guns have no place in stadium with 70,000 people, where many of them are drinking heavily. Let’s use some common sense here. To use your own logic, when is the last time you have witnessed a fist fight or other sort of violence at Lambeau? Rarely, and when it does happen, law enforcement is there to handle it. What need would a rational person have to take a gun to a game at Lambeau??? I think the vast majority of season ticket holders would agree that they would feel a little uneasy about people having guns at the game. This is not the wild west, Jesse James.

        1. DevilDon July 3, 2011

          Mike, you are exactly who I am talking to. You profess to be a gun advocate and yet you voice concerns about concealed carry. Look champ, I’ve never advocated for CC at Lambeau, but it’s bs to thinl law abiding citizens with CC will increase violence at Lambeau.
          It’s not gonna happen no matter what, the above article was a philosophical and even generally humorous article but it points to the extreme idea about CC here in this state.
          Almost every other state has it yet we’ve seen no game-day violence right?
          So call me a gun freak right? So let’s take your argument that whenever violence breaks out at Lambeau law enforcement is there to handle it right? Then how do people get killed at stadiums? Yep, that’s right, it doesn’t happen in all the other states with CC law.
          Last you say most people would be uneasy with people with guns at the game. Like who? I’m darned happy the Sheriff’s have theirs. Who are you worried about? If you think CC permit holders are a threat you completely lost the concept of what it means. They don’t intend to arm every citizen.
          But it’s okay that a sheriff’s depute has one. Yet, several years ago a sheriff’s deputy spree killed a few in northern Wisconsin…
          It will never come to pass for Lambeau, but don’t bring such broad arguments to decry for armed citizens.

          1. Mike R July 5, 2011

            1. No other stadiums in the NFL allow guns to be carried by non-law enforcement. So stop trying to make that argument. I also am “darned” happy that Sheriffs have theirs. They are law enforcement!

            2. I am not arguing against concealed weapons, just don’t think Lambeau field is a place that should have them. Should they be allowed in courthouses too? There has to be some acceptions/limitations. Again, this is no the wild west.

            3. What does a crazy sherriffs deputy have to do with concealed weapons? Anyone with a gun could have done the same thing. It has nothing to do with being concealed or not.

            4. Anyway you can post a picture so we can all put a face with your great arguments? Be sure to smile, we want to see how many teeth you actually have. Also include a profile picture. I am guessing you at least go 300 bills.

  5. FrozenFanatic84 July 1, 2011

    Allowing guns in the stadium does not sound like a good idea at all…

  6. Vijay July 1, 2011

    Guns are bullshit…completely unnecessary and rarely used by citizens. Ban guns from any stadium. It just makes good sense. I’d like to ban some hunters too who are just plain idiots, but hey…I wouldn’t want to rob everyone of their gun toting freedoms (established 100’s of years ago when things and times were different)…fucking idiots.

  7. iltarion July 1, 2011

    Wisconsin public TV just interviewed a Milwaukee sheriff who rationally explained that this law made no increase to the violence in any of the states where it is law. In fact, the cities with the worst violent crime rates are typically the ones with the tightest gun laws. DC just changed their handgun laws, apparently finally learning that their prohibitive gun laws were only providing security to the criminals.

    All that being said, guns being allowed into ANY event where a large crowd of people are gathered would only be an invitation to some nutcase who wants to off himself and figures he might as well become famous by offing as many people with him as possible. (It seems there are plenty of those around now-a-days.)

    So, in short, guns at concerts and sporting events = really bad idea.

  8. Flike01 July 1, 2011

    I can already see the headlines making national news — I would say allow it just to watch Devildon eat crow, but seeing as I go to Lambeau a few times a year, I most certainly think that allowing concealed weapons into Lambeau Field would be one of the most bone-headed calls to ever be made in the NFL.

    It’s one thing to say how it’s an American right, and it’s another thing to watch a ruling with such severity to be put into practice; this is America, and one of our most abundant resources is the large quantity of idiots who call themselves citizens.

    1. DevilDon July 3, 2011

      Hey Flike, never happen and you know it. You make your living talking stupid. Talking possibilities and adjectives.
      The truth is it’s not happened anywhere else, but you have a bitter battle in your head with the concept. On the one hand you say it’s a nation of agreement if I’m reading yo right and on the other hand you say it’s a nation of abundance of idiots. So if I’m reading you right, every one of us who votes contrarary to you is an idiot because we don’t see it your way?
      Look dude, there are 2 states without CC law, so you are contrary to the general populace, yet you think you know enough to admonish people who support this legislation?
      I’m going out on a limb, do you consider yourself above the populace who voted this in? Maybe you should run for public office so you can educate us.

  9. jeff July 5, 2011

    They allow Raiders fans in Lambeau, what could be more dangerous than that?

  10. DoubleDave July 5, 2011

    this lockout really needs to end